Why should anyone care if Yaw Shin Leong screws a goat?

Posted on 27 January 2012

By Fang Shihan
(nah, got byline now. happy?)

Still lost for words

Opposition supporters have found their panties in a knotted twist after the anointed WP heir of Hougang, Yaw Shin Leong, was exposed for impregnating a married party member who was not his wife. Supposedly.

And why wouldn’t they be squeamish?

Fresh faced, dedicated and having just taken over an opposition stronghold, Yaw held the hopes and dreams of many a non-PAP fan (read: people who dislike the PAP but not enough to vote Dr. Chee).

But as it stands, the allegations against Yaw are unproven, the informants in question still have not demonstrated that they are more than a figment of a jealous politician’s imagination, and the lady in question, Ms Angela Oon, has not owned up to any pregnancy.

In all honesty maybe she was just having a fat day.

A non-fat photo of Angela Oon from last year

Yaw’s not the first prominent male personality whose sexual indiscretions (proven or otherwise) have been under scrutiny by the moral public. Jack Neo, Bill Clinton, Anwar are among the better known names. Among the less popular rumors are the tales of Lee Hsien Yang’s mischief in Australia with his alleged mistress (again, its true that the rumors exist, though the truthfulness of the rumor is debatable).

But who’s to say that being sexually monogomous was the only way of testing the character of a man?

Politicians like former U.S. president George W. Bush never cheated on his wife. But he started two wars in his tenure and got out of office just in time to miss the 2008 financial crisis. Our own PM Lee and former President S R Nathan were renowned family-men. But they’ve refused to pardon an illiterate young man who by his circumstances of borderline poverty, ended up trafficking drugs unknowingly and is now facing the death sentence.

If we’re talking about moral outrage, at least be fair about it. Sexual indiscretion simply does not have the same level of moral failure as war-mongering, and what some could argue, negligent murder.

Good leaders have to serve as moral examples for the nation. But only when it counts.

Just as the government has no business interfering with the private lives of its citizens, neither should the public be privy to the private lives of its statesmen.

This rule, of course, breaks down depending on the moral image of the person. People like the Pope or Jack Neo are held to a higher benchmark when it comes to being family-friendly, simply because of the stuff they preach for a living.

Yaw Shin Leong could have been a real fucker for all we know. We, being the people making noise about his alleged affair. But he could have been screwing a goat for all I care. Does cheating on his wife make him any less of an MP? Yes, if being an MP meant Yaw had to set a monogomous example for his constituency. And definitely yes, if Yaw had been known to punish those guilty of sexual indiscretion.

(Or if that had been my goat.)

The point is, if I had to pick between a sexually immoral man who does no harm to the world, like Mr Bunga Bunga Berlusconi for example, or a God-fearing, family-loving man like George W. Bush who declares war on the third world country without adequate proof that they could actually destroy the world as we know it, give me Berlusconi any day.

Mistress or not, illegitimate baby or not, what Yaw Shin Leong does in his limited free time (he’s an opposition MP, we’re already working him to death remember?) should not be the business of online commentators. Or the general public.

Unless it affects his work performance. In which case we could probably just dock his pay.

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  • Expose

    “What Yaw Shin Leong does in his limited free time .. should not be the
    business of online commentators”  ummm, then why you would ask, did Shihan write this revealing blog.

    • Belmont

      cos we’re really into irony…

    • Shihan

      Did I reveal anything?

  • Sam G

    Of course it matters.

    It wasn’t just any woman but a fellow WP member.

    They were these things:
    1) Utterly irresponsible for taking risks to expose their party to scandal (getting pregnant??? Getting caught???).
    2) Dishonest to at least two people – both their spouses.
    3) Hypocritical.
    4) Selfish

    Not characteristics I want in members of a party I support.
    As well, his CV reflects his lack of loyalty.

    The audacity is as bad as the carelessness and lack of common sense.
    WP just won a GRC. Care needs to be taken.
    The absence of, reflects the lack of preparation and thought in WP members – not dissimilar to the ministerial pay fiasco.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unbrandedbreadnbutter Unbranded BreadnButter

    Ok if he screws outside of his own party. Don’t shit where u eat. Unprofessional and conflict of interest of screwing within the party. Moreover, he is part of CEC. Many disliked Clinton not because he screwed someone other than his wife, but because Monica was his intern and he was supposed to be more guiding rather than exploit his superior position. 

  • Guest

    Quite a good write-up. But not many would agree to what you perceived.

    Whether its WP or PAP or any other public figure, its just another scandal. So let’s just read on and not get too personnal.

    Yaw should focus to clear the mess and continue to do what he is paid to do in a even more competant and professional manner, and not forgetting to lay really low for time being. Hopefully he will get out of this mess and most importantly Repent.


  • Gullible

    Yes.. we dun care if he screw a goat but what if he screw your wife?

    • Sam G


    • CL

      According to Mr Fang’s article, the answer is obvious, no issue.

    • just another kapo like you

      if Mr Yaw screw his wife, then he would be furious. Just as Mr Yaw screwed Ms Angela, her husband is angry. 

      But Mr Yaw never screwed your wife. Likewise, Mr Yaw did not screw Fang’s wife, that’s why he is not annoyed. The only person who has the right to be angry and write all these, is Angela’s husband. 

      All these metaphors are, at the end of the day, still metaphors. 

    • Singa.Ozzie

      Only if the husband is not satisfying the wife ??? So where does the blame lie ?

    • Screw up

      Come on even if he did screw someone’s wife at least he did not screw someone’s husband too rite so give him a break will you may be most of the bloggers here are already planning to screw someone’s wife & the area might b hougang haha

  • Sam G

    Maybe no statement has been issued because they are waiting for paternity test results.
    Given Angela Oon’s reputation in NUS (heard she slept around a lot), the father could be anyone! 😀

    • Natalie

      serious?? tell me more 😀

  • SM

    Why should anyone care?

    Because it is telling about one’s character. If someone performs acts that are deemed immoral, what else can we say about his attitude and values towards his work? Do we dare say his flawed character will not spill over to the politics?

    Because we are talking about leaders here. We are talking about influential people that has considerable influence on the values society hold dear to them. If we refuse to condemn his actions, does our silence signal the approval of such an action? Would it then not result in a shift in society’s values? What are we trying to tell the younger generation? 

    Because we are a democracy. And the opposition who loves to characterise themselves as a champion of accountability and free speech should also be accept to prepare the full brunt of their actions and their words. If the conservative society of Singapore refuses to accept such acts from a politician, do we citizens not have a right to voice out opinions and demand for an apology? This is true freedom of speech. 

    And yes, I would say being immoral and yet being a good politician (vice versa) is a possible scenario. The question is whether our society is ready to accept that a politician’s personal life should be divorced from politics. 

    A man may be capable enough to use a gun. But it is his morals that direct him on how to use that gun – whether to injure or to save. Similar, a politician may be sharp and capable… but without morals to direct him, I fear we could be heading the wrong direction.

    Just my two cents worth.

    • SM

      Let me just clarify something: I take this stand for ANY politician which commits such acts.

      We do not know yet if such rumours are true, but if they are, this is my stand on the issue. 

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  • Asdf

    My whole point is: Having a ****** affair matters. Okay? Politicians
    should be subject to higher scrutiny than the rest of the people,
    because at the end of the day, they are, representing the people. And on
    the issue of infidelity, this is no longer a small one like visiting a
    strip club for an hour every month. People have died, arguments have
    been fought, hell even whole wars have been waged over this issue in the
    past. I think, and I believe many agree, that cheating on your loved
    ones is one of the most assholic things you can do in the world. Period.

  • feiyun

    someone said it right, if you can’t keep your promise to your wife (a promise made in front of the altar), how can we expect you to keep your promises to the people?

  • Ggg

    I know who will want him to step down, Angela’s husband. What if he farks all the Hougang men’s wives? Do you think he will still remain in political office?

    His loose gun is now known to his constituency and who knows, some wives may want a tryst with him after the “meet the people session”.

    I suppose all other MPs can also slot in a “fark the people session” after the “meet the people session”?

    • Guest

      Do that, some husbands maybe incensed enough to seek out the chap who wrote about…go out and sow your wild oats, it is a private matter and the public should keep out of it…..and chop off his butt head.

      Alamak, police maybe involve.

  • michelle

    who are you to judge whether people care or not? being taxpayers everyone is entitled to their opinion. there are some who view leaders as people whom they respect and whom transmit good values, so something like this changes their opinion. 

  • Kay

    Excellent post, Fang Shihan!

  • Sh

    Fully agree with the article. Those quick to condemn Yaw SL had better been quicker to condemn G Bush for starting the war in Afghanistan & Iraq, Lee HL and SR Nathan for refusing to pardon Yong VK, and, may I add, Lee KY for destroying Chia TP, Dr Lim HS, JB Jeyaratnam, Dr Chee SJ, Tang LH and the many others who stood in his path.  Otherwise stop practising double standard

    • Guest

      Dont be retarded. How about switching the roles and if Yaw was a lady and he cheated on your husband. What are your views then?

      • Nik

        You’re the one who’s retarded for failing to understand the point Sh made.  To borrow your illustration, if Yaw were a woman and she had an affair with Sh’s husband, Sh would kill the man/woman who murdered her child first, before settling things with Yaw

    • Van

      I think ultimately what matters and what we should care about is their intentions and the character behind their actions. Bringing up the issue of Lee Hsien Loong and SR Nathan for refusing to pardon Yong should not even be a consideration because the reason they refused to pardon was so there would NOT be double standards. Of course there should be case-by-case consideration, but their intention was not to ‘BE EVIL AND KILL PEOPLE’ their intention was to show the rest of Singapore that you have no excuse whatsoever to be committing a crime and there are better ways to deal with your problems. 

      Here for YSL, by having an affair with someone else’s wife, he is, as someone else mentioned in this thread, breaking the vow he made in front of the altar when he wedded her, and if he’s capable of doing that, why not also in politics(breaking promises)? 

      We all say we want a clean and uncorrupt government but we give leeway to certain MPs because what they do in their ‘private life’ is none of our business. But everyone knows that people who choose a career in the media or in politics have unofficially forfeited their private lives because people look up to them and see them as role models, leaders of our country. 

      In fact I think it’s sad that many ‘non-PAP’ fans are choosing to dismiss his actions because if he were a PAP member, you would all be enraged and demand for him to step down, simply because y’all are grabbing every excuse to find fault with the PAP. The government should be uncorrupt, and so the people should too. Being a supporter of a certain party should not mean biased and varied reactions towards misdemeanor – this is what LHL and SR Nathan was trying to drive home.

      And just as a sidenote, (rmb what I said about intentions?) look at LKY’s intentions behind everything he did. ‘Destroying’ political opposition? If they had watched what they said and not given him an opportunity to attack them, would they have ended up the way they did? Ultimately, LKY wanted this nation to flourish, he wanted the best for this country. He had his reasons for minimizing political opposition, and the opposition gave him loopholes he could attack. LKY himself was just careful and conscientious enough not to provide anyone the chance to tear him down, because he has done so much for the nation and earned the respect from so many people. Back then, they were all on equal footing. The reason he rose up and became what he was was because he was most capable of hiding his flaws and gaining the peoples’ respect, and thus nobody could tear him down.

      And look where Singapore is today. Do you not feel the slightest bit grateful? At all? Shame on you guys for trying to find fault with everything about the PAP. 

  • Terence Lee

    I wonder how is he going to face his constituents…

    • Guest

      Hopefully with condoms

  • Not Telling

    Oh. This is one of newnation’s funny posts. Right?

  • Guest

    What are you thinking new nation? If an ordinary man fiak another ordinary man’s wife, it will be cause for violent confrontation – even murder( such news are quite common).

    Here you have an MP fiaking people’s wives, what do you think is the magnification of the good deed? LOL

    • Dodo

      screwing pros is one thing…screwing someone’s wives is an entirely different balls game. looks like the party is masterminding how to worm itself out of the dirty mess.

      well, that’s party politics. who is clean?

  • Trsasia

    Its time for him to resign, we don’t want a dishonest man as our leader

    • Sg

      yup. including ppl who promise us swiss standard of living, GOAL 2010 and you can get back ur cpf monies at 55…

  • TGH

    I am an ardent supporter of non-PAP parties.
    However I would like to put forth my observations on Yaw as an
    1. Yaw is no gentleman. How could he prey on another husband’s wife? Moreover this woman is his colleague?
    2. Yaw has little sense of responsibilities. How could he cancel the
    meet-the-people session? Abandoning the residents that have voted him
    in? The meet-the-people session is meant for residents to seek help from
    their MP.
    Yaw has claimed he “would not comment on rumours”. Likewise LTK made
    similar comments when asked by a reporter. This is an irresponsible act.
    If these were truly rumours, all the more Yaw should step forward,
    clarify and set the records right. Instead, he has chosen to abandon the
    residents and enact a disappearing act. WP has a lot to learn in
    addressing emergency cases.
    Is this a personal matter of Yaw? Definitely not – if his character
    is flawed. Would you feel safe if your wife is seeing him for help as a
    MP, OR if you were a woman, would you feel safe seeing him for help?
    In short, Yaw must step forward to clarify the matter. And if he
    truly is guilty of the act, please apologise to all supporters who have
    mistrusted him and step down. Please do not be as thick-skinned as the
    Saw of MRT who initially refused to step down despite blunder after

  • Johnaxe

    Mr Fang,
    Please check your fangs. It is full of poison. I understand why you dont feel outrage at sexual misconduct…Just look at the profanities you use…Freedom of Speech does not exclude one from decent expression or use it to cover one’s own degenerate conduct… This is not a “New Nation” i want to be identified with….

  • SexyMaMa

    you heard of female patients visiting doctors in shorter than short skirts? well, at least the needy ladies can visit their MP with even lesser clothes – poor what.

  • Johnaxe

    Whether you are a PAP MP or WP MP, both are accountable to the people for their moral conduct. If they are innocent, they should be quick to correct negative public perceptions of them and not be evasive. Let us not lower the standards for an opposition MP lest we lower the standards of good democracy.  

    • Bigapp7

      Yes, I totally agree. Read tt the order from WP top brass that members r not to talk to media, & tt LTK will not comment on rumors. Why the evasions??? The Sunday Times today even has Yaw stating tt he “has no intention of responding to rumors”??? Hellooo… He Is being Accused of being Unfaithful!!! Yaw himself knows the truth!!! Therefore, how can this accusation be termed a rumor by Yaw???! It’s either the Truth, or Lies…but not rumors, surely. If he doesn’t come clean & WP doesn’t come clean, then they should from henceforth lose all rights to call on the PAP(who I support totally), to be transparent….

    • Sg

      if this is the case, then someone shld pursue answers for these rumours as well… lets not have double standards… –> http://thankstovivianbalakrishnan.blogspot.com/

  • http://www.facebook.com/verdy.yong Verdy Wildcard

    At this article, I can’t help but feel New Nation going the gutter way. I keep an open mind on this.

    Satire | Reporting | Banter. They each have fine boundaries. I’m sure that the readers could tell the writing apart.

    I would appreciate a more responsible way of writing.
    It’s true that we shouldn’t care if Mr Yaw screws a goat.

    I think the issue is that, he got caught. Not enough skill, thus inferior. Shitting in his own backyard is not a wise choice too.

    I think that tells a lot on how well a person can lead.

    We are all humans, we all have 24 hours a day. Tell me how well a person with an extra-marital affair can work for a nation, compared to one who has just one home to go to.

    So Shihan, perhaps you can tell me if it’s impt for a politician to lead a clean life, considering my perspective. By the way, your credentials look great.

  • zonic bonic

    Lol..You are so biased… Just because its the opposition party member that committed adultery so you are nonchalant about the incident.. If it had been any member of the PAP or the PM for example, I assure you that you will not take such a “cant be bothered” stand..

    I think it is odd that you down play this entire incident because our representatives in government is a reflection of our values of as a people and for Mr Yaw, he is supposed to be  a reflection or personification of the values embraced by his voters.. 

  • zonic bonic

    LOL you only say this because the one at fault is a member of the opposition party, if it were the PAP or PM Lee for example, you would speak in such a dismissive attitude.

    The people we elect into government should be a reflection of our values as a people. And for Mr Yaw, he is supposed to be a reflection of the values of the people who voted him in. I do not see the fuss about the grousing that Singaporeans or the Hougang residents who voted him in as petty but justified.

  • Migrating

    Only somebody of sub-normal IQ would write the above essay. Your blog is stupid and so is Yaw Shin Leong. Any man who ends up in NUS arts must be retarded.

  • Migrating

    This post is classic stupidity of a person who cannot think and write. You are just as foolish as Yaw Shin Leong. It’s no wonder both of you are from the dumping ground of the cohort, NUS.

  • extremelyangrypublic

    we as the public deserve to know the truth. more than someone committing affairs, we hate to see someone lying cheating the public and getting away with it. admit your faults, we will respect you and move on;

  • Ben

    I would expect that someone majoring in Political Science would contribute a more thoughtful piece rather than this nonsense.

    Berlusconi, besides just being a “sexually immoral person” (which by the way he has solicited minors for sex and accused of covering it up), has extensive records of criminal allegations and is known to be affiliated with the mafia. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have the stomach to read about his economic policies and the clear conflict of interest that he has running Italy’s economy and his own business, it’s a real eye opener… Also, about your comment being that he “does no harm to the world”, I suggest you tell that to the kids that he rapes and the people that suffer under his corrupt minister-ship.

    So I honestly can’t imagine why you’d want to pick someone like him as your prime minister, even over a rather inept person like George Bush. (I won’t go into the Iraq/Afghanistan war because the justification is debatable).

    The point is, having an extramarital affair displays a general lack of integrity and honesty. And a lack of integrity and honesty makes for a piss-poor leader. It’s like an overt symptom of a disease. Do you understand this? So you *should* be concerned if you have leader like this.

    If you still stubbornly stand by your completely misguided opinion, then just forget about studying anything in NUS because no amount of education is going to cure dim-wittedness.


    • http://www.according2ed.com/ ed

      You missed Fang’s point Ben.  His point was not Berlusconi’s other evils, but the relevance of his sexual promiscuity to political adequacy.

      Given how people are tied to their marriages in singapore on the basis of their shared ‘investment’ in their overpriced flats, and the degree to which social pressures and the confucian state of affairs tears at the meaningfulness of any social relationship, marital infidelity might just refer to one being wise enough to know that every deficient relationship requires an extramarital complement.  You can call it division of labour….just as companies have different departments for different functions.

      I don’t see how ‘being faithful’ is a sign of integrity.  It is just a sign, many a time, that one is not objective enough to realise that it can just lead to one’s personality degenerating as one reduces one’s needs and personality to suit one’s lesser partner – i’ve seen that occur too many a times to my once-vibrant friends who made the mistake of marrying a lesser person.  I’m not saying it is applicable to Yaw, but generally, that is a point worth pondering.  The only argument for marital fidelity is a goodness of fit between the couple.  If not, and without progressive mutual adaptation, marital fidelity is nothing short of stupidity and not having foresight.

      You may disagree with me.  But i’d like to see you prove me wrong.

      • Ben

        You need proof? Jeez, isn’t it bloody obvious enough?

        If you look past all those liberal bullshit rationalizations that people use to justify their extramarital affairs, then I think it doesn’t take a genius to see that lying and cheating behind your life-partner’s back, whom you’ve sworn a vow to remain faithful to, is still a rather slimy thing to do.

        Btw, Mr Serial-Womanizer-Yaw just took a dump on his voters after news of the scandal broke and went completely AWOL. This fella here doesn’t even have the balls to stay and face the consequences after he was caught with his pants down. Quite a character, right? I suppose this is case-in-point?

  • LOL

    Seriously, who give a damn about this scandal other than for entertainment or trolling.

    Those who are making a big fuss are mostly white trolls picking bones from eggs.

    As the PAP always said… Let’s move on!

  • Bigapp7

    I guess Fang stands for all opposition parties! He obviously oppose the upholding of Good Moral Standards as one of the Benchmarks of a Good Opposition Leader, instead he tries to find excuses, siting the misdeeds of foreign leaders, as a comparison so as to minimize the misdeeds of his Hero, Yaw.. Hawhawhaw… Anyways, that’s why I always vote PAP, as the Leadership in PAP has never been afraid to expose any misdeed within its rank very publicly. See the difference now…? Well, vote wisely next time y’all!

    • Sg


  • CL

    So Mr Fang, “first world parliament” but rotten third world personal live? No thank you!  

  • Chris

    Why should pple not care about such personal misconduct if they care about MPs who stamps their feet? Not saying that we should be judging one and not the other, but it is only fair to hold all MPs to the same level of integrity

  • Bird Dog

    You talk cock. If she’s your sister, wife or mother you will sing a different tune. Now this whole thing has gone ballistic, do you have any idea how his wife or Angela feels right now because of YSL’s no comment infidelity?

  • Emailistoolongforthis

    Every MP should be held to a higher moral standard. Not just the PAP MPs but all aspiring MPs. And Worker’s Party way of responding to scandals is that silence is golden. Step out, clarify and be as transparent as they preach and not hide behind ‘no comments’. I’ll still trust a credible opposition, but WP should show that they are capable of handling crises and not hope that it will blow over. 

  • DoubleAgent

    The author is advocating a double life. What he is in effect saying is that his private life need not reflect his public life. In public, he is upright and righteous. In private, he is a liar and a cheat. In public, he rescues old ladies from orchard road flood.  In private, he kicks his dog down a 20 storey flat. In public, he preaches about faithfulness to one’s spouse. In private, he beds someone’s wife.

    Anyone who tells you it is not our business if he lives a double life could be screwing his mother in private for all you know.

  • Miketan

    This may be his private life no one has a right to interfere. But it is not about the screwing, it is about entrusting power to a man who has no control over his penis. When he gets horny he cannot think straight. When he cannot think straight he cannot make sound decisions. If he cannot handle temptation, he is likely to be unable to handle pressure involved in policy making or compromising his principles. 

  • Anonymous

    Great article. There is no relevance in this case to question Yaw Shin leong’s credentials

  • Tansuhui

    It was interesting that this news item came at around the same time as when the whole scandal about the arrested public officials also hit the papers. Coincidence? I think not. At the end of the day, let’s worry about the more important lapses in judgement we have at hand.

  • Joyce

    Give them a break! I think everyone deserve a second chance.

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  • Aas

    It is a diversion tactic from the u-know-who lah from the more serious economic problems that we all will face in decades to come.  Ask about the CPF, TH and GIC and see what response u get (since they like transparency so much)? 

    • Abc


  • Viperjet

    If this was a PAP MP, everyone will demand Yaw step down as MP n hold a by-election but because this is an opposition MP, everyone will say we should differentiate professional life from personal life…

    • Sg

      that is not true. there ARE pappies in the same situation and still in power… although i may add, these are all rumours… same as YSL’s case….

  • Beelanong

    As simple as it may sound, it’s just another scandal blown up. This is not about whether he steps down or what not, in any case Singaporeans would have been affected it would be more of the transparency and accountability of the WP. Simply by sweeping things under the carpet and refusing to comment despite various chances, it just seems as though WP is trying hard to make this history without providing an explanation. How can we have a check and balance if the supposedly co-driver refuses the act of transparency? Who can we rely on then? Here we are talking about an MP, a leader of the country. Previously just a public figure like Jack neo was pretty much condemned like hell just for the scandal he was involved in and yet he stood up to admit his mistake but was still criticised widely. So what more a leader of Singapore? Boils down to show that Singapore still hasnt found a reliable co-driver.

  • Offsitesingaporean

    Bold comments acceptable not to so call main stream who are still trying to reconcile what’s the greater sin.
    It is not acceptable from family perspective but then look at what is being preached and the articles on online prostitution and two senior civil servants. Likewise I dont understand the logic on salaries. If it is white and black, then shouldn’t money be the last issue. Then again the truth is it is not! Why not say so.
    well Singapore needs a lot of fixing perhaps more than what the Elities think and online citizens voice.

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  • http://www.according2ed.com/ ed

    Good one Fang.  Never mind some of the moronic commentators below, your comparison between Berlusconi and Bush, in favour of the former, is an apt one.  With a ‘national’ culture of eating, shopping and gambling, it is to be expected that people would not have the objectivity to realise that Yaw’s extramarital pastimes is not proof of his inadequacy out of bed, and as an MP.



  • Edwin

    May b Yaw is jus itching for more married pussies to add to his fxxking collection which is why he did not answer any of WP questions & not ready to come clean in public yet until he finishes his dirty deeds haha

  • Sinkie

    To all those who are assuming a moral high ground

    so if you are married and your colleagues know that you are engaged in extra-marital affairs for e.g. :

    – having a mistress
    – going to nightclub and engaging in physical stuff with KTV hostesses
    – office relationships

    etc etc

    should they report you to your employer and should your employer dismiss you based on the fact that you have displayed lack of integrity and honesty?

    Plenty of men will be unemployed should the above be true. Some probably are key management positions in big MNCs and stat boards.

    should we get the big 4 to audit nightclubs?

    think before you assume a moral high ground.

  • Solve

    How about Yaw divorce his wife & marry Angela then the problem is solved, it is not wrong to sleep with new wife rite?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TEJCAWAHDSCKBL5AASKU54LDUA H. S

    I don’t care.
    At least he did not steal like Ho Jinx openly does, with some extra help from its husband, and possibly father-in-law, His Leeness.

  • http://www.myqute.com kelly

    Yeah…you wouldn’ care if a goat screwed your wife!  lol  ~sarcasm intended~

  • http://www.myqute.com kelly

    Have you heard of “Injustice to one is injustice to all.”?

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  • johnny

    all you guys are just screwed up! LOL