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Humourless PAP leader asks: Is WP’s Sylvia Lim going to swallow up football legend Quah Kim Song?

Humourless PAP leader asks: Is WP’s Sylvia Lim going to swallow up football legend Quah Kim Song?

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This after Lim posted a photo of Quah and her on Instagram.

Photo stolen from Sylvia Lim Instagram @sylvialim65

Photo stolen from Sylvia Lim Instagram @sylvialim65

A humourless PAP leader has fired another salvo at Workers’ Party chairwoman Sylvia Lim.

This after the WP chairwoman Lim posted an Instagram photo of her and Singaporean football legend Quah Kim Song.

Some have suggested fielding him at Jalan Besar GRC. He's too busy being a retiree. #reasonstolive

A photo posted by Sylvia Lim (@sylvialim65) on

This prompted the humourless PAP leader to question: “Now we see the chairman of the town council taking a picture with local football legend Quah Kim Song. What’s going to happen? You’re going to swallow up Quah? For what purpose? To eat up his CPF? Or is Quah an easy target because he’s a retiree?”

The humourless PAP leader also said he wondered if Quah and other retirees eyed by the WP would face the same issues.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who are grey and a little slow to comprehend things said they totally agree with the humourless PAP leader’s analysis.

One grey and humourless local, Hen Ren Zhen said: “There is no doubt Workers’ Party’s Sylvia Lim is going to swallow up Quah Kim Song. This is the same as Sylvia Lim indicating previously she will swallow up Fengshan SMC as it looks delicious and can be readily swallowed.”






S’poreans disgusted with PAP’s Teo Ho Pin…

S’poreans disgusted with PAP’s Teo Ho Pin…

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… as he anyhow press WP’s Sylvia Lim.


Singaporean women have expressed their outrage at the recent showdown between PAP’s Teo Ho Pin and Workers’ Party’s Sylvia Lim over some town council matters that are quite important.

A Singaporean woman, Luan Luan Dong, said: “As a woman, I find it offensive that a man can openly press a woman in public, some more in Singapore parliament.”

“I thought pressing a woman in public only happens in India.”

Others say Teo Ho Pin should follow the advice of a convicted vandal.

Di Di An, said: “Teo Ho Pin should heed the Sticker Lady traffic light button advice. No need to press so many times.”

Another Singaporean woman, An Dao Shuang, said pressing a woman in public is increasingly common: “Sometimes when I take the train in the evenings I will feel random men pressed up against me.”

“I’ll give them the annoyed look but they act like they have every right to hold it against me,” she continued, in classic double entendre fashion.

Optimism is not happiness

Optimism is not happiness

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Call the Bhutanese people optimistic, not happy. Here’s why.

By Belmont Lay

The Bhutanese people. Photo by rajkumar1220.

Recently, the Singapore parliament witnessed an orgy of debate.

This happened after the Workers’ Party’s Sylvia Lim mooted the idea that the happiness of Singaporeans should count for something in the bigger scheme of things as the Bhutanese people are happy and there is a bona fide measure of happiness in Bhutan and happiness is an official pastime there…

Or something like that.

And everyone inside and outside the Internet jumped up and down and went back-and-forth for quite a bit, extrapolating on how Singapore can measure happiness and how it should be instituted as part of our public policy-making too.

Curious as a cat, I went to read up about what makes the Bhutanese people supposedly happy-clappy.

I was half-expecting to find snippets of facts telling me things like how Bhutanese men are hung like horses.

Or how girls look like Fiona Fussi during their teenage years and eventually grow up looking like Fiona Xie. Or Angelina Jolie.

And also probably how Bhutanese children, raised on a diet of rainbows and wild fairies, are born into the company of unicorns, where the river they play in flows with chocolate.

And how they have cotton candy for beds, as they wake up and fall asleep, exposed to the bliss and tingling good vibrations of true democracy.

And I was suspensefully waiting for a factoid or two to pop up telling me how the Bhutanese people probably also have their version of HDB flats, where everyone truly has a home, albeit one that isn’t over-subscribed.

Or prone to speculative pressure.

Or ran by Mah Bow Tan.

But alas, no. No such luck. These are not the things that make them happy.

First and foremost, the Bhutanese people look like, well, most other Bhutanese people.

As I was to find out, the main source of income for them is derived from generating hydropower electricity.

Which is primarily sold to India. A surprising fact considering it is a country with an even lower standard of living compared to Bhutan.

Selling electricity, nonetheless, is what allowed the official Bhutanese economy to double the GDP per capita to, wait for it… S$2,200 per year. (Which incidentally is what a 16-year-old can make in a month in Singapore selling blogshop clothes.)

But in reality, the money that is made from hydropower largely goes into the government coffers.

So that counts toward nothing for each Bhutanese person, whose net worth is equivalent to the amount of maize he or she picks for a living.

A traditional agricultural society it is then for them, and just so you should know, therefore, that female infanticide is still carried out there as baby boys are favoured.

Thus, “imbalance” is too mild a word to describe the female-to-male ratio, as they are faring much worse on that count than India. The proper word describing the female population would probably be “decimation”.

On a broader scale of population control, Bhutan spent a good part of their time managing the population in the past by banishing people to Nepal.

You’d think with things looking to be a bit in the doldrums, alcoholism is rife, and you’ll be correct. Three out of 10 patients in hospital wards die of alcoholism in Bhutan. Well, it could also be due to the Bhutanese brewing their own rice-based liquor – for fun.

And terrifyingly, 70 percent of Bhutan is made up of forest cover, with a decree that they are planning to keep it that way. Forevermore. Come hell or high water. Or global warming.

Which means the people there either live in or under a tree.

And do you know what staying in a forest does to you?

Well, I do. During National Service, I was dropped off in a Bruneian jungle to spend two nights to see if I will die of diphtheria or foot rot or make my way out alive.

The feeling after one sleepless night was that of being sucked dry by mosquitoes the size of wasps.

After which, I was left with an overall sensation, or the lack of any to be precise, that my body had been ravaged by a Pontianak and a wild boar. At the same time.

Therefore, given their lot in life – as you can see most of which is unpleasant – it is a miracle the people of Bhutan can still claim to be happy. Not just that, but also claim the title of being the “happiest” people on Earth.

Which brings me to the point of today’s missive: It is pointless arguing about what makes the Bhutanese people happy.

It might be worth more than a second look at the problem of mistaking “optimism” for “happiness” .

Because it is quite apparent that “optimism” is what enables the Bhutanese people to get by, given the circumstances they face.

And if they can derive a huge dose of it in the face of crummy conditions, it vindicates Monty Python.

You can be mistaken and call it “happiness” for all I care, and it doesn’t matter – as long as it gives more power to the people.

Why Gerald Giam should be NCMP

Why Gerald Giam should be NCMP

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At only 34-years-old, this baby-faced dude has a tremendous upside, and could benefit most from a boost to his profile.

By Terence Lee

Gerald lays the smackdown on the PAP at a rally. Photo: TERENCE LEE

OKAY, fantasy time: If I were to be Worker’s Party boss Low Thia Khiang for a day, who would I pick as Non-constituency Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC?

But before we get into the whole shebang about who to hire or fire, let’s get something out of the way first. I think the tribe of Thor should take up all NCMP seats offered. Here’s the deal: Party chairman Sylvia Lim made a name for herself in Parliament, where she gave a speech criticising the fat salaries of the Ministers.

This speech made it on YouTube and garnered about 100,000 hits, if you combine all the videos together. It gave Chairman Lim some streetcred, and may have helped Team Aljunied snatch the constituency from Georgie and gang. Read the full story

George Yeo: Worker’s Party using you as a springboard

George Yeo: Worker’s Party using you as a springboard

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The Foreign Minister goes on the offensive, but his debut rally was disappointing.

By Fang Shihan

For a PAP rally, the attendance was actually quite good. Photo: FANG SHIHAN

THE crowd at Serangoon stadium was markedly smaller than yesterday’s, when the Worker’s Party took the stage. An estimated 1,500 PAP supporters turned up for the Aljunied GRC rally at Serangoon stadium. Some left disappointed while others had a good time.

Unlike other PAP rallies which comprise mostly Resident’s Committee members being ferried from one location to another, the crowd at this rally consisted of genuine voters who wanted to hear what PAP had to say in their own defense.

Most of the speeches were forgettable and revolved around micro-issues, although residents do care about them. One speech mentioned that the PAP would build sheltered walkways for residents if it were elected…and was rewarded with loud cheering.

It was as if sheltered walkways, clean spaces and safe, family friendly neighbourhoods were tasks that only a PAP MP could handle, and therefore deserved some fanfare. Almost like when Janil Puthucheary mentioned that he saved children everyday (because he was a pediatrician), building walkways was equated to serving the nation.

No, you’re not serving the nation, it’s your job and it’s what you’re supposed to do.

Besides expecting to be thanked for doing a job as it should be done, the PAP also enlisted the help of a professional bootlicker – PAP ‘friend’ Arthur Wee, who spent a good 20min waxing lyrical about how awesome the candidates were and what they did, in Hokkien.

The first five minutes was rather entertaining, and then it got boring, then terribly annoying. If the PAP was expecting voters to take politics seriously then this was a sharp turnaround. This became a wasted 20 minutes of rally time.

When George Yeo finally arrived, he received the loudest cheers. Yet his speech left much to be desired. Spending a considerable amount of time talking about the WP, he slams them for “playing with the lives of over 14,000 voters”. The 14,000 later went up to 20,000 as the night grew long, as his memory started to fail.

Boy having fun at the rally. Photo: FANG SHIHAN

The nation’s Total Fertility Rate is at its lowest so there’s no way in hell that 6,000 new voters from Aljunied were born overnight. He also mentioned that the WP, in its long and detailed manifesto, didn’t mention what they could do for the constituency, preferring instead to harp on national issues.

He then accuses the opposition party of using Aljunied voters as a springboard for greater things. “If WP captures power, their first concern will not be for the people”.

He further discredits the WP by saying that: “During the elections, political parties play games”. He points out that they have neither the people nor resources to go beyond handing out flyers and campaigning on national issues (and ignoring local constituency issues). The WP has no grassroots experience for Aljunied and may not have a clue how to run it.

He urges the voters not to be fooled (paraphrasing). The WP is asking for a “blank cheque” by asking Singaporeans to vote them in before showing them a plan for the constituency.

He adds that the WP is transforming the Aljunied debate into a personality-based issue: George vs. LTK.

Yet George Yeo is the only one giving out a flyer of his face on it. The hypocrisy.

Lastly, he says that Sylvia Lim is trying to be his HR manager by asking him to retire and to become an ambassador. New Nation recommends Recruit Express instead.


At the end of the rally, this author was asked by a man sitting beside him:

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea, who would you choose?”

He then answered his own question, rather poignantly: “The deep blue sea. If you don’t like, you can swim away. But you’re stuck with the devil forever.”

Watch George Yeo’s rally speech and gauge for yourselves.




George Yeo soon to be jobless?

George Yeo soon to be jobless?

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Foreign Minister George Yeo spotted lurking at Hougang Mall before and during Worker’s Party Rally.

By Fang Shihan

Foreign Minister George Yeo makes up for lost time

IT MUST be tough being the incumbent that’s facing an opposition team at their maximum strength. Spotted doing his walkabout at Hougang Mall just an hour before the Worker’s Party’s first rally on Thursday was about to begin, George Yeo looked like a… pretty busy man.

Shaking hands, taking pictures with his entourage of Aljunied GRC grassroots leaders, he seemed eager to touch (literally) as many people as he could within the 9-day campaigning window. More pictures can be found on his facebook page.

If that’s not enough, he even proceeds to campaign inside Hougang Mall, greeting the sales assistants at the Giordano store and moving up each level methodologically. Maybe it was out of pity that the mall security let this pass (shopping malls have never been amenable to political campaigning), or maybe there are different rules for politicians clad in white.

The question is: why Hougang Mall of all places? And right before the rally too. Well, he could be on a pre-emptive search for a new job, or this could be an attempt to inform opposition supporters that a heavyweight was still around, or maybe he was hoping to draw the 10,000 strong crowd away from the rally 5 minutes away.

Didn’t happen.

George Yeo walks around Hougang Mall

Foreign Minister George Yeo, head of the diplomatic strategy of Singapore, who shakes hands with dictators nearly on a daily basis to persuade them to kill less civilians, who went for a jog with the residents at Bedok only a few hours after flying back to Singapore from a diplomatic mission, who was the first minister in 2006 to tell the rest that attacking James Gomez for forgetting a form..was lame, THAT George Yeo was largely ignored in favour of a Worker’s Party rally where the stars were clearly still Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and god himself, Chen Show Mao.
He is up for a tough fight – one almost feels sorry for him. One of our best ministers, and a really nice guy too (he actually bothers to engage people on Facebook), he will not be voted out because of incompetency.

Over 9000 but not a 5-digit figure. Seriously guys, it was only day 1.

If he does lose his seat, it will not only be because the WP owned his ass. If he loses, he has the GRC system to blame. Designed on the pretext of securing minority representation and even harnessing economies of scale, the GRC system divides the heavyweights into different teams.

One minister per team is the norm, two if there are too many and fillers occupy the rest of the spaces. GRCs were designed with the assumption that a minister would never be beaten by anyone from the opposition, thereby shielding the younger and weaker candidates from the brutal glare of public scrutiny.

And so if the opposition were to want a GRC badly enough, “a minister has to fall in the process“. This was an observation made by National Solidarity Party Sec-Gen Goh Meng Seng just last year.

Don't forget your plastic Thor and balloon hammers.

But is he truly in any danger of losing his ministerial position? This is a man with sterling credentials and a stunning portfolio of running the well oiled Foreign Ministry. If anything, it is Wong Kan Seng of Bishan-Toa Payoh and Mah Bow Tan of Tampines who should be sweating in their expensive suits now. The PAP is a victim of its own electoral maneuvering. Our government is now in serious danger of losing a good minister, while the others should be able to be re-elected with less anxiety.

This is not to say George Yeo is indispensable. He may have been a Cambridge graduate, a Brigadier-General in the SAF, and he may have been an excellent minister for 23 years. But the Chen Show Mao of the Worker’s Party has studied at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford, brokered an IPO for the Agricultural Bank of China (3rd largest lender in that very very big country) that raised $19 billion, and speaks Malay, English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Everyone's trying to get that aerial shot.

Even if Chen Show Mao were to become an MP, he’d still be taking a very big pay cut. This is the sort of guy that the PAP uses to defend its GRC system and the Ministerial pay. Without the help of heavyweights and a ‘competitive’ paycheck, qualified candidates would never bother joining politics.

Well, the PAP has been proven wrong. This is a man of ministerial quality. Seriously, given he heads a multinational law firm in China, he’d be excellent for Sino-Singapore economic ties. Which is what the PAP always wanted.

Ideally, GE2011 should see incompetent ministers being voted out, and opposition members being voted in based on their capability to lead the country. Ideally, if we were actually a more representative democracy. Instead, we’ll see young, eager ministers like Teo Ser Luck trying his best to rally a crowd while Teo Chee Hean and the rest take a free-ride (warning: very painful to watch), we might lose George Yeo, and we’ll probably see Wong and Mah being rotated around with different portfolios for another 5 years. And don’t get me started on Tin Pei Ling.

A minister has to fall in the process of change. But is it fair? Even if we don’t see a dramatic increase in the number of opposition-held seats this time, it’s time for the PAP to reflect on their home-made model of formal democracy. This will be a very very painful ride.

In the meantime, Lucas Chow of Mediacorp will be leaving his seat soon and the Presidential elections are due sometime later this year.

Hint to George:  Jobs are still available. :)

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Whose coattails would you ride on?

Whose coattails would you ride on?

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If you could be fielded in a 5-person GRC team and given the choice to pick any candidate from any of the opposition parties to be your running mates, what would your dream team look like?

OR TO put it in a more vulgar way, on whose coattails would you want to ride on?

Guess what? All three editors at New Nation have unanimously picked Singapore Democratic Party’s Vincent Wijeysingha and God, erm, no.. I mean, Workers’ Party’s Chen Show Mao as part of their dream teams.

Explanation of choices follows.

Fang Shihan’s 5-person GRC Dream Team:
1. Sylvia Lim (Workers’ Party)
2. Chen Show Mao (Workers’ Party)
3. Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party)
4. Gerald Giam (Workers’ Party)
5. Fang Shihan

Shihan’s explanation: Sylvia’s awesome because as an Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, she’s proven her vocal worth by saying sufficiently smart and important things in parliament. The specific substance of it doesn’t matter actually, nor does her political stance.

Because people like me will vote for her, and whatever team she’s leading, simply because she symbolises ‘a credible challenge to the incumbent’.

You know, like how it is a matter of posturing? It’s like people playing mahjong for the first time, who don’t really know the specifics of the game, but they know when they get a damn powerful set and it’s time to follow through to finish it?

So, it’ll be Sylvia leading the pack, together with Chen Show Mao, Dr. Vincent for the minority, and Gerald Giam. Yes, egos may clash and Vincent may feel out of place compared to the hammers, but hey, he being the best minority candidate now.

You could say I’d have four coattails to ride on, but in reality, it’s only the leader that counts. The leader is the face of the GRC team. Sylvia’s an alpha female, has whopped the garhmen’s arse in parliament and lived to tell the tale (unlike, ahem, Viswa), and is relatively good-looking. We’ve satisfied the lesbian population, the anti-PAP ra-ra sector and also anyone who’s superficial.

That more than covers a large voter base.

Conclusion: Shihan is a closeted Workers’ Party supporter. She doesn’t even bother to explain why she chose Gerald Giam. Gerald Giam… just because. Furthermore, she might also be a progressive at heart. Or, somewhat queer.


Terence Lee’s 5-person GRC Dream Team:
1. Sylvia Lim (Workers’ Party)
2. Low Thia Khiang (Workers’ Party)
3. Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party)
4. Chen Show Mao (Workers’ Party)
5. Terence Lee

Terence’s explanation: For me, experience comes first. On this count, Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang come to mind.

Sylvia has served one term as an NCMP and she appeals to the younger, English-speaking crowd. Low has been an MP since 1991. Plus, his Teochew is second to none, and older folk respond to that. Both are relatively young, and pretty sharp.

If this was the 2006 elections, I’d want Chiam See Tong. But after hearing him speak in person recently, I’m not impressed. He has lost a step. And he doesn’t seem as sharp anymore. A team, in my view, must also have longevity, which means I want the team to stay intact not only in this elections, but the next. So no, I don’t want him on my team.

I must confess something: I like the Singapore Democratic Party. No, not the old, slogan-chanting, placard-waving SDP of the Chee Soon Juan mould, but the new SDP featuring Danny the Democratic Bear. Policy-wise, SDP actually has really solid proposals. They have a Shadow Budget that tells us how they hope to fund their policy proposals, something that WP has failed to do.

I also like the fact that they are a principled and loud party who would stand up for the values even if it costs them in the short-run. A perfect complement to the WP’s pragmatic, quiet approach. WP is the yin to SDP’s yang. But I have an issue with Chee Soon Juan’s confrontational style. It’s off-putting, repulsive, and quite alien. Plus, Singaporeans remember him for all the wrong reasons.

So, therefore, I really like Dr Vincent Wijeysingha. He might be confrontational too, but he’s milder than Chee Soon Juan. I was impressed by the way he stood up to Tharman, rebutting him not just with platitudes, but arguments backed by actual figures at the Channel News Asia debate forum. He’d make a fine Parliamentarian, and furthermore, he’s openly gay (minority voice!). He’ll be a fine addition to my team.

Finally, since Singaporeans are such paper-chasers, we need a candidate with credentials so impressive that it would cause Tin Pei Ling et al. to shit in their pants and wallow in self-pity. More importantly, Singaporeans will swoon over him in no time.

That man is Chen Show Mao. Check this out: He graduated from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford, and has tremendous experience in international securities offerings and merger and acquisitions. Here’s more namedropping from his law firm’s website:

“In capital markets, Mr Chen advised the Agricultural Bank of China on its recent $22 billion IPO, which is the largest by an Asian issuer, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) on its $21 billion IPO, which is the second-largest IPO ever, and the first global offering that involved a concurrent listing in China. He also advised Sinochem on the largest-ever international debt offering by a Chinese company and the underwriters for China Unicom in the largest-ever international convertible bond offering by a Chinese company. Mr Chen completed the global initial public offerings of Air China, China Construction Bank, MCC, Sinoma, Sinopec, Unicom and others.”

I sure as hell don’t know what the paragraph is talking about, but count me into the Cult of Show Mao. He not only had a good career, but he’s eloquent too, judging by the interviews and soundbites he has given to the media. He’s cool as blue.

Conclusion: Terence might also be a closeted Workers’ Party supporter given that three out of five choices are from WP. He should also be forgiven for favouring flair but it is obvious that Low, Lim, Chen and Wijeysingha are hot, hot, hot. They have seared themselves into many people’s brains.


Belmont Lay’s 5-person GRC Dream Team:
1. Sebastian Teo (National Solidarity Party)
2. Tony Tan or Hazel Poa (National Solidarity Party)
3. Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party)
4. Chen Show Mao (Workers’ Party)
5. Belmont Lay

Belmont’s explanation: I doubt many people have heard of Sebastian Teo of the NSP. But from what I gather, he is a fluent speaker of Mandarin, Teochew and Hokkien. His demeanor puts heartlander folks at ease and he has worked the ground very, very hard the past few years doing his rounds and meeting the people face-to-face.

This is old-school politics and I like that style. And best of all, Sebby has a MBA from NUS! He is a self-made man, therefore, I approve.

Now, look: As a bargain-hunting Singaporean, what more can you ask for if you had EITHER Tony Tan or Hazel Poa in parliament? Tony and Hazel are a husband-and-wife team. Wherever one goes, the other will be right behind. Even if just one of them becomes an MP, I can be assured that taxpayers will be getting two MPs for the price of one.

Tony’s got a problem dealing with the figures of a new policy? No worries. We have a numerate Hazel to look through the numbers. Oh, you mean Hazel’s got a draft that needs some editing and needs another pair of eyes on it? Tony’s right on it.

Even Groupon.com can’t beat this deal, you know (Terence’s note: Belmont missed out on the fact that Nicole would be on this team, since they are a couple. What a bargain!).

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha. Ah… It’s always good to know that someone was a social worker. He would have seen a side of life not many people can even come to terms with. This parliament needs someone who is burdened by the problems of the poor and needy.

Lastly, I would definitely want God, erm no I mean, Chen Show Mao to be on my side. Chen has a statesman-like demeanour as he is someone who has been at the highest echelons of the corporate world, unlike say, someone who used to serve in the SAF.

And the last time I checked, he has more credentials than Tin Pei Ling has handbags.

And imagine if Chen wasn’t denied entry into medical school last time. Then he would have served National Service for real and be a doctor who would continue to serve the people. This is unlike some doctors who never served NS and still want to enter parliament.

I would prostrate myself in His presence, erm I mean, I would have a lot to learn from Him, erm no, I mean, Chen.

Conclusion: Belmont is a typical cheap bastard who is also god-fearing, no erm.. pragmatic and politically astute in his choices. His choices may appear wide-ranging, but he is a National Solidarity Party supporter.

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