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Using cable ties superstitiously…

Using cable ties superstitiously…

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… is not the way for SMRT to emulate the commercial success of Mustafa Centre.

Or increase dividends to shareholders.

Or improve customer service relations.

Especially if they keep falling out.

But it didn’t work.

Temasek Review, don’t be ridiculous

Temasek Review, don’t be ridiculous

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A reader voices his displeasure with Singapore’s most infamous political blog.

The Temasek Review writer needs to have his/her brain examined.

Dear editor,

I’m writing to express my displeasure with TR Emeritus (TRE), a website which prides itself as “the voice of Singaporeans”. Let me say that a more suitable tagline for them would be “the voice of bigots.” Let me explain why.

On December 22, the TRE released a story titled “The Online Citizen taken to task for reporting on Seng Han Thong.” In the article, TRE criticised Cherian George, author of journalism.sg, for defending Mr Seng who, in a recent media appearance, quoted an SMRT public relations personnel on the poor English proficiency of Malay and Indian staff of SMRT.

Cherian criticised The Online Citizen (TOC) for quoting Mr Seng out of context because TOC attributed the PR’s quote to Mr Seng himself, making him the target of furious netizens. In response, Mr Seng released the full transcript of what he said. However, Mr Seng was forced to apologise when SMRT denied that these remarks were made by their PR (duh, even if the SMRT PR’s quote was real, why would SMRT admit it? They would have ‘taichi-ed’ the blame away!) Read the full story

Hossan Leong is fine

Hossan Leong is fine

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No biggies folks, he is moving on.

Here’s the whole story briefly:

On the morning of Dec. 14, SMRT Circle Line system experienced some malfunction presumably before 7 a.m. and it would get awkward soon enough when they couldn’t rectify the issue completely in time.

This caused mainstream panic and confusion and piss-poor contingency plans did not help. A lot of people were standing on the platform rubbing buttocks against buttocks because there was nowhere else to turn to.

A bit of hoo-ha and rumour circulated by afternoon about a local radio presenter Hossan Leong getting into trouble for making some public announcement on-air regarding the SMRT Circle Line train system going tits up.

Here are some of his original tweets:

These were posted by Hossan in the earlier part of yesterday but are no longer to be found at its source, so they are presumably deleted.

And at about 7 p.m. later that day, Hossan tweeted that all is good and it was a misunderstanding that got blown slightly out of proportion and he was ready to move on.

Therefore, the fuss really is about whether Twitter should be used as a basis of information to be disseminated by mainstream personalities or channels while awaiting official word.

So, is it indeed ok?

Erm… Let’s see…

August Presidential Election Channel News Asia results night:

However, in other news:

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