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Results of writing contest (round two)

Posted on 12 February 2011

It took us a while to choose between the two.

Charlene Chia’s He said NO?! is a well-interviewed piece about men who reject pre-marital sex. Light-hearted, playful, and engaging, the article has managed to draw in substantial readership as well, in no small part due to its subject matter.

Ng Wai Mun’s Doing karang guni is big business did not do as well in drawing visitors to our website, however. The difference in hits is, in fact, quite substantial.

But her piece stands out in terms of sheer effort and originality. The photos are well-taken, and the text goes into some depth about an unknown industry not many Singaporeans know about. Who knows that collecting trash can be lucrative business?

Weighing the merits of both entries come down to journalistic values: Which article has a fresher angle and more news value? Based on this criteria, Wai Mun’s piece stands out.

While Charlene’s piece is entertaining, men who abstain from sex, while strange to some, is actually not unheard of. In fact, conservative Christians firmly believe that pre-marital sex is wrong.

So congratulations, Wai Mun, you are the winner of the second round of the writing contest. You will be hearing from us soon!

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