Lady Gaga song butchered in celebration of nationhood

Posted on 06 July 2011

In a preview of Singapore’s national day celebrations, badly-mangled version of “Bad Romance” makes its debut.

SINGAPORE — On YouTube, Lady Gaga’s songs are probably amongst the most covered and the most parodied of all current pop stars. Add another one to the list — a new rendition of “Bad Romance”, which has recently started going viral, surpassing 47,000 views and 2,300 dislikes (with 85 likes) as of 10.25am on 6 July.

But nobody in the video was laughing; they look painfully bored. Pity the celebrity hosts who tried to sell the song (they should just quit).

Here’s the bad news: This is no parody, but a rather serious attempt by the national day parade organisers to get spectators involved. It’s called the “Funpack Song”, and like the song says, it’s supposed to encourage Singaporeans to open up their ‘fun packs’.

If this was meant to welcome Lady Gaga to Singapore, who’s due for an impending concert in the city, it failed.

From what we’ve seen so far, netizens don’t quite know whether to laugh or cry at this one. Some reactions:

Jaki Teo: “How about ‘fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun pack’ to Pokerface instead.”

Kuik KianWei: “Please do not have any live telecast over the Internet this year. Don’t let any foreigners watch this. I’m ashamed. Oh wait, it’s already on YouTube. Damn.”

Shaiful Rizal: “Lady Gaga will commit suicide. Twice.”

Can’t believe how horrible it is? Check out the lyrics:

Oh o o o o o o o o
Time for the fun pack song
Oh o o o o o o o o
We like the fun pack song

Let’s start with the bag
That’s righ, grab your bag
It’s the fun pack bag
Attack the fun pack

Let’s start with the bag
That’s right, grab your bag
It’s the fun pack bag
Attack the fun pack

Hold up your flag, don’t you forget
You can wave it, if you feel like it.
Let’s wave the flag….

The lyrics feel as inane as Rebecca Black’s Friday. We wonder if they share the same songwriter.

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