Why Tin Pei Ling is cooler than you

Posted on 11 February 2012

And no, we’re not being sarcastic this time.

By Terence Lee

Let’s face it, many of us in our lifetime will never achieve what Tin Pei Ling will do in her one-term as a Member-of-Parliament. Certainly not armchair critics who rant and rave but do nothing to help the less fortunate in society.

And I wonder if the opposition can really do better if they had been elected, despite being politically savvier.

Why am I saying this?

After just a few months on the job, Tin has revealed that she will be launching a S$150,000 fund to help low-income residents in MacPherson, which is her constituency.

“We hope that with this MacPherson CARE fund, seniors in MacPherson can look forward to tapping on this fund to relieve some of the financial stress they may feel when seeking medical follow-ups,” she told Channel NewsAsia.

The money will go towards subsidizing health and medical expenses, which include eye care and dental care, hearing and walking aids, and non-critical medical conditions.

According to Publichouse, the scheme was initiated by Tin Pei Ling, who has highlighted the plight of the elderly in her Parliamentary Speech last year.

She’s simply acting on her words.

Unfortunately, PAP politicians are not exactly politicians. Many of them have the charisma of a wooden block, and are prone to facepalm-inducing verbal gaffes.

Their lack of media savvy has made them the butt of a thousand jokes (including this latest one).

But we can’t always blame them. A minister once told me that he stumbled into politics, after much persuasion from the higher-ups. It was a path he would never envision himself taking. Giving nice soundbites is certainly not a priority for him.

The same can be said for many others.

Tin got the brunt of the netizens’ scorn, and it didn’t help that she was compared unfavorably with Nicole Seah. But much of the public anger was not so much directed at her per se, but more so at the GRC system, which is deemed an unfair political process.

And it certainly didn’t help that she sounded like a bumbling idiot on TV.

Ideally, I would want somebody who is both eloquent and good at implementing her words. But if I were forced to choose between either, give me the latter anytime.

So yes, while Tin may have her fair share of WTF-did-she-really-say-that quotes, she’s actually making real impact on the lives of MacPherson residents.

Come 2016, my bet is on her winning re-election.

And that’s why she’s cooler than you.

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  • joltan

    Launching the CARE fund does very little to reduce the burden on the poor and aged in MacPherson (of which there are many), set against the backdrop of rising costs of everything else (transport, food, utilities, etc.). 

    The constituents of MacPherson expects their MP to speak up for them against such relentless increases. We do not need charity, we need an equal playing field, which Ms. Tin Pei Ling can never provide. 

    Come GE 2016, perhaps the constituents of MacPherson will have a chance to vote for their own representative, instead of having the more affluent constituents of Marine Parade, Chai Chee, Braddell Heights and Geylang Serai vote for us.

  • Clarence

    I think NSP also launched the Macpherson Project, which consists of volunteer tutors providing tution to impoverished students.

    Unfortunately, unlike Ms Tin, she doesn’t get as much coverage.

    And that is why PAP will win Macpherson ward. Shamelessly.

    • CW

      Hard Truths
      1)NSP’s plan was actually from a church and not lunch by NSP, they just tag onto Nicole Seah’s fame during the election.

      2)It was reported in MSM

      3)The thing stopped less than 6 mths after it started

      4)Hardest truth of all after TPL launch the above, the resident there started warming up to her, Nicole Seah stopped visiting McPherson altogether after that

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  • Asdfs

    Erm winning her re-election? That’s stretching it a bit too far

    She wouldn’t have a chance in hell if she were to contest in a SMC. Her presence alone caused her party to win the contest narrowly. Such is the enormity of her (negative) influence. Some people say she is the most influential politician besides LKY and who can disagree?

    • D_DL

      Wow. It’s actually 4 years later now. TPL is contesting in an SMC. Will u, or Terence hv e final laugh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grey-Edwards/622525639 Grey Edwards

    Instead of lauding her achievements, we should investigate from where does the source of funding originate. Moreover, once you’re instituted into power as a MP, you have considerably more influence than a normal citizen.

    Besides, she is paid at least 13,000 a month along with benefits. She had better perform. Doing well, is matter of expectation. Not public service and it is a huge insult to the meaning of charity when this is a full time job, not a venture out of altruism with little personal gain with sacrifice of personal time.

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, she is not cooler than anyone of us, that is a despicable tone to use.
    Secondly, the funds – this 150,000, is it her own money? No! It simply means the government is issuing her 150,000.
    Thirdly, look at what others like Nicole Seah are doing WITHOUT this government funding. They are raising social services, providing free legal Clinics. Tan Jee Say is setting up a platform for more vigorous political debate.

    Conclusion: Do not ever discount the fact that many other politicians and ordinary folk like you and me are doing way better than Tin Pei Ling, WITHOUT the money and political ties.

  • Helsinca

    Who needs the Iron Lady when we have Tin ?

  • Genius

    I have a new-found respect for the author now. He sounds like a bumbling idiot in this article.

    • Terence Lee

      better than someone who hurls insults behind a cloak of anonymity.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TEJCAWAHDSCKBL5AASKU54LDUA H. S

    Tin Pei Lin is a dimwit no doubt, but for some unknown reasons, I feel sympathy for her.
    She will never be taken seriously, and will vanish in the next GE, being replaced by some sons and daughters of the PAP Imbeciles.

  • Lol

    eh terence you nuts still intact or not? would love to help knock them off.