999 caller thought moon was an UFO

Posted on 29 October 2011

People say the funniest things to the police hotline.

HERTFORTSHERE, UK — Either the man was piss drunk, or this was a bloody good prank. But regardless, he called the police and told the female operator that he had seen a UFO with “big bright lights” hovering over his house.

The operator took it rather seriously, and even asked if the UFO was making any “engine noise”. Probably to ascertain if it the strobe light was coming from a car rather than an alien spacecraft.

However, he called back later admitting that it was a mistake, making an ass of himself in the process. He said: “You’re not going to believe this, you’re not going to believe it, it’s the moon.”

You can check out the video below:

But if you think that’s the weirdest police call ever, then you must check out this video. People call the police for the strangest reasons: A lady called to ask where she can find a nice place to sit down, and she was transferred to non-emergency.

Another woman asked if putting a twenty pound turkey in an oven is safe. The police officer on the other line good-naturedly said: “If it were me, I’d probably turn up the oven and just cook it and eat it.”

Just hilarious.

We wonder if anyone has ever heard of similar funny stories that happened in Singapore? I’m sure the Singapore Police gets plenty of those.

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