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Do Asians believe in the rise of Asia?

Posted on 25 July 2011

Once upon a time, the world was divided into East and West. The westerners once colonised the orient, taught the locals to feel embarrassed about not being western, plundered their natural resources, and left them thinking that the only way to get out of their sorry situation was to disregard their tradition. Years on, the angmohs left, leaving behind their colonial legacy and a bunch of post-colonial, nationalist intellectuals harping about the next Asian invasion.

That’s about summarises Kishore Mahbubani’s first book, “Can Asians think”, published in 1998 as a must-read for all haughty angmohs. He was, in no small amount, the champion of the amorphous category “asians” to the west.

13 years on, Mahbubani is now Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

And China owns the U.S.’s ass.

So why is his talk this Wednesday titled: Do Asians believe in the rise of Asia?

One is tempted to regard the session as the equivalent of him saying “I told you so” to detractors over the years. One will also be tempted to think of the talk as “Can Asians think” version 13.0. Same thesis, different year. Yawn?

We’ll leave it to you to decide. Do pop by NUS after work this Wednesday to pepper the man with questions.


National University of Singapore
Shaw Foundation Alumni House
11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244
The Auditorium

6.45pm Registration

7.15pm Guests to be seated

7.30pm [email protected] featuring Prof Kishore Mahbubani

8.30pm Post Event Reception & Chat


Alternatively, check out the webcast here, or post your questions to the man here.

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  • notdaft

    I think only the leaders of SG desperately want to believe so..because that’s where they can get to punch above their weight!!! As soon as LKY joined as fellowship at the public school headed by Kishore, he was already quick to the despatch and tell the Americans they should come and learn from …Singapore!!! LMAO..can you believe, a 5m small red dot of city that’s smaller than new york or San Frisco telling the President of the freest land of USA to come and take economics lesson from us!!!.Only LKY are truly desperate in his final years to want to punch another weight so he can makes his legacy and ego even bigger before he goes…what cheek. Why don’t he get his own house in order first…totally out of reality touch.