Manhunt on for full-time National Serviceman and maid involved in photo, blogger alleges

Posted on 04 April 2011

By David Boey

This is the footpath off Bedok Rise used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) soldier, believed to be a full-time National Serviceman (NSF), and a woman carrying a fullpack, believed to be his domestic helper, who appeared in that iconic image. To the right of this footpath is the public housing estate which is home to an NSF who made headlines in 2007, Dave Teo. Photo and caption: DAVID BOEY

PLAINCLOTHES officers believed to be from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) combed a housing estate in Bedok on Saturday (2 April’11) for the individuals in the infamous picture of a maid carrying a fullpack – but failed to find their targets.

The officers gathered along Bedok Rise, which is near the Tanah Merah MRT station, for a quick debrief yesterday evening and were observed by this blogger. The group stood out in the quiet estate because I have seen police surveillance teams in action and somehow sensed the group did not fit in with the streetscape.

One officer was overheard updating an unnamed party via mobilephone that there were x targets for the day and the maid at one premises was not in.

What gave the game away was an A4 size colour photocopy of two pictures in a local newspaper story that compared the real picture with a fake image of the anonymous soldier, believed to be a full-time National Serviceman (NSF), and a woman whom netizens believe is his domestic helper. Pictures in the 90C story were enlarged and printed in portrait format, possibly to serve as a handy reference for the officers. (By uncanny coincidence, I used the same picture as reference but saved an image of the newspaper article on my mobilephone. I felt it was more discrete as observers would think I was checking my SMS messages whenever I looked at the image on the phone.)

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  • Mee Siam

    What a waste of resource or is this a April Fool’s joke???

  • terence

    According to the blogger, it isn’t. Too late for that, innit?

    Dear Eric,
    April Fool’s was on 1 April. The comment reminds me of a story I wrote for the 90 cents newspaper some years ago about the last flight of the A-4 Super Skyhawks in Singapore.

    It appeared on 1 April 2005 and some readers thought it was a joke as MINDEF/SAF had not said anything. I won a tee shirt of an SAF unit from an Army officer who made a bet against me when I informed him it wasn’t a joke and he insisted it was.

    This post is no joke.


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  • Mee Siam

    Can ask the SOB personnels to pay attention to ladies in tudung..hahaha
    Don’t waste time locking up the coastline….it too long according to Wong Can’t Sing

    • Mee Siam

      SOB?…oops should be SIB