Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter confesses…

Posted on 30 January 2012

…to being an embarrassed omnivore.

This is a 60-second reduction of the original article that appeared in The Sunday Times on Jan. 29.

Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling, is in a bind.

She considers dolphins to be “celebrity” animals with a lot of people rallying in protest against their capture for exhibition by Resorts World Sentosa.

She then wonders what makes dolphins more worthy of sympathy given that there are other “non-celebrity” animals that are subjected to cruel treatments without protest?

So, she recounted an incident about how she met a Jewish psychologist in the US. He was a vegetarian. He avoided meat but ate scallops.

She found it odd, and later discovered that he ate scallops because he felt no empathy for them. Unlike dolphins, scallops are not cute.

Following which, she also questions if Singaporeans who eat meat are aware of the cruel conditions of rearing and slaughtering animals for food.

She contends that farmed animals killed for dietary purposes suffer more than laboratory animals killed in the name of medical science as established ethics mandates that animals killed in laboratories are euthanised in the absence of other animals in the laboratory.

This makes animals that are awaiting slaughter less terrified.

So she cannot understand why are people protesting against the cruelty against laboratory animals and not against slaughterhouse animals.

But that’s not all.

She is aware that two of the 27 wild-caught dolphins from the Solomon Islands destined for Resorts World Sentosa have died in captivity.

In her mind, she thinks this practice is cruel but these dolphins caught for exhibition should not be released back to the wild again as they might have lost their survival skills and might be attacked by sharks or drown in rubbish dumped into oceans by men.

They, therefore, should be kept in captivity since these dolphins can make RWS some money.

However, she also objects to killing sharks for their fin as this causes sharks suffering.

Hence, she confesses to being hypocritical for condemning cruelty to animals and yet still eating meat.

So what’s her problem? She cannot survive with a diet free of meat and eggs and finds being a vegan unpalatable after a few days.

She also dreams of a future where meat can be reared painlessly in cell culture for dietary and medical needs.

For now she will remain an embarrassed omnivore.

Lee Wei Ling is the daughter of His Leeness, Lee Kuan Yew.


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  • NewNationFan

    will i get a lawyer letter from PM Lee if i say Lee Wei Ling is ugly?

    • Leave

      most probably you have to leave singapore for good

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TEJCAWAHDSCKBL5AASKU54LDUA H. S

    Dear NewNationFan,
    Don’t worry. For telling the truth, the laws are fair.
    Lee Wei Ling IS ugly. Ho Jinx as well, if I may add.

  • Many Eyes On You

    “She found it odd, and later discovered that he ate scallops because he felt no empathy for them. Unlike dolphins, scallops are not cute.”

    I gather that this article isHis Leeness and his elites as the jews and dolphins, and commoner SGeans are the scallops.

    • Creepy eyes

      Some people read too much into things

    • Angrudolphin

      Sad that there are so many retarded sinkies like you who can’t read..To newnation, please put your disclaimer bigger that you are a comedy news site.

  • Whatever

    This should be under WTF news.

  • Boooooooooo

    Those wild caught dolphins are raised in the wild, they have the survival skills. What bullshit is Lee Wei Ling talking about. 

  • What the heck?

    She is stupid. Literally as retarded as she looks. How did she become chief of the national Neuroscience Institute in this country????? Ah….. Self explaining.

    Animals in laboratories can be tortured and tortured and tortured FOR YEARS and YEARS!!!! Wtf is she talking about? Farm animals are just raised and then killed. End of the story.

    And that bullshit about Dolphins once caught loses their ability to survive in the wild…. WTF was that?

    If that were true, she would lose the ability to go home the moment she leaves her friends home for a Sunday visit, and convicts can never be released from prison once ‘caught’, and school children should never be released from school once in the school compound as they would have ‘lost all ability to defend themselves from obstacles such as uncles and aunties along the pavement and would certainly lose their ability to navigate through the accident causing buses and slow as snails MRT after an 8 hour captivity in school.

    Totally retarded.

    • I not stupid

      They really, truly see Singaporeans as DUMB as fk.

      • you are dumb

         animals in labs dont get tortured, they get free food, free medical care and free sex…. ever worked in one? ever studied ethics for scientific research? i did. now STFU

        • lala

          yea cause animal in the wild pay for their food and coitus.
          And with the rising cost of living these days…Man those animal rather be dead.

    • Angrydolphin

      You are the RETARDED ONE. Read newnation’s disclaimer. This is a fake news site and they write spoof articles

  • Fish_G

    The guy who talked about scallops has made me hungry.

  • http://twitter.com/HoSandra2 Ho Sandra

    Lan lor just lan!

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  • Darsa

    Vegan is not entirely not good , vegan do have beans that give them protein and amino acid . Vegetable pay a big roles in growing our brain. And for you meatbrain. A normal vegetarian have bright and sharper eye. It have lower risk of cancer . Don’t say they are physically weak, they eat bean with more protein than you . Their 3 meal is at least 3 dollar and 15 dollar at most for one person .

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