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‘WP was unprepared and had little clue about what to say’

‘WP was unprepared and had little clue about what to say’

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The most sarcastic coverage of the Workers’ Party’s first by-election rally stolen from someone’s Facebook note.

The by-election rally crowd at Workers' Party's first rally on May 19 to kick off the by-election fever.

I had my bag of popcorn out, awaiting some fireworks from the first rally of the much-anticipated Hougang by-election and I was not let down as the Workers’ Party produced the high-levels of entertainment that they are known for dishing out in their speeches.

Substance? Nope, there was no room for that, as the WP energised the crowd with a series of blunders, highlighting once again that they are nothing more than a motley crew in blue.

Candidate for Hougang, Png Eng Huat, led the series of mind-boggling and bewildering statements, that littered the WP’s arsenal.

We all would have heard the 5C’s that Singaporeans have been associated with over the decades but the ‘semi-retired businessman’ added a new dimension to the Singapore yuppie trend by adding another C.

Quite ironic that someone with a Beatles haircut would fashion himself to be a fashion icon, but Png strangely took the opportunity to use his maiden rally speech in these elections to introduce Singaporeans to the ‘Private C’, whatever that may be. (Editor’s note: I have no idea what the hell this sentence means.)

Then, in typical mafia “godfather” fashion, Png took on a new avatar and assured Hougang residents that should they vote for him and “the family” of WP, their children would be protected and never be bullied.

The strangest and most unexplainable moment of the night came when Png littered his speech with calls of “Hougang is not on sale” without any attempts to create any context for his comments.

Party chairman Sylvia Lim added to the mysterious comments of the night when she accorded a significant portion of her speech to describing the geogprahical shape of the Hougang constituency ranging from a trapezium to a parallelogram.

Maybe Ms Lim was trying to use her knowledge of geometry to convince the crowd that she was still relatively young and closer to her school-going years, than most would believe.

Whatever it was, the party chairman showed clearly that the WP was unprepared and had little clue about what to say other than to engage in some old-fashioned PAP bashing on national policies, without offering any substantial alternatives.

The WP is focusing on this national agenda and avoiding ‘local’ Hougang issues, as it has been disengaged from the ground there for too long and is incapable of feeling the pulse of the ground.

Maybe what Png was trying to say was that the Hougang people cannot be sold this time.

In which case, he would be right. Trouble is, none of us, not even his party can understand what he is trying to say.

That is an alternative voice indeed!

This was first posted on Peter Lock’s Facebook wall. It has been paragraphed and edited for punctuation and spelling errors.