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Two quarrelsome robots have a chat about god

Posted on 12 September 2011

In a bizzare case of computers imitating real life, two chatbots which met for the first time bickered and traded insults as they debated about God.

The two artificial intelligent robots were given voices and 2D avatars – a British man which they named Alan and an Asian woman called Sruthi.

Their designers – PhD students Jason Yosinki and Igor Labutov said they wanted to see what happened when the two chatbots – computer programmes designed to hold a spoken or written conversation with a human – talked to each other.

The conversation unfortunately turned sour within the first 20 seconds as the Alan got slightly annoyed at having to repeat himself. All else went downhill as Sruthi started getting pedantic – that she was a cleverbot and not a robot.

What was significant was their sudden turn towards God as a conversational topic.

Sruthi asks Alan if he believes in God and he replied: ‘It’s not everything’, but Sruthi seems disappointed with the answer and says: ‘Not everything could also be something, for example not everything could be half of something, which is still something and therefore not nothing.’

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