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Singa the Lion gets vandalised online

Singa the Lion gets vandalised online

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Move to bring its courtesy campaign online fails even before it starts.


Singa the Lion, known as the evergreen mascot of courtesy, has been given a dose of the real world.

Well, given a dose of the online world to be exact.

Even before he ventures into cyberspace as the Singapore Kindness Movement takes its campaign to the online arena to try to calm frayed nerves and encourage civility, Singa the Lion has been given a discourteous welcome.

Online vandals have struck by spray-painting the words “Go Away Freak” in red on Singa’s face.

This was accompanied by blue doodles on his right eye brow and shirt.

However, it is not known if this vandalism is a reaction to the recent trial and punishment of the Sticker Lady, who is mandated to serve 240 hours of community service for sticking stickers at traffic junctions.

The good news: Singa the Lion, forever the optimist, is not taking things lying down.

He said: “I can only be killed with fire.”