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Why doesn’t the press blame old people?

Why doesn’t the press blame old people?

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Like how they blame young people for messing it up?

By Nian Qing Ren

Why do old people keep fucking it up?

What’s wrong with them seriously? And we thought life experience would count for something.

At their age, can’t they just get their shit together and stop all these fucking bickering and stop incessantly messing shit up?

Must it always be about power struggle? Must they always try to be argumentative and have a bloody go at each other?

Can’t they just be law-abiding and hold their tongues and keep their ambitions in check?

And everyone with an internet connection or access to the press still dares to blame youngsters for being juvenile, overly carefree and drinking and engaging in unsafe sex and not studying hard enough?

Like those are seriously messed up problems?

Just take a look for yourselves.

With the recent City Harvest Church saga, we have pastor Kong Hee, who is already 47 years old and a father, being formally charged for performing sorcery on church funds and risk being put away for life.

How responsible is that?

All he had to do is ensure that all the money given to the church is put into the bank and issue a statement four times a year showing the credit and debit amount.

How tough is that? It’s not as if he has to do the math.

Money goes in, the bank counts it.

Money comes out, the bank issues a tally.

Rocket science much?

And then we have a old rich man in the news recently called Woffles Wu, owing to the fact he has money, is able to drive fast in a car.

And to prove the point that he is old and rich, he has to drive very much over the speed limit and get caught doing it.

Oh how responsible is that!

So what does Waffles do?

He blames someone much older than him by getting that older douchebag to take the rap! Who most likely willingly did even when he is supposedly older and wiser and knew it was the wrong thing to do!

So what happens next? Did the press say that old people are stupid, getting senile or full of shit for pulling off a stunt like that?


They go to court, which is also run by very old people, and end up with a light sentence.

Ok great.

And then we have Alex Au, who is old and enjoys writing stuff on Yawning Bread, who writes something about Waffles that is contemptuous of court and is forced to apologise and retract by the old people who run it.

And are we going to see the end to any of these yet?

Fuck no.

Up next, Alex Au is going to write a blog post commenting on contempt of court.

When will all these even lead to? More fighting? More words? More wasted time and effort?

Jesus died on the cross to save mankind we are told, so that people cannot account for finances when mature, drive fast when they got old and fight about legal stuff like it is all very important?

The end is nigh-on impossible

So when and how will I like to see shit like these end?

Yes, when the old get much older and eventually expire.

But oh no! It will not be anytime soon because tomorrow is not long enough for that to happen and there will be a legion of other people who will grow into that role of being old and completely shit at keeping a cool head on their shoulders.

Look, every sex scandal, war, lawsuit, financial meltdown, holocaust, witchunt, assassination, and so on and so forth is caused by old people.

Need we say more about whose to blame?

Being young means lacking in experience. It means having the license to seriously fuck shit up.

And then we have the media doing their rounds blaming youths for this and that. Ok fine. Young people do get things wrong. But were the Gulf Wars started by young people?

Was Chia Thye Poh put away by young people?

And do you ever see old people get blamed in a similar manner?

No. Fucking double standards.

And the fact that youths have problems is because old people messed up.

All youngster problems stem from bad parenting.

Bad parenting by people who in the first place shouldn’t have kids because they drive too fast, can’t take care of finances, argue too often and simply are not wise enough to know what’s right or wrong.

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