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Ex-CEO of Singapore-based tech start-up disses Facebook, Google

Ex-CEO of Singapore-based tech start-up disses Facebook, Google

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Start-up subsequently releases statement distancing themselves from ex-CEO.

Johan Stael von Holstein, the ex-CEO of MyCube, a Singapore-based company that seeks to build the world’s first Social Exchange by allowing users to own, control, and monetise their digital data, recently tweeted on Sept. 22: “Best part of being a free agent again is that I can say what I want. I despise what Google and Facebook does and Zuckeberg IS the devil.”

Stael von Holstein, an ardent advocate of online privacy, ownership and control, made these comments after a string of events in recent months where he exited the post of CEO of MyCube to become chairman and ambassador, only to announce that he would step down as chairman but still maintain second-largest ownership of the company.

This string of events started on Aug. 8, following an investment from Black Ocean to become the majority owner of MyCube, the start-up announced that Stael von Holstein would still remain as chairman and ambassador despite stepping down as CEO.

However, on Aug. 18, Johan released his own public statement on Google+ saying he would step down as chairman while maintaining second largest ownership “for the time being”.

MyCube subsequently clarified in a statement on Sept. 26, following the Sept. 22 tweet, that Stael von Holstein was no longer part of the start-up: “Please note that former MyCube CEO Johan Stael von Holstein no longer has any ongoing role with MyCube and will not be serving as company ambassador as previously announced. Any public statements by Stael von Holstein are his opinions alone and not endorsed by or representative of those of the company.”

It is unclear the exact events that transpired but Stael von Holstein has been known to be a vocal critic of the invasion of privacy and ownership of private data by social networks like Facebook and Google+.

A couple of weeks ago, New Nation reported on the winner of MyCube’s uber-prestigious marketing campaign which saw the hiring of 33 interns from 19 countries with exciting perks, plus the top-performing intern walking away with $10,000 extra cash to pursue his own entrepreneurial activities.

These comments by Stael von Holstein come on the heels of the widespread discussion of recent changes to Facebook’s apps where user data is mined and effortless sharing is encouraged on Facebook so that users can access more content by third-party providers.

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