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Posted on 22 October 2011 is on a quest to find the coolest people in Singapore.


Cool as a cat. Photo: Eptin

Too often, Singaporeans bash themselves on the head and grumble about how the country is full of boring conformists.

We’re never good enough in our own eyes, it seems.

Cooler than You, a new series of human interest stories we’re debuting, is an effort to prove them wrong.

Yes, there may be plenty of no-life complainers around, but there are also those who are making a difference.

And yeah, your neighborhood may contain many 9 to 5 office workers who loathe their jobs and have no courage to be different, but there are those who try.

Never mind if they fail, never mind if they don’t make a million bucks in their lifetime.

Cooler Than You is not about finding the most successful or intelligent people on earth (no doubt some of them are cool). It’s about finding people who are different, unique, or quirky in their small (or big) way.

Such as this group I interviewed recently. Girlaxy is an all-girl competitive cybergaming team who don’t just want to win. They want to shape the entire e-sports culture in singapore.

And that is pretty damn cool to me.

So what is ‘cool’? The beauty is in its ambiguity. Cool is what you make it out to be. Unlike the cold, hard world of acadamic empiricism, cool is purely subjective and emotional.

It’s what makes you feel good about the country.

While you need boatloads of cash to own a Ferrari or Maserati, it’s much easier to be cool. You may be dirt poor, and still be cool. It’s about maintaining your own individuality.

Don’t expect prolonged rants about the evils of society or how the PAP is stupid and dumb. Leave that to the keyboard warriors and pseudo-intellectual bloggers.

At, we want to introduce something different.

So here we are.

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