Should ministerial salaries set ministers up for life?

Posted on 29 November 2011

This Sunday, Dec. 4, come join the fray! A debate so lively it might knock your socks off. And then some.

By Belmont Lay

Debate. Come have some.

How much should public office holders in parliament make?

Does minimum wage apply to them? Or should maximum wage be the norm?

Does being in public service entail lower wages as it is different from slaving for the private sector? How much is too much? Should current wages be factored into future pensions?

Are public office holders benefiting disproportionately from Singapore’s economic growth?

Having a go at the ultra-piping-lava-hot button issue of ministerial salaries in a debate that would test the incisive wisdom of four of the brightest sparks our sunny island has to offer are:

1. Mrs Jeannette Chong Aruldoss, from the National Solidarity Party

2. Dr James Gomez, from the Singapore Democratic Party

3. Mr Ong Wee Min, from the National Solidarity Party

4. Mr Tan Jee Say, Candidate, 2011 Presidential Elections

And what’s a debate without audience participation?

If you’ve ever pondered about these questions and they have kept you up all night, you and your views are wanted.

If these questions are what you and your friends fight over on weekends after having one too many, you should show up too.

If your head is filled with half-baked statistics about Singaporean wages and you spend most waking hours drawing spurious correlations between them and our economy, then I guess you should stay home.

No kidding, you should come down too. They’ll make room. I think.

The National Solidarity Party Colloquium on Ministerial Salaries will be held on Sunday, 4 December, 2011 @ 1:30pm @ Parc Sovereign Hotel, 175 Albert Street Singapore 189970.

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