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SDP tells you how to lower ministers salaries fairly

Posted on 30 November 2011

A 60-second summary.

Singapore cabinet ministers are paid too highly. Singaporeans are unhappy and linking ministerial pay to the corporate sector is neither reasonable, nor does it square with international best practices.

Besides being politically unpopular, here are 3 reasons why the ministers should not be paid so highly.

1) Ministers should be rewarded with monetary and moral incentives (ie. people who work out of <3 for the country and not for a nice paycheck).

2) High salaries do not bring about economic growth.

3) Independent institutions can prevent corruption as easily (and more cheaply) than paying ministers a high salary.

So the Singapore Democratic Party presents five recommendations to fix the ministerial salary problem:

1. Establish an independent salary commission to review ministerial salaries on an annual basis.

2. Discontinue variable bonuses such as those tied to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and individual performances of ministers.

3. Peg ministerial pay to the wages of the lowest 20 percent of Singaporean workers.

4. Provide allowances for ministers in their performance of state duties. ie. They will only be allowed to make claims for expenses incurred.

5. Establish an independent anti-corruption board that has the power to investigate ministers for corruption.


Editor’s note: SDP clarified that their logo does not have a black outline along the white lines and have told us to change the logo.

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