Exposed: Opposition party aims to form government

Posted on 09 July 2011

Singapore’s opposition Member-of-Parliament Pritam Singh declares that Worker’s Party has intention to form government; ruling party’s youth wing flabbergasted.

SINGAPORE — The People’s Action Party youth wing, or Young PAP for short, have in a series of Facebook updates exposed the opposition Worker’s Party’s nefarious intentions to form the government in the future.

In their Facebook page, they even dedicated a YouTube video to their “growing appetite for power”, casting aspersions on the opposition party’s true motives.

In Singapore, opposition parties are not allowed to wrestle for political power, or even think about eventually running the country.

Such actions are punishable by Facebook humiliation and sharp rebuke in the nation’s newspapers.

The Young PAP’s actions are in response to comments made by MP Pritam Singh at a recent political forum. He said: “There are 87 seats in Parliament. How many do we have right now? We’ve got six … we will not be ready to form a government till we got 44 good candidates, who are elected by the people.”

Pritam continued: “So, is that something we are working toward? Well, I think the short answer is yes. But at the end of the day, with respect to that decision, it will not be made by the Workers’ Party, it will be made by the people of Singapore.”

For whatever reason, the Young PAP later removed the YouTube video dedication from their Facebook page, instead posting a simple link to a local news report on Pritam’s thoughts.

A political observer, who does not wish to be named, has called the Young PAP’s social media maneuver “brilliant”. He noted that “for a bunch of young puppies who are the future of the PAP, they have done an excellent job of showing that the political party is in good hands.”

Looks like the PAP won’t be relinquishing their powers anytime in the next 50 years.

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  • Bruce

    What’s the problem with WP being part of the coalition govt with the PAP, if that’s WP’s aspiration?

    Just give WP a few less important ministries such as MCYS, MOM, etc.

  • tt

    Ya, is it against the law for WP to do so? Did not LKY have that aim when he began his political career? This is a poor article, really! What is so brilliant abt YPAP in this case??? I wd say that if WP does not have this long term objective, then they shld quit politics!! Pl provide better intellectual articles and not biased ones!!

  • tt

    How abt asking YPAP to comment on the case of Tin Pei Ling’s violation of the Cooling Off day Act?

  • Terence

    tt, u don’t understand sarcasm ah?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just bad writing on your part?

  • Terence Lee

    Anon, that’s a big maybe.

  • Belmont Lay
  • Kelvin

    Gosh. Maybe newnation should consider brandishing a “SATIRE” banner across similar articles. Filing it under WTF news is clearly too subtle for some readers.

    • Terence Lee

      I have utmost faith and belief that Singaporeans are capable of some intelligence.