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Get rich quick: SPH demands Adam Khoo cough up $12,000

Get rich quick: SPH demands Adam Khoo cough up $12,000

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Adam Khoo tells SPH to STFU, GTFO. Sort of.

Adam Khoo, the master who teaches people without any discernible talent how to make money, has been told by Singapore Press Holdings to pay up $12,000 for putting up their newspaper articles online.

The last known victim of SPH’s extortion was former DJ Daniel Ong and his Twelve Cupcakes business in July this year. SPH wanted $3,000 from Dan The Man for reproducing articles belonging to them.

In retaliation, Adam Khoo is erm… we are not sure how he is fighting back. But he is angrily going to take down the online articles. Without apologies, you hear!

Here is Adam Khoo’s Facebook status:

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has served me a notice that they want to charge me $12,000+ for putting all the news paper articles about myself on the Internet (Over 24+). Over the last 15 years, I have been interviewed many times by the Straits Times, Sunday Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Zaobao, Young Parents, Teenage Magazine, Berita Harian, Streats etc… on my personal and business success.

It’s funny how once you become very rich, everybody wants to find a way to take a piece of it. That’s fine with me. The thing is that as a matter of principle, I refuse to pay for articles that were written about me. I did not charge them royalties for my interviews, so why should I pay royalties for featuring my own stories.

This is not to mention the fact that I already spend almost $1 million advertising on the local media, of which SPH is a huge beneficiary.

So as of today, I am taking down all press articles that have been published by SPH.

How we feel about this news:

SPH’s new extortion business “a stroke of genius”

SPH’s new extortion business “a stroke of genius”

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Struck by lacklustre newspaper sales and a series of unfortunate incidents which has dealt a severe blow to its credibility, Singapore Press Holdings, the country’s most reliable source of news, has unveiled an extortion business unit in an attempt to recover lost profits.

The new department, called STEAL, adopts the best practices from loansharks — by asking small businesses to pay¬†exorbitant¬†hidden fees after they are featured in any of SPH’s publications.

This is in line with SPH’s mission to engage minds and enrich lives — their own.

STEAL’s most recent client is celebrity couple Daniel Ong and Jaime Teo, who run a successful business called Twelve Cupcakes. They were recently interviewed by The Straits Times, The New Paper, plus a couple of magazines, all owned by SPH. The couple shared the stories on their Facebook Page, as anyone would. Read the full story

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