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Posted on 14 December 2011

SMRT claims about 1,400 passengers were affected by the Circle Line peak hour train disruption this morning. Heh heh. 1,400… Sure…

The last time the Circle Line was flooding with bodies was when it was newly opened exactly two months ago on Oct. 14.

Commuters then had to fight to ride on the freshly assembled Circle Line train system and instead got a chance to relive golden memories of attending the Workers’ Party rallies during election time – because it was just as equally insanely crowded.

On Dec. 14 this morning, commuters were huddling together – buttocks against buttocks – as poor communication, lack of timely updates and half-assed contingency plans by SMRT left the morning peak-hour crowd struggling to get anywhere or reduce dry humping one another.

To add insult to unwanted friction, SMRT put out an official statement claiming about “1,400 passengers were affected by the disruption this morning”.

What 1,400… Like for real?

Instead of applying our imagination, New Nation prefers to rely on photographic evidence to prove our point:

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