Singaporean SEA Games referee. Epic. Fail. To. The. Max.

Posted on 19 November 2011

Singaporean referee awards gold medal to Indonesia silat athlete – for dodging and biting Thai opponent.

Is this cocked-up or what?

During the third-round finals of the Class A 45-50kg silat SEA Games event between Indonesia and Thailand, check out what the Indonesian athlete did: He, with the blue waistband and legs in the air, ended up being chased by his Thai opponent and rolled out of the ring to avoid some ass-whooping.

And then the Indonesian athlete did a Mike Tyson: He resorted to biting his Thai opponent (the one looking at the camera and obviously grimacing in pain) on the shoulder.

Oh look! Who’s that in white looking on? Oh, that is Singaporean referee Jasni Salam. He is looking on, doing absolutely nothing to protect the Thai athlete from getting chewed.

To top off an already memorably silly match, the Indonesian decides to dodge and hide behind the Singaporean referee.

At this point, the Thais were ballistic that silat has been downgraded to a game of police-and-thief.

Holy macaroni! Yet, the Singaporean referee awards the SEA Games gold medal to the Indonesian! For running around, being chased, dodging and biting his opponent!

To make matters seem even more out of whack, Indonesia is the host nation for this SEA Games.


Watch the full 50-second clip here:

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  • Anon

    what a joke, that guy doesn’t even deserve to be in the competition