Your boss won’t get you places; your colleagues will

Posted on 07 April 2011

Don’t try too hard to get into your boss’ good books. Instead, network with your peer at the next cubicle.

By Subhas Avadiar

ANYONE who spends a good portion of their day in an office space have a limitless source of networking available to them – their colleagues sitting in the same office.

Whatever your career goals and dreams, one thing’s for sure: You’ll need to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools that your peers lack. And the most potent tool you could possess is the ability to effectively harness the power of networking, wherever you are and with whomever you come across.

Stick to these three simple tips below to grasp and exploit the power of networking:

Stop thinking that your boss will get you places.

A widespread misconception is that getting into your boss’ good books will get you places.

The fact is there are more important people in the office that you need to develop good relationships with. Remember, networking is essentially the ability to cultivate good relationships with the people around you.

The most important people you need to be networking with are your colleagues. Most companies have peer evaluations which have a sizeable bearing on scalability within the organization. Networking with your colleagues lets you stand in good stead with them.

What follows is extreme influence in the work place. Your work becomes easier. You get things done faster when your colleagues are willing to lend a hand. Naturally, you experience a hike in work performance.

Any position is a sales position.

Whether you hold a position as an admin assistant, IT specialist or even an accountant, sales is still relevant.
Think about it: If you brought in business for your company, although you would not receive financial remuneration, would you not be seen as a cut above your colleagues?

To bring in business, you need to meet people. Pure and simple.

On hindsight, why would you put the time and energy into something where you would not stand to gain a financial benefit?

Well, networking lets you gain new job opportunities that you normally would not receive if not for the new contacts you meet.

Networking also allows you to build contacts in certain industries that you would not be normally exposed to. This is especially useful when a recession looms. Strong relationships tend to outweigh a strong resume.

Be the one to give others a chance to relax.

Do you know someone in the office who constantly organises fun mini-gatherings? Or that person who seems to be at the centre of everything fun going on in the office?

If you’re office lacks this character, it’s time to assume this role.

Being the one who organises these gatherings works wonders in terms of relationship building. You will magnetise the people around you. Your colleagues will show gratitude for simply bringing your co-workers together.

Such events do not need to take a toll on you. You do not need to plan massive gatherings. Simple dinner or drinks at the nearest hangout place after work would do.

But an important thing to remember is that you try to invite everyone. Do not just invite a select few people. This creates division within the work place and is counterproductive to your networking efforts.

Try out these simple tips above and find out why effective networking is a skill set that must be acquired by everyone. The faster you grasp and harness the true power of networking, the faster you will scale the rungs of corporate success.

Subhas Avadiar is the founder of Business Referral Organisation. BRO is a professional business networking platform In Singapore bringing SMEs and sales professionals together to form long term referral partnerships.

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  • Amy

    Thanks to the writer, for sharing this article. This is such an eye opener for people who doesn’t want to get along. Cheers! Yes, we need co workers to get us to places. And have a harmonious lasting relationship. Networking and building each other’s potential. Someone always there to push you up is nice and good.

  • Chin Sheng

    Cheers! Thank you very much for sharing. It’s really a great insight into networking. It really helps when you know and get along well with people. ;D