EPIC FAIL moment: Some Singaporeans suck at using Facebook

Posted on 21 April 2012

They really can’t tell the difference and go to the wrong Lee Hsien Loong Facebook page to say “hello”?

The real Lee Hsien Loong Facebook profile. For goodness' sake...

Honestly folks, just how difficult is it to search and find Lee Hsien Loong’s real and recently-launched Facebook profile?

Seriously? Just how difficult can it get?

Is it rocket science? No.

Do you need a degree to do it? Do you even need an education?

Check out the old Lee Hsien Loong Facebook page that was created by his supporters during the Dark Ages before our prime minister decided to go online and end his Ludditism (from here on referred to as “fake LHL Facebook page”):

The old and very fake Lee Hsien Loong Facebook page started by his supporters during the Dark Ages when our PM was still a Luddite.

Can you actually believe it? People don’t even know this is not the recently-launched Facebook page by our prime minister and are still going onto it now to say hello!

Too daft to know this Facebook page is not the real deal.

Then you have a self-appointed moderator politely telling everyone to eff off to go look for the real deal elsewhere.

Tell me you’re not worried?

Tell me this doesn’t bother you at all?

The fact is that these are the people who will be going to the polls in the next General Election to vote for the next government and yet they cannot even tell which is the real Facebook profile of their Prime Minister!

If people cannot even tell which is the real McCoy, how do we expect them to understand how and why policies are implemented?

How do we even explain to them what “a scalable economy” means?


If Singaporeans cannot even tell which is the real Facebook profile, we expect them to vote in a government during elections?

Can we have some Face Palms around here?


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  • Tarikteh79

    Wahahaha this is really funny!

  • Guest

    Official or not, it’s another one of those pages where a well-known dude posts a status, has 100’s of comments flowing in but doesn’t read even a single one of them.