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Stray dogs should be shot, says letter writer

Posted on 12 October 2011

He adds that the AVA shouldn’t wait for someone to get killed by the stray dogs. It will be too late then.

Dear Sir,

On the 11-10-2011 at 6:45pm. I took the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority team and duty officer: Mr.Tay, to witness my complaint and saw the same women and her friends illegally feed the stray dogs on 7PM and dirty the place at ***.

We saw this women took many plastic bag of dogs foods from her car to feed the stray dogs. We have take down some photo of her vehicles licence plate number: S*******

The women that feed the stray dogs refuse to cooperate with the AVA duty officer and try and chase stray dogs away. And she commit offence was “Obstructing a Agri-food & Veterinary Authority Officer in the execution of their duty to catch these dogs. So the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority officer leaving no choice but to call the police 999 to take down her particular I.D.

One problem feeds the other—the growing demand for these stray dogs leads to more breeding, and more unwanted stray dogs.

And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people. Dog attacks are not pretty and they are definitely no laughing matter. When stray dogs attack people it can lead to serious injury or even death. Too many people have been bit this way and it is surely not worth it.

Is difficult for Agri-food & Veterinary Authority officer to catch stray dogs over there, because of too many stray dogs.

Don’t wait until someone get killed by the stray dogs and It Will Be Too Late.

I know that AVA has suspended the shooting of stray dogs. Shooting will only be considered in very exceptional circumstances where there is no other solution to an intractable and dangerous problem, and the stray/feral dogs pose an immediate danger to the public.

And now there is no other solution to an intractable and dangerous problem, and the stray/feral dogs pose an immediate danger to the public.

The only solution to is to shoot down the stray dogs, that’ll be the faster way to soft the problem.

So, this is to request you to Please look into the matter again and confirm action taken.

Loh Boon Kwang

Save for the car license plate number and location where the stray dogs were found, this letter was published unedited.

Photo: Henri Bergius

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  • Mary-Anne Lee

    Wow. People like him need educating.

  • Mary-Anne Lee

    Dear Mr Loh

    I would like to tell you more about stray feeders.

    While I do not know if it is illegal to feed stray dogs, I’m happy to say that it is MORALLY RIGHT. These dogs are homeless on our streets, and contrary to your belief, they are also harmless. They are domesticated animals that have been unfortunate enough to end up without a domicile. Show them a little love and care and they act no different from the Maltese someone might have curled up on his sofa.

    Anyway I am digressing. Stray feeders are people like you and me who have found it in their hearts to sacrifice their time and income to help fill the bellies of innocent and uncared for street dogs. They are responsible folk who clear up after their dogs have eaten. If there’s leftover rice, the environment takes care of it. Just like how the environment takes care of the waste you throw out.

    I am sorry you had to witness the ugly incident of an AVA officer confronting the lady. I don’t who she is and don’t know her personally, but I believe all she wanted to do was to feed her strays and leave in peace. If she tried to stop the office from catching the stray, well. If someone was trying to take your child away, would you let them?

    I would also like to highlight to you the merits of the trap-sterilise-release scheme. Many stray feeders follow this. They trap stray dogs after the dogs have gotten close to them, have them sterilised at a vet, and then they release them back where they came from because it’s impossible to house the many stray dogs on our streets. Most stray dogs with a regular feeder are likely to be sterilised, unless they are too wary to be caught. Then that takes a bit more work and time. Remember, a stray feeder is like you and me, with full time jobs and family commitments. Feeding the dogs is merely filling their bellies, and NOT encouraging them to breed. It is not like leaving food out for crows, for example.

    Stray dogs are not aggressive. They may move in packs, which might LOOK aggressive because of the sheer number, or they might bark at you to protect their territory. But those are normal behaviours. I’m sure you go out with your friends as a group. And I’m sure you would attack a stranger who enters your home without permission. The dogs are merely acting according to nature.

    Some of the dogs are wary because they have been abused by humans before, or because they have not had enough human contact. But like I mentioned above, with enough care and concern, the dog will blossom and be like any other house pet. I frequently follow some stray feeders n their rounds and I have YET to meet an aggressive dog. In fact, once familiar with you, the dogs don’t even mind walking on a leash or giving you big doggy kisses.

    Shooting is NOT a solution to combatting the stray dog population. Shooting a dog may maim the dog or sentence it to a slow death. What every stray feeder and everyone involved in animal welfare does IS helping. The trap-sterilise-release programme has proven to be very successful, but it is a community effort and can only be as successful as the community allows. Which is also motivation for you, as a member of our lovely Singaporean community, to help out.

    I hope my words have helped you better understand our stray dog population. Please do not cling to dated, baseless beliefs any more.

    Thank you.

    • Hooi Ping

      Well said with very good illustrations. Bravo! I adopted two strays as pets (a dog and a cat) and the dog is one of the sweetest and gentlest dog I’ve ever come across. They inspired me and give me so much joy everyday that I have to document these sweet memories in a blog (!

      • Mary-Anne Lee

        Hooi Ping, that is a LOVELY blog you have there! Cookie and Creme are so cute! Thanks for saving our strays… :) Do you mind if I share your link on a local animal shelter’s page?

        • Hooi Ping

          Hi Mary-Anne,
          Could you let me know which local animal shelter website? I don’t mind sharing my blog with other animal lovers, as long as no one comes to my home and shoot my stray pets!!

          • guest12345

            try look for mdm wong’s shelter and friends, gentle paws, mutts and mittens on fb! =D

          • Hooi Ping

            Thanks, Cookie & Creme has liked them all on FB 😀

          • Mary-Anne Lee

            Hooi Ping, I dropped u an email at [email protected]!

      • Jiatian96

        cookie?! my baby hamster name is also called cookie. unfortunately, she passed away at a young age… :(

    • Jereme_ang

      Well said Mary-Anne Lee!! Better than the letter writer.. I have not witness or heard any incidents of stray dogs attack people without any reasons.. We do have alot of stray cats and cat feeders around also, but as long as they are sterilized and feeders keeping the area clean, i don’t see a need to take out the animals..

      The stray dogs are not living in places like under our blocks or whatsoever, they are mainly in the forest or construction sites, where little or no one stay or will visit.. “They wouldn’t want to take over your world ‘Letter writer’..”

      As all can see, the size of our stray mongels aren’t that big either, and they are not born a killer, dogs do have characteristic, and they are not the fighters category. They will be busying finding food rather than human.

    • Chuayt

      Excellent reply, I certainly hope the Mr Loh will understand and don’t post irresponsible remarks such as “shoot down the stray dogs, that’ll be the faster way to soft the problem”. One day you get lost in some countries, see if people will shoot you down.

  • Mary-Anne Lee

    By the way, you may be interested in watching It is a video shot on location with real stray dogs, and no one has been attacked or killed. Thanks for your time, Mr Loh.

  • G Company

    if education fails…AVA should shoot him…the authorities should act fast before people like him start killing dogs

  • Iti

    Why don’t we shoot you instead dumb ass Loh

  • Karen lim

    I guess the writer is not a dog lover

    • Annyooi

      he is an uncivilised person better turn himselves to become ORANG HUTAN/Tarzan…

      • Chiaboonyeong

        can we shot him instead od the dog?

        • Annyooi

          no…We are not in a position to end a living thing 

  • Omg8182

    loh boon kwang….. U screwed up beast….. You should go up to the mountains and wake up your idea…….. If you have kids and they dont abide with the law should we shoot then down. Do you think these dogs had q choice to be strays. You need to do some refections… Else one day you’ll be the one sitting by the road side with no food to eat and people won’t feed you but instead just spit on you. Idiot!!!!

  • Thurga83

    U ignorant motherphucka.U Seriously think that is a valid solution ?!!! When, I mean when have
    You everrrr heard of someone dying because of a stray dog. Among all the recent advocacy for animals, how the hell is it that some retard like you can say something like this, and think it’s all good. Forget education for this fool. Just shoot him.

  • Clare Teo

    Dear Mr Loh, R u being too timid to fear harmless animals?

    AS a Regular Strayfeeder myself, i am still alive, i did not get killed by strays, yet they r Friendly & Tame..

    The dogs r fear of those who will harm them..LIKE YOU

    • Hwee San Tan

      I am totally agree with you !!!

    • Clare Teo

      Y not i suggest Mr Loh to try living n experience With the strays, then he will understands its not easy..Let Mr Loh be the first to run n kana SHOT lor, maybe he will understands n be kind to animals in future..



  • Queenie Kole

    Whoa.. Nicely written letter there.. Kinda agrees with you to a certain extend on how terrible it is if a stray dog were to attack people..
    On the other hand, you may want to do a self assessment on your cruel mentality, moral and whatever beliefs u have, because it seems to be even horrifying than those ‘attacking’ stray dogs..
    If your child were to get into a petty fights or arguments with another child, is it ok for us to write such extreme letter to have ur child shot/killed/put behind bars ?
    If you are left with no options but to commit crimes in order to protect your loved ones (killing other in self-defence), is it ok for us to condemn your acts and have you killed as well ??
    Well, I don’t know you, maybe your moral, conscience got bitten/stolen by some strays that u thought the only way to get it back is by killing them ?
    Err, it doesnt work this way.. Wake up and grow up and grow new wisdom dude..

  • Mo

    An animal, whether stray or not, has a life in this world. Would you shoot a child if the child mixed with bad company and gets into gang fights or more??
    Use your Heart to think. Do not think with only your head!

  • May Leong

    why r u soooooo against people who feed the strays out of kindness, mr dumbass loh???? the first person or thing that i want to shoot is ur stupid fucking ASS!!!!  YUMMY, ur ASS sure looks good to be shot at!!!!! i m pretty sure that a LOT of real humans out there will agree wit me and so beware of ur ASS!!! better keep it safe wit u hahahhahahahahahahahaaa

  • Pamela Pang

    I’ve wrote an email to ava with regards to the above.  I urge more to step forward to be the voice our animal friends.

  • Thurga83

    Also learn English first if you want to write a letter, u pathetic bitch.

    • Pamela Pang

      well, thanks for the advice! i have reviewed my letter and sent to others to proofread before i eventually sent it out. what is important is that the content hits the target. :)

  • Chiaboonyeong

    those dog are deserved some love from the kind heart stray feeder..they are harmless why do you no give them a lifeline? 

  • Hwee San Tan

    “Don’t wait until someone get killed by the
    stray dogs and It Will Be Too Late.”

    Then should I say that

    “Don’t wait until someone get killed by someone and It Will Be Too

    Mr Loh,

    As what you said, stray dogs should be shot to
    prevent someone get killed.

    Then why don’t you say someone else should be
    shot as anyone of us is possible to be killed by someone else?

    Have you ever respected for life?
    Human life is important, then why not for animals’ life? Animals are same like
    human, they breathe, they feel, they are alive!!

    If you think that only
    human life should be respect, then I can say that you are totally failed in
    your human being!!

    What I want to let you
    know is that, animals have their rights to stay alive too!! They shouldn’t be
    killed by human, by anyone of us!!

    Don’t judge before you
    understand the thing well!! And please don’t deprive the opportunity for animals to
    stay alive just because of your own selfish opinion!!!


    Sorry for my broken English!
    Although my English is not as good as you, but I can pretty sure that I am 101%
    better than you in my human being!!


    • Annyooi

      well friend

  • Ex_zookeeper

    seriously the reason why we have alots of strays are also due to AVA’s new regulations. I have seen many dogs on the streets when the owners  let go of them instead of putting them down. Was it the animals fault. They are harmless and all they want is some love. Come on what wrong with you, Are you that stupid to see it. Wud you call the police to shoot a homeless child or a man just that someone gave him some food. You wrote your mind out with lots of stupidity. I hats off to those who are against this and this will show that these kind of ppl are to learn a lesson of humanity

  • val

    AVA kills dogs in cruel methods through electrocution or drowning. they carry weapons in their vans while on mission to capture these poor homeless dogs that harms no one, but just wants to be left alone. I got to know this through my mother whose acquaintance friend was an ex-ava staff, he quit because he felt he had enough of these cruelty and killing, he don’t want money in exchange of a life. 

    • Yu Juan

      Seriously? Or are you actually referring to this in China?

  • Val

    you’re just like saying stray dogs should be killed, but why dont you kill home pets too? are you trying to say children whom are at home are precious, but children roaming around the streets should be shot dead? people like low boon kwang is another idiotic man in the world, lacking in kindness and compassion for other beings, you’re no end to ignorance. 

  • Marla_lise

    all i can say is – Loh Boon Kwang – if you’re not educated enough to write your letter in proper english – i don’t think you’re educated enough to ‘soft the problem’ 

  • Skye_yap

    stray dogs dont bite for no reason. if you try to disturb them and get bitten, thats your problem. 

  • NK

    there are more news that appear on tv and newspaper that stray dogs are being killed, more than any news that ever mentioned about stray dogs attacking and killed passerbys. Has anyone seen any news reporting on stray dogs killing innocent passerbys? NO! its always news about Humans killing innocent strays FOR FUN! 

  • Kohaku26

    You Mr Loh & all the AVA & contracted “killers” – I strongly believe you’re in the wrong country.  You should all enlist & fight in Libya or the pirates in Somalia or any troubled country cos your righteousness has gone astray ….. attacking harmless strays???  Go on get ready & fight for a real cause & be the MAN U ARE SO HOPELESSLY TRYING TO BE BUT CAN’T!!!  

    My sympathies go to you cos without compassion you’ve gone down so much lower than an animal!  Wheel of fate turns round & round & it’ll come back & bite you real hard, so when you’re in pain & dying, don’t pray & seek help, understand it’s cos of all the bad bad deeds you’ve done that is causing all the suffering & death will not come to you until you’ve paid back your dues!  Remember this next time an evil thought comes to mind!!!

  • Veron_gkl

    Let me tell u this asshole Loh. If I have the liberty to own a gun in Singapore the 1st beast I will shoot is you ! Double asshole.

    • Xtrocious

      You have to queue up behind me…hahah

      To think that we still have such dumbfarks in this age and time…

  • Su_Nair

    Dear Dumbo LBK, maybe u can polish ur English up first before trying to soft the problem. (see his last few lines) U R A JOKE TO MANKIND!!

  • Blyss_55

    Has our dear Mr. Loh been attacked by a stray before or ever witnessed another person being attack by one? If not, are you not being too presumptious to conclude that someone will be attacked?

    From my experience with stray dogs (I’ve adopted one myself), they are the sweetest companion one can have. Most of the time, they get close to humans is because they are hungry and hoping that a kind soul woould feed them a meal. People who are ignorant will misinterpret that as aggressive and dangerous.

    I pray that Mr. Loh will have a divine opportunity to experience the love a stray dog can offer and have a big heart to accept the ways kind hearted animal lovers help these dogs. I am sure your world will still be a peaceful and safe place even if you leave them alone. 


    this has shown how selfish this Mr Loh Boon Kwang is! its becos of human selfishness that the dogs and cats has no more place to stay.this world doesnt belong to the human jus tat the cats and dogs or even any other animal…they do not have the capability to voice out or retaliate tats why they ended up homeless.Human monopolize the space, get rid of all the animals jus to satisfy their own needs.Mr Loh dont u have a heart?wat if u are tat dog or cat?and this is how human wanted u dead?don’t u believe in retribution or karma?stop being such an ass and being so selfish.The volunteers and shelters are trying their best to house the animals,instead of giving a helping hand or donate some money to house the animals, u want it dead for your own benefit?Do u know how all these volunteers spent their hard earn monthly salary jus to sterilised the cats and dogs? did you know their effort?to u the animals are jus dirt, to the animal lovers its their child.Imagine your kid stole something from the shopping mall and the manager want your kid to be hand over to the police?no matter how u plead and beg the manager and the manager hack wat say.So do u feel like u are the manager?

    Mr Loh…have a big heart, stop wanting the homeless animal dead.Is this how u educate and show your child how heartless u are?do u want your nex generation to behave so heartless like u and throw u in the old folk home?

    believe me…u will have karma…wat goes around comes around.think twice or thrice for wat u have done to the poor cats n dogs!even if karma doesn fall on u…it may happen in your family!

  • Keren Ho

    Hi there,

    First and foremost, I would like to amend your assertion.
    Dogs do not attack people for no reason. They are similar to humans, and they
    always have a reason for doing something.

    As simple as ABC, leave them alone.

    Besides that, what is wrong with feeding the strays? The
    woman you mentioned above, why do you think she fed the strays? She cared. For?
    The animals; the strays. Having a heart for the animals is the one of the noblest
    attributes of man.

    What sickens me the most is the title of your article; “Stray
    dogs should be shot”. Do you value life? We, human beings are not the only
    species on earth; hence why are you acting as if you are the only one? We shall
    respect each and every precious life, including the animals.

    Did you know how many of us out there are feeding strays
    every now and then? We do not do this for ourselves. Put yourself in the strays’
    shoes. Feel what they feel, see what they see, do what they do, only then you
    judge. You, I, nor anyone has the right to take away a life.

    Killing a helpless life simply means murder.

    Nevertheless, I do understand and appreciate that you are
    concern for the safety of the public. Not to forget, I mentioned above, strays
    do not attack for no reason. This fact is proven, accept it. Yes, we do have
    cases regarding dog attacking humans, but have you ever known the reason behind
    it? Do not judge a book by its cover.

    Instead of shooting the dogs down, why not think of a better
    way? Send them to any local shelter home spay and neuter them, put them up for
    adoption. The next thing we know is, they will be offered a home, and they will
    be loved.

    Bear in mind: every life deserves to live. This applies to
    every living thing on earth. No one has the right to end a life! Never.

    With regards,

    Keren Ho.


  • Mr Loh Evil Shadow.

    Goodness me! u claimed yourself a letter writer? Maybe you should go back to school to learn your English writing skill. It’s embarrassing. Firstly! Thanks to those beautiful women for feeding the innocent and voiceless beings. Their lives will be worse off without them. Secondly!Thanks to heartless people like you that the voiceless have such a miserable live and constantly living in fear. I reckon people like you should be locked up in prison and tortured till you die or maybe being shot so that you can experience first hand how it feels like. “Don’t wait until someone get killed by the stray dogs and It Will Be Too Late.” I think the voiceless are more afraid of humans than killing them. Clearly you have absolutely no idea about animal behaviors. If you do have pets of your own i truly feel sorry for them for having such an ignorant and arrogant owner. I doubted u have any pets yourself anyway. You have definitely been blinded by your own ego till you can’t even see the kind gesture of those women. Why do you think they want to feed the innocent souls? If you are a compassionate person you will know the answer and you are definitely not. Lastly! Please do everyone a favor. Think clearly and rationally before you write next time and never ever embarrass yourself again evil Mr Loh.  

  • Sharonohsg

    Mr Loh, if you think by escorting AVA’s officers to your compliant destination is that of do gd community service. Or your used of the word “dirty” or explaining your view points how strays are deemed uncontrollable and your solutions is to terminate strays by “shooting” are sensible in your mind, than you have simply projected yourself as naive, illiterate … going by your written ENGLAND. I pity your sad state of mentality. I would not like to be your neighbour, or even know you for that matter. For you seem the sort to criticise incessantly.
    Do you know of anyone who was killed by strays? Or was bitten? What is truly your agenda on this matter? Before you start shooting from your hips without using any bits of your brain matter, consider survival evolution, if the stray populations are eliminated, such as no strays dogs, there be plenty of stray cats. So now consider new scenario, NO STRAY DOGS/CATS , we’re left with an increase of rodents, vermin and rather vicious birds. In case you’re aren’t aware, your chances of getting bitten by a rat are much higher than being bitten by a stray dog. Incidentally, the rate of rabies in rodents are higher than in dogs.  
    Lastly If I were you, don’t stand too close to AVA should they ever resume shooting…..
    Get a real LIFE.

  • Whitey

    Dear Mr Loh,
    lets say for example, you just scrapped your knee.
    it bled for the first 5 minutes. you applied a piece of cloth onto it, and soon the blood formed a clot. However, the clot can easily be scrapped off because of working environment.
    you then make a trip to a hospital, and ask that they AMPUTATE that one leg, because you are worried that the bleeding is a sign that you may bleed to death.
    I hope that u understand my point.

  • shon

    you should be shot in your brain too! pea brain. i ask your children to wander along the street and get someone to shoot it ai mai?

  • The Maverick

    Actually, to all the animal-sympathizers out there who have written vehement responses, I say, “Back off”!

    The freedom of expression/opinion is all about letting everyone have their opinion, and also the right to express it.

    However, coming back to the point, I am all for allow Mr Loh and his like-minded friends write grammatically incoherent letters to express their views, however simplistic, naive, or downright stupid.

    How else are we able to detect individuals with psychopathic tendencies, or the pure sociopaths? We need them to make themselves heard so we can identify them and watch them.

    Note the recent spate of animal killings/tortures. These are the purest indicators of sociopathic personalities – even more than writing letters, although, I should think, expressing these ideas might be the precursors to actually acting on the impulses.

    So, animal lovers. please back off. Let Loh and gang write all they want. That way we know who they are.

    And we know where they live.

    And we can keep an eye on them.

  • guest1234

    seriously, u have been following the women all along? what a pervert! si bian tai! no wonder the dogs attack u!

  • russel

    if anyone/thing deserves to be shot, it’s got to be Loh Boon Kwang, because the world would be a much better, more peaceful and less hateful place without knobs like him. 

  • Starrybaobei

    Hi loh,

    If i have a gun, i will shoot you first!
    This world is getting sadder when there are
    People like you who do not understand n feel for
    The strays..
    Please do yrself a favour n learn to behave like a human!

  • Jereme_ang

    Many humans around are far more dangerous than the dogs.. How many of dog biting cases have we received each year? and how many of the incident are without valid reason? No dogs will bite without a need to, unless they are defending something precious..

  • Stanley Nam


    What you have written in this post is utterly inhumane and absolutely childish. Let me teach you a few lessons on how to be gracious and verbally responsible instead of your public display of brainless ranting and accusations on our furry friends.

    1. You have no right to decide if stray dogs are to be shot or not. No one in the world should be in the position to decide someone’s life’s fate. 
    2. I believe you either lack the knowledge or is just simply ignorant. More people nowadays are aware of preventive measures to curb unwanted pregnancies and births by bringing these dogs to be spayed or neutered. Have you even checked their chipped ears, which show these animals have been given this medical procedure. AVA does realize that the unnecessary births issue has been taken care of and thus has abolished the primitive shooting treatment.
    3. It’s a laughing stock to even imagine dogs would natually attack human beings. Dogs WILL NEVER voluntarily be on the offensive unless they are provoked to the extreme, which many times were caused by us humans. They do only want to DEFEND themselves. 

    I am certain these words will bring some clarity and understanding to your groundless accusations that stray dogs attack innocent passerbys relentlessly. What I hope to achieve here is also to share how we residents of Singapore can help to ease the issue of homeless strays on the streets. 

    The Ministry of National Development (MND) has enabled us a channel to provide your feedback on pet ownership in SG. Your valuable feedback to MND will save many strays who are being put down as they can’t find a home with the current policy that prohibits mongrels and stray dogs to be kept in HBD flats.

    You would be surprised how our mongrels or strays can be the most loyal and perfect companions in our lives. I have personally experienced this joy many times and the feeling is precious and rewarding at the same time. 

     Pls help advocate a more Gracious society in SG. The deadline for submission is 31 Oct’ 11. 
    Please do your part to help save these innocent lives and at the same time, help our strays find a home and a better tomorrow. 

    Thank you. 
    Stanley Nam

  • Kwang_internet

    9-10-2011, I saw a women and her friends illegally feed the stray dogs on 7PM at ( Pasir
    Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong



    problem feeds the other—the growing demand for these stray dogs leads to more breeding,

    more unwanted stray dogs.


    stray dogs are here which are becoming a severe threat to public especially in
    nights. And it

    people passing
    by for fishing trips after 7pm.


    just saved about three 16 year old kids attacked by stray dogs on that day from
    fishing trips

    my hand get scratch.


    of this day the stray dogs will kill somebody !


    send your AVA officer down to find those people that illegal feed the dogs !


    send your team to catch these dogs or shoot down the stray dogs !


    know one of this day the stray dogs will kill somebody !

    • I love stray

      i wonder what that 3 16 years old kids done for those strays. I went there for few times but those stray didnt attack me & most of them scare ppl and run away when see ppl pass by. The best way is sterilized stray & leave them alone rather then kill them. They are a life too!!

  • Kwang_internet

    On 9-10-2011, I saw a women and her friends illegally feed the stray dogs on 7PM at ( Pasir
    Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus.

    One problem feeds the other—the growing demand for these stray dogs leads to more breeding, and more unwanted stray dogs.

    This stray dogs are here which are becoming a severe threat to public especially in nights. And it attack people passing by for fishing trips after 7pm.

    I just saved about three 16 year old kids attacked by stray dogs on that day from
    fishing trips and my hand get scratch.

    One of this day the stray dogs will kill somebody !

    Please send your AVA officer down to find those people that illegal feed the dogs !

    Kindly send your team to catch these dogs or shoot down the stray dogs !

    I know one of this day the stray dogs will kill somebody !

    • Aria Sim

      Do you go on every site to publicise this? This is the third time I’ve seen this reply and it is the exact same thing. I’m sorry, but this just reflects on how poor you are in terms of moral values, standard of English and upbringing. I am disgusted by people like you. You are the one who should be shot. Asshole. 

    • ChristineMin

      I hope there is some sort of a dog on earth called the ‘killer dog” that goes around punishing people like you. then i will pray that ”one of this day the killer dog will kill you”

    • fml3131

      Kwang, are u trying to be a broken cd player? SHUT UR FILTHY MOUTH!

  • Pamela Pang

    Hi all,

    With regards to the above matter, Mr Tay from AVA has called me and I will have a meeting at their office with a vet who works with the organisation next week.  I shall find out more about the issue and update.


  • Lohisadick

    Loh, you are just a dick head. 

  • Lee

    Culling of dogs is EXTREMELY cruel! the doggies have done nothing wrong! just leave them alone, it’s already tough enough for them to survive in the wild!

  • Clata

    MR Almighty-Heartless-No-Compassion-Loh-Boon-Kwang,

    If you’re married with kids, I pity your wife n kids.  When they misbehave, I suppose you will whack the hell out of them?  How one person treats an animal reflects strongly on their own character and values on Life.  Instead of teaching them to be compassionate, tolerant and loving towards other lesser beings, your value of “getting-rid-of-unwanted-lives” expecially via cruel, inhumane methods is totally disgusting and you might as well just go drop off dead, because this world is full of wanted and wanted “things” or “lives” you might as well don’t live on earth.  And known stray-feeders usually and should advocate sterilization of the strays. Your idea of “feed-them-and they-will-reproduce-more-so-better-to-shoot-them” yet again shows how narrow-minded, heartless, cruel you are.
    Are you a Buddhist? U go to temple and pray? You burn incence n joss sticks to the Gods? If yes, you might as well stop it.  No God or Buddha will agree or accept your kind of person.  Before being Buddha, Prince Siddhartha even fed his own flesh to animals. He rescued animals that was to be killed.

    The same goes for Christianity.  But, if you say you don’t have a religion and you are your own “God” deciding what to do with others’ lives, then I suggest you start believing in one soon before you cast yourself and your family or loves ones to go hell with you!

    Trust Some geniius out there will trace who you are. U better pray for yourself.

    • fml3131

      Oh Clata, I love u already! Well said!!! :)

  • Happy

    WTF you are one of the most sick people in the world!!!!!!
    How would you like it if some one shot you beauce you where homeless??
    I hope that you die in pain and all of the people who “liked” this should all find a nice hole and die so that the rest of the world can love animals.

    Hope that the hole fills with water,
    Love from M.E

  • Ms Mamoyo

    How do I write to this Mr Loh and tell him how heartless he is? I would like to see people shoot him when he has gone homeless and people fed him. ISH!

  • Aria Sim

    Mr. Loh

    You put humankind to shame with your stubborn one-mindedness and absolute inability to be more open-minded. For your information, that’s my mother you’re talking about, and I’m pitifully sorry for your parents for raising a child like you. 

    I’d like to clarify matters about stray dogs in a hope to educate you that the real danger to people is not the stray dogs, but uneducated people like you polluting the minds of reasonable singaporeans everywhere with your posts of bigotry. Stray dogs do not attack people unless provoked, and unless you’re brainless enough to provoke them they usually do not give two hoots about passerbys, cyclists and motorists. These strays are absolutely harmless, and are even afraid of people. For example, when my mother and I go to feed (which is not illegal, by the way) the dogs don’t even come anywhere near us even though we’ve been feeding them for a long time now. It’s you who is the problem. 

    To target another point, I refer to your phrase “illegally feeding the dogs at 7PM and dirty the  place…”. For one thing, feeding strays is not illegal. Please check the legislation and educate yourself. If you insist on saying that feeding is illegal, I invite you to show me the law that says that feeding strays is illegal. However, I do admit that littering is illegal, and I’d also like to clarify the notion that she is dirtying the place. We are not. My mother picks up the rubbish left behind after feeding the next day, and also picks up the rubbish left by other people, such as picnickers patronizing the area. So if NEA is going to fine my mom, they might as well hunt for all the other picnickers who litter more than we do. We are doing the government a favor by helping keep the place clean. Keep that in mind. 

    I’d also like to clarify that it is not “the growing demand for stray dogs” that leads to increased breeding. In fact, I’m sorry, that doesn’t even make sense. It is the unsterilized dogs that are causing the increase in the stray dog population. This is when I’d like to introduce you to the catch-sterilize-release procedure, which CONTROLS the dog population without the need for culling. Culling is ridiculously inhumane and is NOT the way to control the dog population. 

    The AVA uses extremely inhumane ways to capture dogs, and even more inhumane ways to cull them. For example, the AVA uses traps and nooses to catch the dogs. In the trap, a piece of meat hangs from a sharp hook which catches the dog’s lip or nose when the dog is attracted to it. Nooses strangle the dogs which suffocates them and could even kill them. After a dog is noosed, it is dragged over to the AVA van where it is stuffed inside along with other hapless dogs. 

    Culling is worse. Dogs are immersed in a water bath and an electric current is passed through it. These dogs, when electrocuted, bleed from all seven orifices and is a horrendous sight. Thereafter, dogs die slowly and painfully, and it is indeed an extremely disrespectful way to die. 

    These dogs are rounded up due to complaints by people, and I find this extremely disheartening. Singapore has become a society where it is socially acceptable to complain about your neighbour’s crying baby, and this should not be the case. I doubt Mr. Loh will be reading this, since he has not commented to any of the comments, but I’d like to reach out to  everyone reading this post, not to complain about stray animals, be it cats or dogs, as this is indirectly handing them a death sentence. So have a heart, be more magnanimous and compassionate, and leave them alone to live their lives in peace. 

    Also, I refer to the sentence “Don’t wait until someone get killed by the stray dogs and It Will Be Too Late.” No-one is going to get killed by stray dogs. No-one. This is a nonsensical statement designed to instill irrational fear in ignorant people and should be dismissed as a crude joke. This is not going to happen. Feral dogs are civilized animals who do not attack UNLESS PROVOKED. So if anyone is stupid enough to provoke a stray dog (especially while it is eating), then this person definitely deserves to be attacked as they do not know how to respect space. Dogs are like humans, territorial, and defensive. Therefore, we should all learn to respect our space, and theirs, and not provoke nor antagonize these animals. We have a right to personal space and so do they. 

    Stray dogs barking is a natural occurrence and is not a cause for any concern. These dogs are territorial and as humans we are naturally infringing on their space, therefore they will express their dislike by barking. It is harmless, and is not a forewarning that they’re going to attack. In animal behaviour, barking is a way of showing superiority over a territory and also to express dislike, and also to serve as a signal to scare away intruders. It is harmless and I advise people to ignore them and leave them alone. 

    “Too many people have been bit this way and it is surely not worth it.” Oh really? Since when? The occurrences of stray dog attacks is rare and is usually not fatal, unless you are extremely unfortunate. I believe you are talking about domestic dog bites, then yes, that is potentially fatal but only if you’re a young child or an elderly citizen or you have been bitten in the neck (which is even more rare). Yes, the cases of unleashed dogs biting other dogs and people have been rather high, but I’d like to emphasize that a bad dog is not the result of the dog’s attitude and temperament, but rather the effect of bad training and irresponsible ownership. So as a public service announcement I’d like to shout out to all large dog owners to KEEP YOUR DOGS LEASHED, THANK YOU. I know there are good dogs that are absolutely lovely and adorable (me being a dog owner myself) and I hope the number of dog bite cases will fall, which reflects a rise in proper, responsible ownership. 

    Finally, I’d like to share with all why “The women that feed the stray dogs refuse to cooperate with the AVA duty officer and try and chase stray dogs away.” First of all, we stray feeders (and I believe I speak for everyone) have heart. We cannot bear to see these dogs that we have been feeding get trapped and killed. Furthermore, might I emphasize that my mother was alone, surrounded by 4 officers (2 from AVA, 2 from the police, and behind them were 3 more officers from AVA) When a lone woman is placed in this situation, let me ask you, how civil can she get? It is a very stressful and intimidating situation, and I hope no-one has to go through this. They treated her like a criminal, when she has committed no crime. 

    Also, it is untrue that she did not co-operate with the AVA. Let me clarify this. My mom gave the police officers her IC, but not the AVA officers as they did not have the authority to ask for her particulars. However, she DID co-operate with the police when they asked her for her IC. GET THAT RIGHT, PLEASE. Also, they were extremely rude to her and it was only right and fair that she acted in self-defense to be defensive and “rude”, as a certain Mr. Tay perceived it and complained to his higher authority. I hope people reading this do not become judgmental of my mother, and I hope people understand why she did not immediately hand over her particulars to the AVA. 

    Again, I’d like to re-iterate that feeding strays IS NOT A CRIME. IT IS PERFECTLY LEGIT AND LEGAL. So to all stray feeders out there, I salute you and I hope you continue in what you do, to give these strays a basic necessity. To other people, it doesn’t matter if you do not like animals, all I implore you to do is think of the consequences whenever you feel like complaining about strays in your area (or anywhere else) You will be putting down a life, and that makes you a murderer, whether you like it or not. So please, have a heart, be more open-minded and respect life, even if you’re not a fan of animals. 

    Lastly, I’d like to apologize if I’ve been “fierce” or intimidating in the earlier part of this letter, I’ve been extremely offended by Mr. Loh’s irresponsible comment, and not only on my mother’s behalf, but also on the part of all the dogs who have been cruelly dismissed by him as “not a pretty sight.” I do not mean to come to blows, but I strongly suggest that if anyone sees this post, to comment immediately and if possible, to write to Mr. Loh in the hope that he will change his antique, nonsensical views. 

    On a personal note, I seriously wonder how educated Mr. Loh is when he says he hopes the AVA can “soft the problem.” This is beyond a simple spelling mistake and reflects on how poorly his upbringing, and standard of English, has been. Having said that, I guess I feel sorry for you, Loh, that you have such poor personality, upbringing and moral values, and also such poor standard of English. People like you disappoint me. 

    Thank you for your time in reading, I appreciate this. 

    • Lynelle

      Big hug for your mom :-)

    • Narayanan PV

      I agree wholly. Stray dogs, largely are harmless, friendly (even to little children) in spite of living in pitiful conditions, helpless and loyal to those who feed them. They are extremely hard-working and totally honest. I have never seen a dog snatching anything from a human being even if they are hungry and about to die. Even in their ardous conditions, I have seen them playing around and going about their lives. If anything, it is human beings who mindlessly attack these dogs. Worse, some pet owners even act elitist — loving their pets and ill-treating stray dogs, extending their human discriminatory tendencies to animals as well. What name should we give to such people. Mr. Loh is completely misguided. Killing or causing any harm to innocent animals is morally absolutely condemnable. If you can’t help them live, at least show compassion to these innocent beings and leave them alone and safe.

  • Erin23

    Dear Mr Loh, seriously, stray dogs killing people? More often than not, you get proper pet dogs killing people. it’s not because the dogs are bad, they merely have bad owners who didn’t know how to train them properly. Also, do take note that people kill people a lot more than dogs do.

    It is unfortunate that you had to see the scene of a dog-philanthropist, who is probably feeding the dogs from her own pockets. These very people also try and foster and find a new home for the dogs. When the dogs are sick, they bring them to the vet. They also try and pay for their sterilization as much as possible. One way to curb this is that vets provide a subsidized fees for spaying of stray animals to help reduce unwanted puppies.

    Lets just presume you are ill and downtrodden one day and had to be left on the streets that most people would find as an annoyance. Can we shoot you too? 

    Oh wait, we can’t.. because you are human? I wouldn’t have believed for that whole shooting comment you made. You obviously presume you are a higher being.

    But let’s not forget, a life is a life. Your life, a dog’s life, it’s still a beating heart. You are better off without one anyway.

  • Eksp

    Honestly, what the hell is illegal feeding? Feeding is just that. Feeding. How is it illegal? You mean we need to get UNICEF to come down in a helicopter and feed them? WTH is wrong with you!

    • Ftsahm

      Exactly! What about those feeding toddlers in public? Those toddlers who litter food on the floor when they throw tantrums? And produce screams in public that pierced lethally into one’s ears? Do we shoot them too???

  • Ka Wing

    Mr Loh, I think the stray dogs are much more intimidated by humans than humans being intimidated by the stray dogs. Well, unless you’re a very unfortunate case of mankind where you can be readily killed by stray dogs. I ask God to bless your sad soul of being not able to fight back a rare case of stray dog attack.

    Oh yeah, think of the bitches(in scientific term) who gave birth to their young. You shoot their young, how’d the parent feel? Just apply the same logic to human. Should I shoot you? 😀

  • James

    How uneducated and dumb can this writer be? Pathetic piece of shit. Strays deserve the right to live. I don’t care if it is illegal to feed the strays, do what is right, morally right to be exact. Don’t follow the law just because the gov said so….

  • James

    how about i shoot youre family?

  • Chelsea Kane

    Hi Mr Loh Life,

    Do not be a coward. Just because you do not understand dogs’ nature does not give you the right to wish every stray dog dead. They bark at passers-by because they are scared of the strangers and barking at them is sign of warding them off. 
    Just like how you would naturally chase a stranger who waltz into ur home unwelcome, these strays are just protecting their pack and their home. They do not have proper homes so they have to hide in the bushes and call that their home. As Singapore has become so industrialized, as of the world, it is inevitable for animals and humans to bump into each other. The main question is how humans react to the animals. We are merely intruders who are intruding into the lives and land of other animals. You are an unwelcome human, so don’t wish death upon the animals who have to fight to survive. They do not have food or water like we do in a fridge, so the kind lady is only helping them survive. 
    Have you no heart. 

    The day you get lost in a foreign land and get shot in the head, the heart, in the cock and right through both your eyes will be a blessing on this Earth. We do not need selfish idiots like you roaming around. 

    The world is overpopulated with people. If people die everyday, it’s best people like u die.  

  • innocent strays

    Very well-written letters, Mary-Ann and Aria! And I’m sorry that Aria’s mum had to go through such a horrible episode! :(  In my life as as HUMAN BEING, I have NEVER heard of stray dogs attacking people! But I have definitely heard MANY, COUNTLESS stories of how animals, be it home pet or strays, being killed by humans!

    This IDIOT KWANG had earlier on posted on Pet Channel, a website for pet lovers, to ask the authorities to ‘catch and kill stray dogs’ and was bombarded by so many pet lovers! Many had even explained to him that stray dogs are not dangerous unless provoked, and killing them is NOT the solution! He still does not understand and continues to complain! He is really beyond hope! It is perfectly fine to be not well-educated to write such poor English, but it is sad and scary to know that such person exists on Earth!

     I have a friend who used to live in the ‘Old Punggol’ and Lim Chu Kang farm where there were many, many strays. I used to walk a long way to reach his house but I was never being attacked by a stray dog before! More often than not, they would run away when I walked closer to them.. I am very sure IDIOT KWANG did something to the poor dogs and they attacked him in self-defense!

     I just pray hard that KWANG will be reincarnated into a stray dog next life and get culled by AVA! And KUDOS to the stray feeders who are willing to spend their time and money to feed the strays!! :) I have also explained to KWANG in Pet Channel that there is this Trap-Spay-Release programme where volunteers / stray feeders will spay the strays and he still does not get it.

    As I have mentioned in other posts, human beings are not the only living thing / creature on Earth, but we are definitely the strongest and the brainiest! So Kwang, please stop all your nonsense, it just make us think that you have NO BRAIN AT ALL!! And you are NOT FIT to be a HUMAN since you are SO INHUMANE! It really does not matter if one has good education or not, but it does matter if one has the humanity side in him…

  • Yu Juan

    Seriously, no dogs would attack for no apparent reason unless someone were to disturb them. Ugly side of humanity.

  • guest

    another brainless,self centered singaporean being.

  • Jensen

    Mr. Loh…please polish your english before writing to the press. Your kids must be really ashamed you.

  • Koh


    Firstly, stray dogs do not attack people, but it is people’s reaction that causes them to react in self-defense. Dogs are not human, they do not think like human and they do not understand like humans. Stray dogs are no where near the category of bit-bulls, bull terriers, etc… They are not the worrier type of breeds, they are just dogs that have been cross bred over the years, therefore their only mission in life is survival, not killing. These dogs can’t survive without human presence.
    Dogs are very sensitive to human intentions and they can sense it a mile away. They only thing that cause them to react in defense is because of the intention of “certain” organization who captures them and put them down. And dogs can smell it even if you don’t say it out. So in the act of defense, which many call them aggressive, which it’s totally NOT- they trust humans lesser, and show their teeth to protect their pack.
    Putting them down does not solve any problem, it’s mother nature, and that’s how God created animals. We should not play God to do such a thing. Policies are man design, therefore, it can be change if want to. There are HDB that are way bigger than condos, and will be perfect for large breed, but due to such policies, many dog lovers who are willing to adopt in strays are stuck. There are many strays, but too little homes. But if such policies can be flexible and sensible, there wouldn’t be such problems.

    Think about it! It’s always we humans that initiate the aggression in dogs intentional or unintentionally. Not everyone have the capacity to know how to react to dogs, but if such issue brings concerns; proper research needs to be done before actions like this is put up.

    Thank you!

    • fml3131

      @Koh – If all humans have the same thinking as u, there would be no animal abuse! I totally agree with your post. Well said, pal!!!


    IDIOT “LOW” LIFE!!! Hope you drop inside the pond tt u are fishing @!!

  • Lee

    LOH BOON KWANG! YOU SHLD GO TO 12TH STOREY & JUMP DOWN! Your existence will only har them innocent lives. Your father mother surely didnt educate you well enough.  

  • none

    Report a Road Fault! Stray Dogs!Halus
    there if u lucky like me, will kena stray dogs. Few weeks ago, kena
    chased by almost ten of them. It was a quiet Sunday morning. Had to
    emergency unclipped both spd as they were like inches away. Crazy!!!STRAY DOGS:

  • Dog Lover

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  • Sickaporean

    Dear Mr Loh, you are at FAR MORE RISK of being killed or harmed by your own species than the stray dogs! You have too good a life to empathise with what hunger pangs are !!
    You have too good a life to know what thirst is like, waiting for the next rain to quench the parched throats. 
    You are shameful specimen of a supposedly intelligent human beings. I have witnessed homeless people in third world countries sharing their meagre food with stray dogs! At the end of your life, you will look back to see what you have done for others and what harm, if NO good has been done by you, with a seemingly harmless letter such as this. If these dogs are killed by the AVA as a result of your complaint, the dogs’ blood is as good as on your hands!!

  • Wowowmee

    STOP shooting the stray dogs! Love their life even they are dogs !!!!

  • Jiatian96

    For Mr loh: feeding strays is totally not connected to the breeding of the animals! and dogs do not attack ppl for no reason. ppl should learn to behave themselves and not provoke the animals, and the animals will not feel threaten. 
    The AVA should sterilize strays and release them. i think that people who are found guilty of animal abuse must bear a heavier punishment and citizens must learn to be kind to animals too

    • fml3131

      “The AVA should sterilize strays and release them.” – Totally!!

  • Ashley

    Mr Loh, if it was because of the mess those “irresponsible” dog-feeders left, then educate them.  Ask MND or whatsoever authroitties to penalise these people but please DON’T vent your unhappiness on these homeless & helpless creatures. “Shooting down dogs” WOULD NOT benefit the society in any way. How would one think about a progressive nation like Singapore who still uses such dumb & selfish method to control the strays population? If “shooting down dogs” is right, then I believe there is no need for any law to be make for animal abuse. And this is definitely NOT A PROGRESSIVE NATION SHOULD DO!

  • lool

    Feeders of Dogs must be shot. Scum of the earth…they pollute my fair and clean environment. 

    • isweariam.ajedi

      I hope you meant this as a joke. Stray feeders actually HELP to pick up rubbish, alongside their own. Do you? So before you speak please think twice before you say anything to attack anyone else. Be sensitive, blockhead.

    • fml3131

      @lool – Why don’t u move to another planet instead? There’s a place called “Mars” and “6 ft underground” – u choose.

  • L.R.

    Dear Mr Loh,

    I daresay you have somehow lost all sense of being able to call yourself a decent human being. After all, you do realize that humans ARE animals as well and that all animals need food in order to live. Just like yourself.

    It’s your apparent lack of affection and common sense that seem to constitute YOU as a danger to society instead. A dog would not bite unless it feels threatened. It’s a bit unfortunate you seem to think otherwise. Fancy you thinking of having them shot. Would you like to be gunned down yourself sir? Maybe a brush with death might trigger some self-reflection there.
    It’s people like this woman who has a heart, and thank God for that.

    Furthermore, please brush up on your English the next time you write a complaint letter. If you can’t write, you may as well refrain until you have a better command of the language. It only embarrasses yourself further.

  • Guest

    Mr Loh,

    After reading your post, I have pretty much came to conclusion that you are no different from the Chinese nationals consuming on dog meat as well as conducting annual dog-culling festivals.

    By requesting the relevant authorities to shoot/cull the stray dogs is just as cruel, if not more cruel than consuming them. By doing so, you are using a tactic what we chinese call “借刀杀人”. Do you seriously think that by using the AVA officials you are actually free of guilt of harming those dogs? If you do, please think again.

    The stray dogs are just like us human beings, they all have a right to live in this world as freely as we do. If you are an educated man, I’m sure you would understand that dogs are in no ways dangerous at all. To find dogs that attack humans on their own free will is rare and that only happens when human beings abuse them to the extent that they lose their trust in us and so the only way to protect themselves is to attack us. In some sense, this is ‘reaping what we sow’.

    I urge you to think thoroughly before writing such request in different internet channels. By doing so you’re not raising alertness, you’re only letting everyone which reads your post view you as a total heartless person.


  • doglover


  • none

    On 8-10-2011, I with my family on our way back from fishing trips on 7PM
    at ( Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus. My 9 years old
    daughter calling for help about the huge black dogs try to bite my 9
    years old daughter in front of me .
    The women that feed the stray
    dog was there too. And she keep talking to her friend on phone and not
    even care about my daughter of her stray dog try to attack.
    I’m so angry, and took my fishing rod to chased the stray dogs away.
    I’m not happy about it. Is in this women mind that feed the stray dog,
    my 9 years old daughter life is not worth it than her stray dogs !!!
    And the women will not doing anything to stop her stray dogs try to bite
    my 9 years old daughter in front of me!!!!!!!!!

    • ChristineMin

      can you differentiate between a dog trying to bite and a dog trying to bark and be friendly?

    • GunNoob

      u dun be numbskull la…

      ur inability 2 protect ur own daughter & lack of animal handling knowledge doesn’t need 2 be blamed on innocent lives…

      u only have urself 2 blame on…

      might as well we accuse ur daughter of provoking the dog & intimidating it lo…


  • Wilfred

    I am a daily newspaper reader, more often I read about teenage gangsters killing someone but i yet to come across stray dog killing someone.

  • Odetosales

    Loh Boon Kwang – Throw yourself down from the highest building since taking a life seems so casual for you.

  • na

    pls stop giving excuses about human life is at risk. people like you are not contributing any goodwill to this country either. we are not god. no one has the right to take away another life. if yes, I’m afraid you might be the 1st to go.

  • none

    (  Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus stray dogs attack people !!!

    I get chased by stray dogs many time on fishing trips at ( 6:45pm – 7:00pm )

    This is the time that stray dog become more aggressive after 6:45pm. And start to attack people walking past there.

    ( And it’s not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    ( Only safe to drive a car there, but not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    On weekend many school student and family went there for other activity.
    And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people.
    saw this women took many plastic bag of dogs foods from her car to feed
    the stray dogs. And She dirty the place too of feeding the stray dogs.
    Her vehicles licence plate number:  SFY5217G.
    She puts the public in danger of feeding the stray dogs at that place.
    One problem feeds the other—the growing demand for these stray dogs leads to more breeding, and more unwanted stray dogs.
    ( And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people )
    attacks are not pretty and they are definitely no laughing matter. When
    stray dogs attack people it can lead to serious injury or even death.
    Too many people have been bit this way and it is surely not worth it.

    witness of stray dogs complaint:

    Click here:


    • ChristineMin

      can’t you suggest better alternative to control strays numbers? I bet you know nothing about animals. That why you keep using the word ‘unwanted’, ‘kill’, ‘shot’ and ‘death’.

      There is this big word known as STERILIZATION! a more than effective and human way of controlling strays and making Singapore a good place for human and animal co-habituate.

  • none

    (  Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus stray dogs attack people !!!

    I get chased by stray dogs many time on fishing trips at ( 6:45pm – 7:00pm )

    This is the time that stray dog become more aggressive after 6:45pm. And start to attack people walking past there.

    ( And it’s not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    ( Only safe to drive a car there, but not safe to ride a bike or walk past there )

    On weekend many school student and family went there for other activity.
    And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people.
    saw this women took many plastic bag of dogs foods from her car to feed
    the stray dogs. And She dirty the place too of feeding the stray dogs.
    Her vehicles licence plate number:  SFY5217G.
    She puts the public in danger of feeding the stray dogs at that place.
    One problem feeds the other—the growing demand for these stray dogs leads to more breeding, and more unwanted stray dogs.
    ( And the place become danger zone of stray dogs attack bicycle rider, motorcycles rider , jogging and fishing trips people )
    attacks are not pretty and they are definitely no laughing matter. When
    stray dogs attack people it can lead to serious injury or even death.
    Too many people have been bit this way and it is surely not worth it.

    witness of stray dogs complaint:

    Click here:



    someone should hunt this shit down and shoot him & his family first…  then he will have first hand taste of how it feels to be shot… karma will come to you… just wait ..

  • none

    (  Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 6 ) Lorong Halus stray dogs attack people have came out in Zaobao News Paper on 17-10-2011.

  • Digressia

    I’m sorry, who are you to write such a letter when you don’t even have a basic grasp of the English language?
    “Soft the problem”? Are you kidding me?
    Not only are you heartless to stray dogs, you seem as though you’ve never been to primary school.

  • Hilaryljh

    “When stray dogs attack people it can lead to serious injury or even death.”
    When people attack dogs, stray or not, it can lead to serious injuries and more often than not, death. Humans are supposed to be educated and civilised, yet some carry out such inhumane acts. Why aren’t we shooting people like them upon sight?

    • fml3131

      Love what u said! @Hilaryljh

  • isweariam.ajedi

    Mr. Loh, by posting my mum’s car plate number, you are indirectly endangering her life should anyone decide to attack her or rob her upon recognizing her car. And if that should happen, Mr Loh, I will press charges. I don’t even know if you’re reading this but if my mother should get hurt or implicated in any way because of your unlawful divulging of information, I will sue your hateful pants off. I may be just a teenager but I know an asshole when I see one. So watch your back.


  • At this point…i can only see an evil and dangerous human attacking the stray dogs which will be very fatal by writing this letter .This letter serves as a proof to everyone that human can be more fatal and dangerous as compared to the strays which will not do such a horrible thing and just want to have a peaceful life.Cant human and strays co-exist????

  • ChristineMin

    Loh Boon Kwang is a person that hates animals, especially strays. You can see from every single sentence that he want all strays to be killed. In addition, he wants all people out there providing some basic care and foods to strays to be punished.

    AVA and police forces out there reading this post, please note that this Mr Loh is a highly potential animal abuser out there abusing all the animals and twisting the facts about stray dogs. He might be an ex-offender that have injured or tortured an animals before! I can imagine why this Mr Loh is so negative towards strays. Even when the strays are just sitting at one corner quietly minding its own business or trying to hiding themselves from his field of vision. He must be someone that, for no reasons, often threaten to throw stones or shout or attempt to hit strays with stick or chain.That explains why the strays are mindful and fierce towards him, in order to protect themselves from bring hit or hurt by this type of lousy self-centered people.

  • LitingNg

    Mr Loh, let me remind you that humans are not the sole living being on Earth. Simply because humans are ‘superior’, other beings have to die for our convenience?? Have you EVER thought that while you are sitting there, worrying about how the dogs can attack you, they are ALSO afraid of when you will attack them?? Have you ever realised that humans can do more harm to the dogs than the harm dogs can do to us?? Let us then compare the ratio of dogs killed by humans to humans injured/killed by dogs shall we? That will be evidence to my claim

  • LitingNg

    I hope you find peace soon.

  • fml3131

    Eh! LOH BOON KWANG!!! WTF that stray dogs need to be SHOT?! How about u being shot 1st, u heartless b*stard! Don’t let me know who u are and where u stay, else i will get my rottweiler and bull mastiff to bite your limp-balls off! (IF only pit bulls were not banned, u’d be so gone-case, axxhole!)

    • GunNoob


      form his writing, i guess a poodle would’ve done the job quite well…

      his balls are 2 small for a mastiff… ^^

  • Rachelyn

    I assume you don’t have a heart to be able write this out. Dogs are lives too! Before you say they deserve to die, have you wondered WHAT and WHO caused them to become strays? It’s the humans, the people around, their owners, their once family members. HAVE YOU considered why they end up strays? Abandoned? Negligence? Development of new buildings thus stripping these strays of their habitat that they have to scout around for a place they can call ‘home’ to stay away from humans like you! THINK, before you spout another nonsensical statement.

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  • Cole Yang

    Mr Loh

    You have bad grammer.


  • bubby

    “The assumption that animals are without rights, and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance, is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion in the only guarantee of morality.”
    ― Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality

  • John Ng

    Hi Mr Loh,
    Pls be imform that the strays are been spay and neuter by feeders and all are well fed and taken care of! Strays only bite when provoke or hungry! Before u complain, pls take note that the earth does not beling to u or AVA but every living beings including animals! They are already here since man is here on earth! Its human who force them out of their natural habitats to make way for construction! Why do so much money wasted to engaged a dog trapper to kill them when it can be use to neuter and spay? They have been doing the killung for decades and why are there still over populated of strays? Obviously wasting the tax payer money and also proves them very wrong and inefficient! Why do undevelope country like India now adopting the TNR methods to control strays, why do develope country still sort to killing? Pls take note Mr Loh.. for every stray u complain and kill, u are creating a bad karma for urself and family!

  • CatLoverIsSuuSwen

    Hello Loh, I would like to say that I am feeling really embarrassed for you! For your ignorance and zero compassion to lives. How is it wrong to feed dogs? If you have children, I’m sure you’ll feed them too! It is food and food is a necessity for all lives! Why the heck would you restrict it for a certain species. I dont think those dogs are harmful at all, as long as you dont provoke them! Stray dogs and cats are just as precious as those house pets, the only difference is that irresponsible humans dump them!

    p/s: I think AVA should shoot you and your entire family instead, your mindset is just polluting this entire society and corrupting the minds of our next generations!

  • William

    Why not we strip of wat Mr Loh have and throw him into de street to survial. De moment he start to annoy any1 we gun him down.

  • Singaporean with a heart.

    Hey ah low,
    People like u Seriouly ain’t humans. In religions and schooling time, didn’t teachers or god teaches u to love all beings. Now u promote killing of strays animals. Do u know that many of these strays are sterilised. They are being fed daily so that they would not hunt for food downstairs your house. Isn’t it a good thing? I am a Buddhist btw and karma is a real thing in which I have experienced before in my earlier years. Please stop your bad seed to be sow and start doing good things for your family or generations ahead.