Is Teo Chee Hean forgetful or contradictory?

Posted on 24 May 2012

Our deputy prime minister’s demeanour this by-election suggests he might be both.

In case all of us have forgotten, check out this Yahoo! article from last year some time back in August 2011. It is about our Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean telling youngsters at a forum about how he feels “completely inadequate” and “never ready to enter politics”:

Teo Chee Hean said what again? Completely inadequate and never ready to enter politics?

Fast forward to May 2012 Hougang by-election hustings this week…

Our Deputy Prime Minister is politicking:
(a) like no one’s business
(b) like a boss
(c) like he just don’t care
(d) like he is adequate and ready to enter politics
(e) like all of the above

So, if you happen to bump into Teo Chee Hean one of these days… Do tell him…

The end.

Disclaimer: This guy in the yellow shirt is not from The Reform Party. Any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

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  • Oh Tham Eng

    WP WIN IN HG BY-ELECTION IS VITAL TO GET MORE FIREPOWER TO SHOOT DOWN THE IMPENDING CRAZY BILL OF MOL TO ONCE AGAIN ENACT LAWS TO GIVE MORE PROTECTION TO OUR ALREADY WELL-PROTECTED AND POWERFUL JUDGES According to Dr Reuben Wong of NUS, the incident of WP’s candidate Png Eng Huat’s comment on NCMP was merely a “big distraction away from who’s the best placed to serve the Hougang voters.” (ST 24/5/2012, A6).  In his view, this will not hurt the  chances of WP winning the by-election this Saturday as the PAP is viewed as splitting hairs on the NCMP issue.  Even Mr Desmond Choo himself knows very well that it will backfire on him and he is not taking the bait, and so is giving it a wide berth and withholding his salvos on the issue as he knows it just couldn’t get traction with intelligent Hougang (HG)voters. The focus should rightly be on which candidate can best address the concerns of HG voters on municipal issues, and on national issues—-like the rising costs of living, inflation, frequent MRT breakdowns, as well as on the impending Bill that MOL Mr Shanmugam intends to present to Parliament soon to enact more stringent laws on contempt of court (to give more protection to an already well-protected and powerful judges from criticisms of malfeasance and bias).   This is a crazy law as ordinary and innocent citizens should be the ones who need more legal protection from our compliant and conniving judiciary, not the already well-protected and powerful judges (though not all judges are that bad). It will be a case of deja vu for me as I had in the past castigated some conniving judges in their fabricated criminal charges against me, like in MAC 11290/86, PS 529/96, etc.  In those failed attempts to prosecute me in open courts for their baseless criminal charges against me, I had been yelled at and coerced into pleading guilty by feckless and conniving judges in our Subcourts to offences I was never guilty of committing.  And when I refused to admit my guilt without an open trial,  the malfeasant and extremely brazen trial judges, who were blatantly and shamelessly in cahoots with self-serving rogue police officers, manipulated the actual trials to try to get my conviction.   The situation was made worst by our self-censoring local media who shied away from covering the cases I wanted them to cover, and/or walked out after walking into the court, as somehow they knew that I would be winning in the extremely lopsided legal contest. Indeed, I did win spectacularly and single-handedly,  in spite of their denial of my constitutional rights of equal protection, such as my right to engage a defence lawyer. And when their nefarious schemes to destroy me backfired, because their psychiatrists in IMH refused to cooperate with them during my court-mandated incarceration in IMH, in response to my application for an adjournment to engage counsel (when the matter had absolutely nothing to do with psychiatry in the first place), I was able to put to flight those malfeasant and incestuous Subordinate Court judges.   Unfortunately, my voluminous complaints on the matters, such as to then PM Goh Chok Tong, incited MOL-cum-MHA Prof Jayakumar to present a Bill to our Parliament for empowering our crooked judges with new powers to lock up a person they believed was in contempt of court, without the need for a criminal trial.  Sadly, Prof Jayakumar succeeded to inveigle our Parliament to pass such law on 5 December 1995, which took form in Order 52, rule 4, etc,  of the Rules of the Supreme Court.  So I had the dubious distinction of being the first person to be cited for committal for criminal contempt of court, and locked away in IMH for two weeks in their criminal charge against me in PS 529/96 by a feckless DJ Tan Jen Tse—-that I had scandalised and defamed one Subordinate Court judge DJ Christopher Goh Eng Chiang in my Petition of Appeal to the High Court on a traffic matter in MA 191/95/01.  It was this and earlier cases developing out of my traffic cases that incited MOL Jayakumar to successfully inveigle Parliament for more stringent laws to protect our already well-protected and powerful judges by empowering them the authority to deny an accused the right to an open trial, and thereby giving the trial judges the power to lock up a person they fancy to be “scandalising the court,” without the need for an open trial to ascertain whether I (or any of the accused) was really guilty of contempt of court.  It was something equivalent to our dreaded ISA laws, but this time for non-politicians and innocent citizens like me.  Now, such laws are in blatant contravention of Art 12(1) of the Singapore Constitution wherein is enshrined the rights of a citizen to equal protection of our otherwise just laws, such as the right to engage counsel to defend their innocence (re Art 9(3) of the SC), when it is also established laws that citizens have the rights to criticise malfeasant judges who acted contrary to law or the public good (such as in “The Queen v Gray [1900] 2 QBD 36″). So it is my hope that WP’s Png Eng Huat will be elected MP in this by-election to provide more firepower to shoot down MOL’s nefarious proposal to give more powers and protection for our already well-protected and powerful judges in their forthcoming Bill for Contempt of Court.   As for Mr Desmond Choo, I have nothing against him.  But he being a former senior police officer, it is reasonable to suppose he will still harbour a misplaced sense of loyalty to the Singapore Police Force, whose rogue members were the ones who pre-emptively framed me for those criminal offences to cover-up for their incompetence and my expected complaints against them, and got the conniving judges in the Subordinate Courts to try fixing me (such as in MAC 11290/86, PS 529/96, etc), using  trumped-up allegations of my psychiatric disorders; otherwise they knew that they would never be able to prove their trumped-charges against me.    Yet it was their consultant psychiatrists in IMH that got me out of troubles with their powerful psychiatric reports, to clear me of any mental or psychiatric disorders.  Thus I was able to put to flight those powerful, feckless, conniving and incestuous judges in our Subordinate Courts.  Moreover, I have never once consulted any psychiatrist or any doctor for psychiatric or mental illness or disorders;  nor did I ever seek or needed psychiatric medication in my life. So how can I be psychiatric when I never needed any psychotropic medication in my life, except medication for flu and other common bodily ailments? And yet to this day, they are withholding document(s) I would need to commence my legal action for redress for the gross injustice and criminal violation of my innocence.  Unfortunately,  the first time I tried to get Mr Peter Cuthbert Low to institute legal action for their slanders,  their failed criminal prosecution and hence their wrongful imprisonment of me, Mr Peter Low advised me against taking action as he said they (meaning those rogue judges) were “protected”; and even if I win, it would cause me financial ruins.    So I will need more firepower from Opposition MPs, like Mr Png Eng Huat (and current PAP MPs),  to help shoot down the forthcoming Bill on Contempt of Court, as their way to champion the cause of innocent citizens for more protection from the harm inflicted on them by our incestuous legal system, and in particular from the incestuous judges in our incestuous Subordinate Courts.   But to be fair to them, I wish to reiterate that we have many good judges, police officers and prosecutors too, and they had also won my good words and commendation from time to time. 

  • George

    An Open Letter to the
    Wonderful and the Most Respected of All People of Singapore – the Great Men
    & Women of Hougang and to all my fellow Singaporeans:

    On 26 May 2012, you have the
    power to create history by giving the Workers’ Party and  the Opposition Movement in Singapore, the
    highest ever votes (make it at least 95% in favor of WP) in the Hougang
    By-Election. You will stand tall and proud in the eyes of all Singaporeans and
    your votes at the ballot box will forever be remembered as the Opposition’s “Finest
    Hour” in the history of Singapore and remembered by future generations of
    Singaporeans of how the good & wise men and women of Hougang defeated the
    rich and mighty PAP Ministers and their party! So, please do the right thing
    and thrash the hell out of Desmond Choo and the PAP. All the people who support
    the Opposition Movement in Singapore rely on you to deal a knockout blow to the
    PAP government and to make our voices heard loud and clear.

    The Prime Minister said that an
    election is a very serious business. What the heck was he thinking when he
    fielded Tin Pei Ling to stand in Marine Parade, when there were definitely
    plenty of qualified and better candidates available? Was he taking the
    residents of Marine Parade for granted or was he doing it out of blind loyalty
    for his principal private secretary, who incidentally is the husband of Tin Pei

    The Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee
    Hean foolishly questioned whether the Workers’ Party were sending their best
    man, Png Eng Huat in the interests of Hougang residents? Marine Parade
    residents deserve the best candidate from the PAP in the last General Election.
    Was Tin Pei Ling the best candidate that the PAP with all its resources and
    manpower could field? So, tell me did the PAP sent their best woman, Tin Pei
    Ling in the interests of Marine Parade residents? It will be remembered as the
    greatest joke in the history of politics in Singapore to put her into
    Parliament. And why do you DPM not contest in Hougang in this by-election and
    put your money where your mouth is, by putting forth yourself for this election
    rather than sending Desmond Choo? You would have gained more respect for your
    action. And what is Integrity? Integrity means not paying yourself millions of
    dollars in salary and 26 months bonuses when the majority of Singaporeans are
    paid peanuts. Integrity means having the conscience not to accept such obscene
    salaries and doing the right thing by resigning from this government, which is
    clearly driven by greed of money and not by service, when it is obvious that first
    world governments do not demand that kind of salaries. Desmond Choo said he
    will be an independent voice for you in Parliament. Does he think the Hougang
    voters are fools to believe in such empty words? Remember, many PAP ministers
    and Members of Parliaments went to Parliament thinking they could be
    independent voices but look at them today. They are just blind followers of the
    PAP party with no independent  voices of
    their own.

    PM Lee and Khaw Boon Wan are now
    urging you,at this last and final hour, to give PAP a
    chance at Hougang and to start afresh. Did they give you a chance all these
    years, continually depriving you of your rights to basic amenities which are
    funded by all taxpayers’ monies? The PAP have ignored you for so long and now
    they are wanting to just walk in and take over your constituency from the
    Workers’ Party, who have been giving of their sweat and tears to nurture you
    and your estate for the past 20 years. Isn’t it shameless for them now to tell
    you to give them a chance? Where is the integrity the PAP is preaching?

    The PAP of today has become a
    shameless lot, compared to the PAP of the 60’s and 70’s, with greed and money
    in the forefront of their minds rather than putting service before self and
    with a shameless attempt to stifle democracy in Hougang and Singapore. Do you
    know that Hougang is viewed by the rest of Singapore, except by the PAP
    leadership, as a very special place and their residents will always be
    remembered in history as the guardians of democracy in Singapore? Shouldn’t you,
    in Hougang tell the PAP, come 26 May 2012 in the ballot box, to back off from
    Hougang once and for all? You people, in Hougang and the Workers’ Party have
    proven to the PAP and against all odds that you can take care of yourselves; so
    please do not surrender your pride and do strive to make your estate a shining
    and a wonderful place and home we all call Singapore for all to see!

    Dear Good and Wise Men and Women
    of Hougang: This is your moment to hold your heads high and show the PAP that
    you are not to be pushed around and make it loud and clear to them that your
    sacrifices were not in vain; and remember allthe unequal treatment you
    suffered  in the hands of the PAP government
    for the past 20 years, whichwill not be easily forgiven and forgotten and that
    you have in your hands the power to punish the PAP once again at the polls. At
    this ‘Final Hour’ you will not be swayed and you shall never surrender your
    beloved Hougang, after you have held it for the Workers’ Party for so long.Remember,
    one more opposition voice in Parliament is very important for the Workers’
    Party and the Opposition Movement in Singapore to check on the conduct and
    abuse of power  of the PAP, whereas the
    defeat of the PAP in Hougang is just a number to the PAP. All of Singapore will
    salute you for your courage and forever remember this day and you, the people
    of Hougang, will all be rewarded one day for all your years of loyalty.

    Dear fellow Singaporeans who
    voted for the PAP: Do you in all truth and conscience think that you have been
    treated justly and well by the PAP and its Ministers whom you have put into
    power? Instead of taking care and serving to enrich you, you can see that they
    have enriched only themselves and left  only the crumbs to sustain us. They have done
    extremely well for themselves only.They have become the world’s
    multi-millionaire ministers not by virtue of any wealth creation ideas and
    inventions but by performing mundane and glorified caretakers functions and, refusing
    to declare their wealth and hiding their assets, which are required of all political
    office holders in the world. The PAP government should be a government for all
    the citizens after the elections, regardless of the outcome of the polls. They
    have shown that they have not grasped the true meaning of government for the people,
    especially with the unfair treatment of Hougang in the last 21 years. For this
    dereliction of duty, the PM and his government would have been forced out in
    other societies. So, let’s wake up from our slumber and starting this day in
    history, the 26 of May 2012. make it the beginning of the end for the PAP
    government and progressively voting in fair and caring politicians for our
    generation and for our children’s generation. May God help us.  Good luck and God bless you all and your


    From a fellow Singaporean



  • Tomdickandharry