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Singapore bans April Fool’s jokes

Posted on 01 April 2011

Media Development Authority warns of legal consequences for publications that defy the ban, reports CBS Breaking News.

SINGAPORE (CBSBN) – The Singaporean authorities have announced a ban on April fool’s jokes in the media.
In a memorandum circulated to television broadcasting stations, radio stations, and newspaper publications by the Media Development Authority (MDA), the authorities warned media outlets against running fake stories for the purposes of entertainment.

“The integrity of the media comes into question when quality standards are abandoned recklessly in favor of inappropriate jocularity. False reporting undermines the trustworthiness of news itself and leads to the decay of the social fabric,” the statement circulated by the MDA read.

Media outlets were told to stick to business as usual on April Fool’s Day.

“No media center in Singapore shall under any circumstances disseminate fabricated or otherwise baseless news items on April 1, or any other day.”

News organizations in Western countries have a tradition of including humorous satirical pieces on April Fool’s Day.

Read full report here.

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  • Raymond

    This is an April Fools joke right?

    • terence

      make a guess 😀

  • Mint

    What is this “integrity of the media” that they talk about? Are they linking that to mainstream media in Singapore? Now, *that* is a joke.

  • Jaxx

    Just look at the source. -.-