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Abercrombie & Fitch promoting homosexuality, exhibitionism in Singapore

Posted on 21 November 2011

Liberal agitators have had their way in our country for too long. Now’s the time to take it back, argues this letter writer.

Dear Editor,

I am writing in to express my outrage at Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest shenanigans. As if putting a gigantic ad of a naked man in the middle of Orchard Road is not obscene enough, now they want to hire male models as “shirtless greeters” in their new outlet that’s soon to open here!

What has our beloved country sunk into?

I object to the influence of these Western cultural imperialists on our pristine, white country and their contributions to the eroding of our Confusionist Asian Values.

There are two reasons why this publicity stunt by A&F should not be tolerated.

Firstly, it promotes exhibitionism. Crime rates in Singapore are up, with raping and flashing becoming more rampant. The other day, when my daughter was returning home at night, she saw this fat uncle who must be in his 50s, not wearing any shirt. He was standing next to his third-storey HDB flat window. My husband and I were appalled to learn of this!

I’m afraid that if we allow these aspiring exhibitionists to have their way in a public retail store, we will soon see more gullible young men imitate that sort of ugly behavior.

When godless feminists decided to bring in SlutWalk to Singapore, I was worried that they will turn our nation’s young women into prostitutes who don’t mind being called sluts.

But this latest development takes the cake.

Secondly, this stunt promotes homosexuality. While flashers and rapists are bad, gays are right up there with them.

What happens when you have a platoon of sexually attractive and virile young men exposing their six-packs and nipples to the public? You attract more sexually attractive and virile young men of the gay variety. We already have enough gay pubs, bars, condo swimming pools, parks, toilets and saunas to contain these immoral men like pigs in a sty.

We don’t need more venues for them to infest.

In fact, the launch of the new A&F outlet will result in the opening of the floodgates for amorous behavior, leading to a rise in HIV and AIDS. It’s a slippery slope that will undermine our government’s efforts at public education.

There’s a lot of reasons to worry about the state of our country. Over the last few months, we’re seeing a pattern of liberal agitators having their way in Singapore, and the government has done little to address the situation. I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.


Conservative Nazi

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Terence is an online media nut that is obsessed with writing and publishing on the Internet. Recently, he took up photography to expand his repertoire, and hopes to learn videography soon. He has worked in both online and print publications such as The Straits Times, Today, Mind Your Body, The Online Citizen, and Funkygrad. He is currently the assistant editor with SGEntrepreneurs, a website that covers entrepreneurship in Singapore and Asia. Terence can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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  • Gen N

    Agreed.  A law should be enacted to make all men and women cover themselves up.  Only clothes like those of catholic monks and nuns or the tradition robes of Arabian men and women should be allowed.   Anything else should be illegal.  Body building and cosmetics should be banned.  Alcohol and all other aphrodisiacs should be banned as well.  Cosmetic surgery should be an illegal occupation.  Handsome men and women should not be allowed to have offsprings.  Then and only then can this nation be great and be an illustrous model to all.

    • i support!

      Agreed with Nazi and Gen N. Let’s ban waterpolo, swimming, diving and bodybuilding from the SEA games. All army showers in BMT must have curtains too!

      • Terence Lee

        in fact, why have NS? We’re forced to expose our genitals to other men during BMT.

        • NAZI WOOTS

          I only feel heavy sarcasm to the following replys.

          • Muffin Top

            Because it is simply pointless to give any constructive solution for this situation. It is based on personal issues, that this writer has, that this person will always be conservative. Things change, people just have to adapt. 

    • Gen O

      Gen N, I find your lack of seriousness of this issue distasteful. Clearly the solution is to ban people walking in the open so that nobody can see anyone at all. We will also need to close down swimming pools, public schools, government offices and wide open spaces. I also agree that we need to remove windows. Otherwise, I also suggest mandatory large person-sized wearable cardboard boxes that will also hide height, gender, fitness level and age. 

  • Freedomsg

    Total bullshit!

  • Zac

    so a gal clad in bikini promotes Lesbian-ness? =o Stop living in ur own world dude. If u have it. Flaunt it. =p 

  • Liberal Zeus

    The problem is not A&F. The problem is windows. HDB should remove all windows from flats. See, problem solved!

    • Shah9975

      hahaha!!!! agreed……or remove all flats

  • garcia

    when i was younger, the uncle at a provision shop where everyone gets their stuff hardly ever had a shirt on. NO ONE COMPLAINED. so seriously…. they took their shirts off. they’re not showing off their genitals. if there’s no room for creative publicity in Singapore then we are just the pathetically self-proclaimed 1st world country.

  • md

    this is the biggest piece of shit ive ever seen written. GROW UP and stop being a HOMOphobic LOSER. looking into another mans window is just plain PERVERT. even you mentioned that he was standing next to the window IN HIS OWN HOUSE. Peeping Tom much dont you think? it is RETARDED humans LIKE YOURSELF who are a CORRUPT in this modern world society. everyone in Singapore has the right to be whoever they want to be and live as they please. WHAT RIGHTS have you got to decide how people should live their lives. plus leave A&F alone! those models should be hired to stomp onto “Conservatives” LIKE YOU. NAZI.. pfft. JUST Mind Your Own F***ing Business & STFU!

  • jay

    the world is getting more open-minded and tolerant.
    you can’t control what others do, definitely can’t control what fat uncle does in his own home!
    A&F IS targeting to a gay audience, this is business and is about a free economy!
    this over-protective attitude is only for “kia su” people in singapore.
    i hope your daughter does not develop your closed-minded attitude!
    gosh i am so glad i have left singapore!

  • Ghost1608


    • Tan

      Haha the worst post I’ve seen here. You blame him for discriminating homosexuals and yet you are ‘cursing’ him to have a lesbian daughter. M hm.

  • Trehi_end

    What is Nazi going to do? Post more of his cowardly faceless mindless dribble on the www? Just because he is fat, lazy (therefore fat) and probably ugly doesn’t mean he has the right to hate those who are not. Get over it, might as well not live than to live in shame and then try to over-compensate with misguided moronic-moralistic bravado.

    • Terence Lee

      the writer is a she.

  • Incarcerated Bee

    Seriously, does it means my dad and I having incest relationship since he walks around topless in the house, and I am decked in only tank top and shorts…senseless remarks!

  • Blaise Tee

    If passing a discriminatory remarks means death penalty or life sentence according to the state law, I will appeal to all the gays in Singapore to write in a petition to forgive you for the discriminating composition here due to your stupidity and self-centeredness. May God forgives you for you having a judgemental behavior, condemning nature and discriminating remarks. Amen.

  • Ivanika

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
    This kind of narrow-mind thinking, this hypocritical statement and the stubbornness in refusing to think and of being tolerant toward different ways of life in a multicultural society in a modern country makes me sad. it is a pity that some people have still an attitude which provokes hatred and intolerance. I thought humans learned from history…. It is a shame that such an article is even posted. And the opposite is true: Singapore should learn to become even more open minded and relaxed toward other forms of sexuality, faith, understanding and expression of minds. There is not just one way of life!

  • Shroude

    Confusionist indeed. You are. 

  • Eugepsynia

    What a bullshit

  • Juz_one

    Whoever who wrote this, i can only say it is completely bullshitting!!
    then government should close down all swimming pools and beaches.
    coz ppl only walking around there with only trunk and bikinis.
    stupid~ this is like what? 21st century~
    and u still live in the acients? wake up your idea man~

    and furthermore, dun discriminate homosexuality.
    this is YOUR problem. not theirs.
    everyone is opening up and are more acceptance of other’s beliefs and right. and u are getting in the way with ur square mind.

    get a life.

  • Aefafawawf

    Lol. F Off you close-minded bigot

  • Nick

    Note to editor: Thanks for this hilarious piece of comedy. I actually had difficulty telling whether this was serious or satire (mainly cuz I don’t have that much faith in Singaporean sophistication) until I read the sign-off name. You have increased my hope for this country!

    • Belmont Lay


  • Sarah.L

    To Conservative Nazi (who happens to be a b*#chy female),


    It’s Confucianism and not Confusionism.

    And if you claim to be a Nazi, why do you care about asian values? I think you are highly confused but it’s okay because we forgive you for writing this crap under a pseudonym which only highlights that you are not only blatantly stupid, you may want to evade the CNB’s charges for being intoxicated with god-knows-what-forbidden-drug you are abusing.

  • Kenneth

    Brilliant article!

    Now let’s remove all swimming, weightlifting etc activities from TV too. I heard Singapore is hosting the 2015 SEA games. Please, I implore you to petition the organisers to ban sports that athletes compete topless.

    Meanwhile you should start showering with your clothes on too. Imagine if you forget to lock the bathroom doors and someone walks in. Disaster!

    • silenceter

      Meanwhile you should start showering with your clothes on too. Imagine
      if you forget to lock the bathroom doors and someone walks in. Disaster!<— niceeee

  • kiteflyer

     i cannot believe that you were so appalled to see a man who is topless in his own apartment! how many months of psychiatrist do you need to visit in order to regain your mental health?  and i seriously wonder what drastic action do you wish to take. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

  • Colonel Sanders

    Gays will rule the world. You heterosexuals better watch out… Soon you’ll all be ***FABULOUS!***

  • Benjamin Kou

    Donno if writer is trolling or plain stupid.

  • shayru

    ^this is a spoof right. no one could be this stupid.

  • Liberal

    The problem is not A&F, the problem is people like this Conservative Nazi… They should be thrown out of the country or locked up. We don’t need these people in society

    • Lol

      The problem is people who don’t get sarcasm.

  • Whatthehell

    Seriously, you are kek poh!!

  • Pauliesydney

    You’re an idiot

  • Gay man in Singapore

    Oh my god, who ever agrees with this letter should find a cave and live it in, grow up for gods sake

  • Guest

    ” I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.”
    im curious, what sorta action would that be?

  • Hellsbells

    It’s obviously parody.
    Oh, but I forgot. *No jokes please, we’re Singaporean*..

    • Jeremy Ponniah

      Too true, the art of subtle satire tends to be wasted on them. Now grossly exaggerated satire works just fine e.g. The Noose -_-

  • Gentle_Yeti

    Erm fellas… this is a satirical article… the writer is actually on your side 😉

  • Vincent Ang

    I dont understand all the exaggerate posts regarding all the topless issues. In other countries like US, Japan, UK and etc, they all have no issues and yet I don’t see all those problems mentioned. People in Japan watching porn magazine in the subway, and I don’t see there are plenty of rape cases reported. if all those immoral men exist in the public area as mentioned, then that’s the problem with the education in singapore. A shop like A&F won’t give such a big influence if the problem has never existed. Grow up and move on, why give such a big sh*t to a shop. 

  • Sam

    awesome parody!

  • Jezebella

    Looking at the ‘name’ of the writer, is this article supposed to be satire? 

    If they are going to take out the men images, why not take down the women images at the same time? Weirdness.  

  • Ron

    you should change your name to condiscriservaminative (conservative + discriminative) nazi… go back to whatever century you are from…

  • Redd

    Someone said Singaporeans don’t know satire even if it hits them on the face. How true, looking at the comments posted. Seriously, you lot need to lighten up, take a chill pill, and unwind a little.

  • Mycatrosie

    Nazi Aunty, simple steps to solve these problems.
    First, take a pair of scissors. Second, pray that your husband is not a rapist.
    Third, jab your eyes with the pair of scissors.
    Hopefully this will solve your sight on men with buff abs and gays or what so ever.

  • Titushe

    writer wake up and move on as the world is changing like it or not. Education you need not stereotyping. It is amazing that you ever thought of writing this, as I find the content shallow and typical. Get a life…

  • Rich

    A slippery slope? I don’t get how is it that by having man posing as door greeters lead to a slippery slope that will result to rise in sexual immorality and sexual diseases. I think your argument is utterly invalid.

    And referring homosexuals like pig in a sty is way too harsh. So are you assuming that straight guys are morally correct to go around having sex with girls as opposed to gay guys who exposed their abs? Senseless.

  • AT

    I think there are more important issue in the world (environmental) then just topless man poster showing up in orchard. Then we should ask triumph to not show their ad too. Aunty Nazi (can’t believe you actually sign off as that). Its not what the world is showing you rather than what and how are you educating you own thoughts. If you are unable to have self control over any desire and urge over those stuffs then its you who are to be blame.

  • Expandy

    may i know which era she is living in? his father not half naked b4? if his father got stroke… i bet she will be a bad daughter… AHHhh i dun wan to bath for my dad cause is wrong to see a man half naked. This brings to another point… might as well stay in the cave and dun give birth and dun have sex… unless she wans her husband to put on clothes to do it with her. -.-
    or maybe she is jealous that her husband or herself doesn’t have the figure… 

  • Jay

    That is the most fucked up thing ever. please! we are not living in Victorian ages. Does a society should exist only as heterosexuals? definitely not because everyone is different – gender, sexuality, male, female, preferences.. you can’t dictate how everyone should behave! 

  • Patchupat

    wow, you have your panties twisted.. relax lady. and no need to hate, gay people are some of the most talented people in the world! and before you say something about the slut walk, you should do a bit of research to its movement and why it is called such. you’re ignorant.
    besides, you ought to be ashamed of yourself to be calling yourself Conservative Nazi.

  • Ajnaiki69

    WTF,! Get a life lady! Abercrombie is hot stuff n coooool! I am seriously so damn excited to have AnF in Singapore. Just shut up and enjoy the fact tat AnF is hitting our small, tiny shores!

  • Wolverine

    Gee you wrote bout men parading in undies topless n worried bout crime rate? And women parading in bikinis r ok n that won’t have any affect on crime rate..!!!??? DUH !!

    All those bantering bout homosexuality ?
    Wow you definitely got issues !! Did u took the wrong pill when u wrote all those nasty words ?

    Did u ever think after writing that blah blah blah whatever …

    U signed yourself


    Errr hello UR A NAZI !! Nazis r never conservative !!
    Look at history ( obviously ur delirious )
    Remember World War ?
    Nazi’s kills the Jews !!
    I’m sure everyone knows bout world war !! We read bout it we see documentaries on it !!


    I suggest that you get real ya.

    I’m concerned bout the safety of everyone , be it gay or lesbian or straight …cuz u still live in that era and basically ur a NAZI … Aka KILLER MURDERER RAPER etc etc.

    Maybe the Government and Authority should have you kick out of Singapore ..

    Or put u in a chamber n GAS u up !!
    See if HITLER can help u there !!

  • Wolverine

    There’s a lot of reasons to worry about the state of our country. Over the last few months, we’re seeing a pattern of liberal agitators having their way in Singapore, and the government has done little to address the situation. I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.

    This piece of sentence written by CONSERVATIVE NAZI -aka KILLER MURDERER ETC ETC ..

    I’m just concerned !!! He or she wrote ” the government has done little to address the situation. And afraid if this goes on , CONSERVATIVE NAZI will b forced to take more drastic action !!

    WOW !!!
    What ya gonna do ? Kill us all ? Is that a threat ???? Ur gonna call all ya NAZI brotherhood and take over Singapore ??

    Hello whoever is reading this , CONSERVATIVE NAZI will take drastic action if AUTHORITY does nothing!!!

    Geez !!!!!

    Guess we have to add one more villain in X-Men !!!

  • éClare

    Seriously, get a life. Firstly, it’s like saying that “We’ve got to stop them from banning pornography. Once they start banning one form of literature, they will never stop. Next thing you know, they will be burning all the books!” Moreover, gay people do NOT only have sex with each other. They love each other. You need to read more books and go have some friends who will tell you they do love their partners as much as their heterosexual counterparts do.
    And Yes, animals have displayed homosexual behaviour too. If you want to say someone is a pig, you are(the one with the dirty mouth seem to have eaten quite a lot of dirty stuff to be talking rubbish)

  • fellow nazi hater

    u are a nazi.
    and you should die.

  • whahahahahahaha

    the article gave me a really good laugh. its so bullshit its funny.

  • Wanker

    I don’t know what’s worse, real bigotry, or idiocy as demonstrated by the inability to appreciate satire.

  • Freedom711

    U again!!~~Would u keep ur mouth shut and move on with the era~`if cant, MOVE!! I think the middle east is more suitable for u~~and wads wif the nazi? YUCKS

    • En_charter88

      No. She should move to the Planet Mar. Earth is not suitable for her.

  • HappyMe

    This is the same auntie that also wrote to complain about the A&F big ad at Orchard Rd. Let’s not get hooked. Guess, Auntie Nazi enjoys the attention by doing this. Life’s goes on no matter what she says. 😉

  • Ewnw

    u should go to another country then… seriously… just GROW UP!!!

  • Peter Griffin

    Regardless of the intention behind these pieces, I don’t think its tasteful nor justified in any situation to spread fear, and hateful, ignorant ideas – while masquerading as “satire”, no less.  

    This topic is flammable enough and some people actually readily incorporate such misinformed perspectives into their mindsets. If 90% of your audience is outraged OR in *actual agreement* with this supposedly satirical piece, then I think the ball has been dropped somewhere in terms of the writer’s skills. (yet another balls reference. hurhur)

  • Jon

    Dear Conservative Nazi,
    I would like to highlight some parts of your letter to the attention of…anyone who reads this.

    1) You say that “I object to the influence of these Western cultural imperialists on our pristine, white country and their contributions to the eroding of our Confusionist Asian Values.”
    May I point out that Penal Code 377A was handed down to us by the British in the era of Victorian England, which was extremely conservative especially in the areas of sex.  On the other hand, historical evidence has shown that Asians have traditionally been the ones with less (how do I put this…) withholdings with regards to sex. Examples can be seen in the Karma Sutra, which originated from India, as well as a broad range of cultural artefacts from the Han dynasty in China which explored homosexual love in popular poetry, theatre, opearas and other works of art such as the erotic novel The Golden Lotus. 2) I think it is rather far-fetched to say that topless male models in a clothing shop would promote more men to walk around topless. On the contrary, I believe that the presence of such models who match our socially defined standards of beauty and attraction would make other men who do not meet this standards to be embaressed to flaunt their sub-standard bodies. Your claim is akin to saying that all men who turn homosexual should 377A be repealed. I find myself stretching the limits of logic to comprehend that.

    3) You said “While flashers and rapists are bad, gays are right up there with them.” How does one’s sexual identity make them an instant criminal? Can I say that lesbians are as bad as flashers and rapists too? Take into account that rapists that are reported in the news are usually MEN who rape WOMEN. Once again, logic fails.

    4) In defense of the Slutwalk, I hope you can educate yourself with the real purpose behind this movement. If you noticed, whenever a sexual offence is committed and reported in the news, the limelight is usually focussed on the women (ie; prostitutes, mistresses, rape victims) and that it is somehow their fault. Slutwalk is a movement to encourage a different perspective that we should look at these issues in a different view, by also looking at the men involved in it (ie; the men who cheat on their wives, the men who patronise prostitutes, the rapists). Please bother going to their website to read up before you make slanderous statements like you have.

    5) Last but not least, you say that the opening of A&F would open the floodgates to sexually transmitted diseases. Clothing —> increase in AIDS and HIV? Do take note that STDs is a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread by BEHAVIOUR, not identity. A gay couple who partake in unprotected anal sex is as likely to contract STDs as an opposite sex couple who engage in unprotected vaginal intercourse if anyone of the couple is dieseased.Yours Sincerely,

    • Ruby Tan

      dude, you need to take the stick out of your ass and enrol in a Sarcasm class.

    • ShaunnaDz

      Omg to this Nazi! Person! Sorry love. But you need to wake up. Look around you. Being homosexual is not a disease! And sorry but grow a pair what Abercrombie & Fitch is doing I think is brilliant, oh but yea be carefull when you go swimming you might wanna wear an astronaut’s costume you might catch a umm haha disease yea. Like sorry what again AIDS and HIV? And FFS! leave the poor uncle alone! Look who’s the perv? You might also wanna start buying anti HIV AND AIDS clothes invade your clothes catches a disease. Just saying. And yes please before you start talking bullshit. AGAIN. Get your facts right about Slutwalk okay Poppit?

      OHHH Ummm by the way I have a “disease” and I am proud to be the lesbian I am. Hope your daughter’s available. Tell her to give me a call yea;)

      • Ihr Fuhrer

        Dear Shaunna & Jon

    • FusRoDah

      I used to understand sarcasm, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

      • Belmont

        I used to take an arrow to the knee. Until I took an arrow to the knee.

    • Feel dude
  • Efesf

    conservative nazi be trolling

    • vampyrelunar

      trolololololololol ~

  • MAN

    This article was definitely written by a woman, judging by the tone used to condemn homosexuals and the “slut walk” revolution. An extremely superficial perspective of life and I pity your sad daughter and husband to have a wife or mother like that. 

    I just have one question for you. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ALL THIS INFORMATION FROM YOUR KITCHEN? Get back to the kitchen woman. Where you belong. And make me a sandwich while you are at it!

  • Iqbal Illamaran

    This Article Is A Joke, Right?

  • M6rch

    Dear whoever-you-are,
    Similar to beauty , Evil lies in the eyes of the beholder. You are what you think. Maybe you should close your eyes world will be much beautiful.  o , close ur ears too ! 
    Learn to accept differences , if you can’t change it, live with it !!!!!!! 

    There are ONLY 2 reasons why this “comment”t  should not be tolerated,

    2)read reason1.

    get a brain~

    yours,””CONCERN NAZI””

  • Anna.Bella

    Wow… Conservative Nazi… Nazi is associated with a group of people whose hate and discrimination started the arguably most notorious and one of the most horrific genocides of all time. Your hate against a group of people and discrimination against them, your stereotyped views and closed mindedness, and mindless one-view-fits-all opinion of homosexuals is utterly horrific, unacceptable and detestable. People who are the “threat” to society are not the LGBD group, but people like you who hold such intolerable views of one another.

  • dan

    is it just me or does the writing style and tone of the article reek of bigotry, narrow mindedness, baseless accusations and unjustified discrimination and prejudice..?

    the author has openly expressed her (since she mentioned ‘husband’ and surely cant be homosexual since she is a narrow minded homophobic) upright and uptight objections against the social and moral development of human society towards recognizing the inherent equality of ALL human beings. 

    nazism has been outlawed and frowned upon by the international community for their inhumane and unjustified genocide against people of different religious opinions, gender orientations, socio economic status and opposition to fundamental right wing ideals. since the author has openly claimed to be a conservative nazi, (i couldn’t give a shit about whether its a mere nickname or some other symbol of political inclination since the author couldn’t give a shit about the fundamental rights to human equality) i strongly recommend that an international tribunal consisting of nazi war victims and upholders of democratic justice trial her on the counts of encouraging gender discrimination and violations against human rights.

    such opinions expressed in the above article seem like an indication of a potential despot who will strive to restrict the individual freedoms enjoyed by human beings around the world today. no we do not need another hitler, nor do we need for people like you to throw human society back to the socially stifling victorian era where women wore tight corsets and chastity belts which as we now know, have caused much medical problems to women living in those times. (but of course i am pretty certain you, conservative nazi would appreciate such practices today) it is people like you who inhibit, in fact prevent the development of human society and restrict the intellectual and psychological advancement of the human race like the catholic church did before the enlightenment period. 

    may i suggest and in fact strongly propose (which i strongly doubt you will anyway due to your closed mindset and narrow beliefs) that you isolate yourself and exercise self restraint, since that is what you have advised others to do, in forcing down your brand of conservatism in others’ throats because such values do present a significant threat and hindrance to the development of the human mind and larger society as a whole. 

    your sincerely
    liberal nazi hater

    • dan

      anyways its me again… i am sincerely hoping the article is a troll article meant to create no serious harm and to shed light on the ridiculous mindsets of self righteously proclaimed conservatives

      • Terence Lee

        I believe some of the comments gave the answer.

        • dan

          i dno bro. u tell me.

  • SomebodyNameSean

    Sometimes I wonder how on EARTH you managed to GRADUATE school with such flawed argumentative skills. It’s AMAZING. 

    • Conservative Nazi

      Ask Thio Li-Ann.

      • Anonymous

        you are such a LOSER!!!! You started a homophobic topic and caused this outrage..and you are shifting the blame to someone else?? YOU ARE A PIECE OF HOMOPHOBIC SHIT!!!

  • Christofulai_dh_88

    This is outrageously the worst piece of shit I have ever read. To highlight gays as pigs and enough places to store them and as well as quoting the places as pigs sty, seriously lady, you need some moral education! I cannot believe words like this would come out from fellow human beings. Just wish to voice out everyone is equal, you have two eyes, so do they, you have one nose one mouth, so do they. In another way of saying, are you quoting yourself as one of the pigs living in pig sty? Really need moral education, write in such an educated way but sadly, whatever education that was given to you or being thought to you are a waste!

  • Benedict

    Dear Conservative Nazi,

    I understand your concerns you have raised. 

    The reason why you have such concerns is because of insecurities, you are incapable of teaching your children what is right and wrong therefore you find that there is a need to address these issues. You will never know if one day your daughter might be a slut as well and it is not due to “Slut walk” but instead she enjoys being one.

    You mentioned a guy being topless in his own house. Then may I know what is the purpose of having a home when you cannot do what you want in it? You deemed that action as exhibitionism. But what about yourself? The very day you tried to conceive your children, do you know if you have disturbed your neighbors with your groans and moans? Are you trying to promote sex as well? Please think through before saying that.

    You mentioned that gay people are “immoral men”, are they not humans too? The only difference is their sexual preferences. FYI, without these gay people around, the world would never be what it is today.  The way you judge people, don’t forget that people are judging you too.

    I simply do not get what you’re trying to say when you mentioned that A&F’s opening would introduce HIVs and AIDs.  This is simply hilarious! They didn’t encourage people to have unprotected sex! Neither did they promote HIV or AIDS saying that it is cool to have it or whatnot. 

    Lastly, go ahead and take whatever drastic action. We’ll see who gets the last laugh. You or anyone that is judging you right now.  Stop making a fool of yourself and use that little time of yours to prepare yourself a decent coffin to lay in.

    Amused Homosexual

    • Conservative Nazi

      Love the sinner, but not the sin.

      • Anonymous


  • CP

    If this was intended as a satire piece, I must lack a sense of humor
    because I didn’t find one iota of funny in reading this vile piece of work. Not
    only is it deeply offensive but narrow-minded and ignorant.
    “…shirtless man by HIS window…” – Emphasis on HIS; it’s his home,
    the man is allowed to parade his abode naked wearing a neon pink feather boa if
    he wanted to because it is HIS home. Also, what was your kid doing, looking in
    at other people’s windows?

     “godless feminists…” – Oh, I’m going to stop you right there. I am a
    women and gender studies major and we “godless feminists” are the voices that
    gave women rights; basic civil and human rights that we had to FIGHT and
    SACRIFICE for whilst men were just handed them on a silver platter. Had it not
    been for the suffragettes, we women wouldn’t have the right to vote. Had it not
    been for the women who spoke up about the right to contraception, the pill, and
    the right to abortion, we women would be nothing but incubators and not in
    control of our bodies. So you’ll excuse me, if I take my hat off to all the “godless
    feminists” that shed sweat, blood and tears to allow me to be a free woman.

    SlutWalk – the aim of SlutWalk is to promote the fact that just because
    a woman decides to put on a mini skirt and a tube top with high heels and
    makeup does not mean that she is “asking for it.” What we decide to wear is a
    basic human right. The purpose of SlutWalk is to educate that a woman has free
    will and autonomy to dress as she pleases without fear of being a target of
    rape. You suggested that rape rates are rising in Singapore; SlutWalk should
    act as a valuable tool to announce to any potential rapists that women aren’t “asking
    for it” just because they decide to show a little skin.

    Homosexuality slander – They may be a minority group but they are still PEOPLE.
    They are your friends, your family, your neighbours, your co-workers. They are
    PEOPLE. People who have the right to live their lives as they choose. Calling
    them “pigs” and ranking them with criminals is utterly distasteful. It’s people
    like you who cause GLBT teen suicide. Your lack of education on the GLBT
    community has contributed to this minority group been more prone to emotional,
    psychological and physical damage to themselves all because they don’t conform
    to the small, tight square box you’ve holed your view of the world in.

    Last but not least, the main issue regarding the shirtless A&F
    greeters. I have 3 words: GET OVER YOURSELF. They are shirtless not naked.
    Would you expect men to cover up their torsos when they are at the beach? Or
    what about male joggers who take their t-shirts off to cool off or mop off
    sweat? If you want to rant nonsensically about topless models for advertising,
    why not zoom in on all those weight loss commercials on TV? Many of these women
    are decked out in nothing but their undergarments, thereby exposing the length of
    their legs, their stomaches and a good bit of cleavage. Wouldn’t such images
    affect little girls to become obsessed with their own weight and image leading
    to debilitating diseases like bulimia and anorexia? Or gods forbid, turn them
    into lesbians! I mean, you did just imply that shirtless male greeters will
    cause a ripple effect and turn the next young male teenager gay. Maybe you
    should write a compliant to ban those weight loss ads.

    In conclusion, Conservative Nazi, you are so deeply ignorant of the
    world around you that you’ve felt the need to throw so many invalid thoughts
    onto a piece of paper. The complaint letter is nothing more than the rantings
    of a close-minded individual who’s so obviously never tried to look outside the
    box. Again, if this isn’t a satire piece, then I feel sorry for you. Truly, I

    • Haha

      well, quite a number of people who commented found this article funny. so….

    • Rixie

      I think you don’t get satire at all. It was so obvious and you missed the real point of this letter totally. Hahaha.

  • kai

    A troll wrote this letter. And there’s no use arguing with trolls people. Start arguing, and you’ve already lost.

  • Rick

    Just go and live in a well.

  • Johnnyfrosty

    Yea I agree. These morally decadent and sexually depraved materials should not be seen in our society. Because young minds cannot think for themselves and will end up following these godless role models. And then our society will plunge into chaos and it will be the end of our civilization before we know it. If I could do anything about it, I will raze this pustulent filth to the ground and purify our generation of suggestible minds with word and wrath.

  • Your new awakening

    Its funny how someone born in the 2000 b.c can be alive today and still have the same mindset. you should be very ashamed of yourself and your ability to embrace.

  • Nibble

    Can you pray to God to remove nipples from the chest of everyone? They intimidate me, even my own.

    • Conservative Nazi

      I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work.

  • Kelvin

    Dear Conservative Nazi,

    As a conservative person in the world is not an offence and no one is going to judge you. But please do not judge anyone as you don’t have a single right at all. In this world, we always promote human rights. For you to discriminate homosexualities is unacceptable as they are brought to this world by God, our creator and by their parents. Who do you think you are to give such a comment?

    Base on most records, most criminals are straight ppl and min dwhat you said as it hurts the innocence.

    For your case, i think you need a psychiatrist in order to accept the reality. Probably you can take your time to think how to save the world by using lesser papers, lesser electricity and eat greens. That will be more meaningful than criticizes.



    if the world is so unpleasant to u , U R WELCOME TO LEAVE THIS WORLD. 

    • Conservative Nazi

      You are so rude. Suicide is immoral.

      • bor

        go live in vatican city idiot conservative nazi. by the way if you are Asian why you use Nazi kind of name. Cos nazis hates Asian. You are classify as a Yellow race think a bit more.

  • Nicholas

    can ask the men (at the Egyptian area)  at universal studios Singapore to wear tees already.

  • Paris Adam Kiro

    Chill guys…. its obviously written as a tongue in cheek satire. Let those body-phobes, sensual-phobes and homophobes make as much noise as they can..cos there’s no such thing as bad publicity according to Abercrombie folks.

    If they are relaxed and secured enough with their masculinity and “morality”, they dont have to give a rat’s ass to how others choose to live their life.

    With so much social ills plaguing us… high cost of living, highly paid civil servants, lowly paid everyone else, legalized gambling literally akin to assisted suicide, rising population of aged, beach bum fashion sense, and oh yah… men loving men as opposed to men killing men in war torn countries (read irony)… I think Abercrombie is the least of our worries..

    So called “moralists” should first keep their own house in good order before looking outwards, just as Hitler choose to blame the jews for all of Germany’s ills during those dark dark days…

    And Nazi…it better be tongue in cheek, cause it would feel awfully good to double knee you if you actually mean those stuff :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Nazi…its people like you that morons still exist..and continue to make our country look bad..and labelled as country of discrimination…and it is PEOPLE like YOU that others feel despised, cheap and low class..that they they lose their self-confidence. And it is also PEOPLE LIKE YOU that there aren’t many genuine people around. Thanks for making us proud … of something we feel so ashamed of…and for some others who continue to live in fear and forced to live life for others and not for themselves.

  • Susie

    Parody guys.  Have a little sense of humor here.  This is written like THE ONION or in the vein of the DAILY SHOW in the US.  Anyone heard of “tongue in cheek?” I think the author was trying to explain how ridiculous this whole A&F situation is.  Case in point, the very funny and subversive way he talked about the 50 year old uncle shirtless in his house.  Obviously you can do anything in your own home. That, my friends, is the point and therefore totally hilarious. The author should be commended, not yelled at.  He’s all liberal and not an ounce conservative.  Anyone who thinks otherwise – the joke’s on you.  BTW – it even says 50% real news…

  • anti-nazi

    I don’t speak for all singapore women, but don’t you think pageant shows like Ms Singapore “display” bodies too? Does Ms Universe exhibit inter-racial lesbianism (which you must be 100% not against) too in this case? OF COURSE NOT YOU BIGOT! Such a senseless article. You must be a woman who just doesn’t care about what you are not interested in (hmm…). So “let the bikini-topped images of women stay on in orchard road” must be what you are thinking. (hmmm… )
    Plus, your article is fallacious and biased. The A&F advert on orchard road doesn’t show a naked man as you have claimed. It CLEARLY shows a man wearing jeans that fully cover all his privates. How does this promote homosexuality? What, you’re scarred that your son will turn gay because the guy up there is too hot? And how are male nipples and pecs obscene? seriously. 

    A&F has always had topless men walking around their shops all around the world. And to make you even more aggravated, there are busts and statues and countless pictures of topless men in the shops too. Oh sorry did I just use the word “aggravated?” If you’re truly such a traditional and conservative nazi you should know that “aggravated” is still regarded by traditionalists as too radical a departure from the original etymological meaning. Don’t you know that you sound as if you’re 50 years older than Margaret Thatcher is when you write these kinds of nonsensical right-winged articles? 

    “While flashers and rapists are bad, gays are right up there with them.” How can you judge the morals of gays by their sexual orientation? Go back to studying biology and gene regulation. I’m sure you’ll get an epiphany out of them. 

    “We don’t need more venues for them to infest.” Look who’s talking, infesting websites with your slander. 

    “… result in the opening of the floodgates for amorous behavior, leading to a rise in HIV and AIDS. It’s a slippery slope that will undermine our government’s efforts at public education.” Are you saying that whenever you see a picture of a hot person (woman or man) you get turned on? I’d really hate to be you. And the desires you get are carnal? Wow~ Heterosexuals are equally prone to STDs too. If the government efforts you praise had resulted in teaching you the right things. 

  • Eclektic

    I assume that this meant to be a satire piece á la The Onion?

  • Xfengsao

    “I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.” Conservative Nutty, Kindly move to a cave.

  • debater

    hello? my dad don’t wear his shirt too. by calling people fat uncle how rude? it’s only topless he’s not naked! more ever, he’s in his apartment, not park! what are you thinking man? this article is like bad mouthing all those guys that goes topless in their own hdb flats. by reading the first few paragraphs, ive already lost interest in this offensive article.

  • Shaking my head

    all you idiots who are flaming Conservative Nazi..chill the f*** out..its obviously sarcastic..jeez what is wrong with u guys

  • theOrangeClyde

    Guys read the tagline “50% real news”.

  • MovesLikeSwagger

    I agree with you! Lets ban all bikinis in the beach, and make everyone wear paper bags to cover their face cos its indecent to reveal your naked eyes!

  • girlnextdoor

    The 2 reasons that authors gave; I must say is not adequate to convince me!
    Firstly, I believe “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Take for example, Picasso’s Girl in Chemise or Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, they are well-renounce ART pieces. I emphasized the word ‘ART’ because while some close-minded people think that this form of art is called exhibitionism and gives increase of crime rates, some of us would pay million or even billions of dollars to buy such art. Of course, the advertisement might not be consider as art however, if we are going to establish ourselves as a hub for arts then… is it time to slightly open up? Crime rates go up is not due to such advertisement presented to us but what are the thoughts that generate behind the brain. You can’t argue that criminal robs you due to you having a branded bag then blame it on the branded companies that bring in all those branded goods. It is the thought behind the crooked-mind that allows such behavior and not the ‘presenter’. Secondly, I know of gays (based on what the author writes) who are good people who do more good than normal (or straight people). They should not be categorized behind rapist and flasher! By the way, it’s estimated that sex between men accounts for between 5 and 10% of HIV infections based on worldwide average; situation varies between countries (Source: However, it is important for ALL (meaning everyone in this world) to know how to protect ourselves regardless of sex preference.
    OH BTW, my dad used to walk around the house half naked; I didn’t grow up looking at him and become a flasher or rapist or ashame of him but I hope some close-minded neighbors won’t find obscene. ;P
    BUT hey, there is a difference between public display and being comfort at own home, for goodness sake!

  • Prinb

    people like you, my dear stupid Conservative Nazi should be burn. Stop living under a rock. if you don’t like how things work here please move to pulau ubin where things there are not develop- like your brain.  

  • pity pablo.

    first of all, your name is conservative nazi. 

  • Loretta Marie

    I am a shameless prostitute and a slut of Satan. I have friends of the gay variety whom I love dearly, if I am even capable of love, and I would like one of those hot pieces of ass in the picture to help me with my shopping at A&F. May God pour burning coal and sulfur onto me from the heavens above for being such a godless harlot. Thank you.

  • Conservativenazimyass

    We should close down all public or private swimming pools, water theme parks, beaches, zoukout/parties, beauty pageants or other related events, etc. because it “attract more sexually attractive and virile young men of the gay variety”, possibly lesbians as well.

    Another typical good-for-nothing-complain queen-pampered singaporean.

  • Lincoln Then James

    My Darling Conservative Nazi

    Could you please do us the favour of backing up your assertions with some form of data or academic references?

    Much appreciated

  • Sillymaomao

    its sad that satire is totally lost here…I thought the sign off would have been a clue to everyone…but I guess not.

  • Disappointed

    Its pretty much a slippery slope fallacy!!
    Even if this article is 50% unreal and meant to entertain, i really think it has gotten too far with all its negative associations. Look, most of these commentors ere cant even tell if its real or fake, how would guilible and easily influenced young minds differentiate this fact or fiction. I say, this article only adds fuel to the already homophobic views of this small nation. And basically supports their conservative mindset. Dear author, if ure really that liberal and deep, then u really should have considered beyond the entertainment aspect of this article.

    Dont we have enough discrimination in our “harmonious” country already..

  • urbankid

    can’t tell if this is a well written satire but..

  • Liberal Jew

    “I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.”

  • ATX

    Go fuck yourself you dumb cunt.

  • Guest

    I bet Ellen uses A&F clothes and yet she still earns more than you. I wonder why… 

    Idk maybe its cos her (nonexistant) aids. 

    And then we come round to Jane Lynch! May or may not use A&F too, but still earning more than you, and DEFINITELY, much, much, MORE happier than you probably ever will be. Oh and she’s received a Golden Globe. 

    And have you SEEN Amber Heard?

    Yeah, hate to break it to ya… But she plays for the ladies. 

    So sit yo ass down and shut up.

    Also, SlutWalk is a wonderful platform, to educate people (most probably) like you that the reason why people get raped is NOT because of how they dress up. However, such events are held BECAUSE of you. Narrow-minded, ignorant people. (I don’t even want to use the term ‘human’ at this point.)


    P.S. How old are you?

  • gosh

    To people who still don’t get it:


  • Jacob

    I can only sense JEALOUSY from this article. Spare me from all of these noble words. If you couldn’t get guys and girls laying their eyes on you, stop dissing on people who could, let alone raising “homosexuality” into this context. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such non-constructive article.  

  • Anon

    Conservative Nazi,
    you are a close-minded, ignorant bitch who should just go to hell.
    I can’t believe people like you, bunch of assholes. It’s the end of 2011 for heaven’s sake, get with the programme already. The least you could do is to keep your dumbass opinions to yourself instead of upsetting people with your stupid complaint which quite frankly is the stupidest argument I have ever come across. You should just lock yourself at home and stay there and spare the world of your stupidity.

  • Jay Khialani

    We should alert the police to the presence of this Nazi as the person has promised ‘drastic action”. We don’t need a Norway incident of shooting cos the guy wanted to take “drastic action”.

  • Führer

    from this article we can conclude that

    1) that Hitler has reincarnated and will once again kew more jewsssss


    2) it is clear indication that most Singaporeans don’t understand humor. Even with the not very subtle sign off.

    • Completionmechanics

      Two more conclusions can be drawn on the many Singaporeans/commentors on this post:

      1. They don’t read others’ not-so-valuable comments and rush off to give their extremely wise comments on how the writer is a bigot/facist whatever.

      2. They may have read others’ comments, even those which say that this is a parody/sarcasm, but are too dull to even figure out how this is meant to be a joke, and therefore like 99% of the people in this world they just conveniently filter out from their brains whatever they cannot understand, i.e. ignore the comments that mentioned that this is a sarcastic post.

  • Jeremy Ponniah

    This is trolling at it’s finest. The unfortunate thing is I actually believed it was a Singaporean  typing until the very end. Kind of tells you something about how far this country has yet to go in fighting ignorance…

  • Karen_mykee


  • SSS

    First of all, the model wasnt completely naked in the ad, it was only his torso. Second of all, a few of the models among those present at the greeting session were Asians. Clearly your “Confusionist Asian Values” have been forgotten ages ago. And our pristine, white country? Please woman, this is the 21st century. If we were indeed ur so-called “pristine, white country” why are Singporeans wearing clothes which show off at least 50-75% of their flesh? Seems like they are following western influence arent they? Which again ur against.

    And u complained that ur daughter chanced upon a middle aged man standing shirtless in his house. One, it’s his house. Two, i second with all the other people who commented that looking into another’s apartment is just perverse. Three, dont tell me the males in ur family are not shirtless in the house? It’s so normal and i dont see the necessity of making a big fuss over it. Maybe u should just tell ur daughter to keep her eyes out of people’s things so that ur husband and urself wont be outraged anymore.

    Ur comment about the rise of homosexuality is utter bullshit. I looked at the pictures of the event that took place and mind u, most of the people who took pictures with the models were females. So basically, ur point about “You attract more sexually attractive and virile young men of the gay variety” is void. Singaporeans are more open to homosexuality nowadays and u seem to be very against it. No one says that is wrong cos its ur opinion but jeez, leave others be. So what if there is a rise in homosexuality in Singapore? It’s not gonna affect u. If u think its gonna affect ur children or whatever, then that’s too bad. U got to accept people for who they are. Even if it happens to ur kids. By the way, ur just bloody rude calling homosexual men “immoral”. They prolly have morals more than u think u do. And what’s with the scrutiny of men? Women are involved in homosexuality too. Open ur eyes. Ur living in the 21st Century. Adapt to it.

  • Sooriaisbliss

    Lols! This is a good sattery!

  • blakecarling

    you are an asbolute, low life, sick and pathetic degenerate sadistic person. To catergorise that all homosexuals are in the same status as rapist is like also catergorising that all germans are nazi’s. However this is absolutely mad!

     we pride our country in its multiculturism, which is taking in account the western culture too.
    you speak as our race is the prestine one race, however it is people like you that make up the population of discrimintive people. please reconsider your values and principles when raising your children.

  • Merchantwaters
  • Terris

    You are doing great Conservative Nazi.. Keep the satire going.. We need to remind humanity the reason for the many a strife in the world is because of narrow-minded and bigoted people who thinks only to keep their own version of the truth as the absolute law in keeping the chaos away from humanity.

    P.S. You may want to sign off more OBVIOUSLY next time.

  • Pluboy2

    this is perhaps the crappiest article i ever read in my entire life – sarcasm or outright offended. 

    you might as well take down all the bra models and close all the lingerie shops. 

  • yeo

    I do not understand what is wrong with an uncle standing topless at his window. In no way does it promotes exhibitionism. Please note that it is perfectly fine for guys to not wear a top especially if it is at his private home.

    And in what way does staying topless at home increase rape cases? Unless you are afraid that your daughter will rap him. Do have trust in your daughter. :)

  • joe

    go be a nun or something. 

  • lame

    i pity your child. gonna become another useless fool in the world.

  • Karl Ian Hall

    Guys, you have to be incredibly retarded to not see that this is a joke article.

  • tierel

    people, people, pleeeasssee. this letter was written in the language of SARCASM. 

  • Chris

    For the love of god, GET A LIFE! 

  • Miq Nesta

    face, have you met palm? nice satire by the way.

  • Happyginkgo_326

    What the freak. Wait till your son turns out to be a gay.

  • Absless guy

    Out of selfish reasons, I have to agree with the article to ban A&F models. They are building up girls’ unrealistic expectations of our abs.

  • Hardgay

    You truly live up to your moniker.

  • w.

    Hahaha lol-ing at the comments, some people have no sense of humour much?? either that or they’re just a bit thick in the head..

  • gust

    Have a fuken cry.
    Welcome to 2012, stop living in your past this aint the 1950s anymore.
    You cant imply that crime rates are going up to do with rape and flashing just because some shirtless guys are standing around. There is no relation/research WHAT SO EVER link these together.
    You need to get out of your dark dark hole you live in and start living in the present, your time is up.

  • None

    I think the sarcasm was a little too subtle.

  • Terry Fu

    oh my god. 
    Bloody fools don’t have adequate grasp of the English language.

  • Chancery Lane

    Yeah, we should bring back traditional Chinese classics like foot binding and arranged marriages. That would keep our women out of those dang Abe and Fit shops!!! And while we are at it – we should make sure that our political succession is stable like ancient China too and reserved only for elite Mandarins. Oh wait we already did that. Pat yourself on the back Singapore!!!

  • Dickson Yeo

    Orientalist nut case. Needs to spend a few years in a Nazi concentration camp surrounded by leather harness SS guards and a lot of horny European queens…

  • Zombieombie

    A knife itself is not dangerous; it falls on the mindset of the person who uses the knife. Looks like Nazi is welding the knife aimlessly in an uncontrolled and sub-concious manner.

  • Zombie

    A knife itself is not dangerous; it falls on the mindset of the person who uses the knife. Looks like Nazi unknowingly is welding the knife in an uncontrolled and sub-concious manner.

  • Chet

    Mitt Romney and his part in the radical homosexual agenda!

  • mgs

    Thank god for companies like Abercrombie to push the envelope and show sad, uneducated, blind people like the that there is variety in life. 

  • Nickclent Neoh


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  • Leo

    i think that you are a very naive mother who only cares about yourself and your family, secondly, you a sexist. people are born that way. do not be so judgmental on your words please.

  • jamie

    Trolling By…….

  • Dickson Yeo

    After growing some brains and getting slapped around by the university of life, I am deeply embarrassed to have written that flame breathing retort, so many years ago…

    • New Nation

      All is forgiven. May you move on in life.

  • lol

    This feels like Apple ‘fans’ versus Android/Google ‘fans’. or Apple fans versus Aamsung ‘fans’ No offense though. XD XD XD XD

  • Stop hating homosexuality

    Oh, come on already, what about those sexy female models with half cup bra and bikini? Are you from 1960’s?

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