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Young children in S’pore: Adults who believe fake news are dumb

Young children in S’pore: Adults who believe fake news are dumb

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So stupid.


Young children in Singapore from all walks of life, who believe adults ought to be smarter because experience and all, are shaking their heads and tsk tsking under their breath.

This after they cannot believe grown people can be so stupid as to believe everything they read on the Internet and take it as real gospel truths.

One young Singaporean child, Mei Zhang Da, said: “For adults to read something online and go on and think what they read must be a reflection of reality is to commit a mistake so infantile even young children will not do it.”

“Children’s faith in adults have been shaken.”

Other young locals said it is worse that the Singapore government has to step in and regulate what adults read online, because something as simple as differentiating truth from lies should be a given once a person has acquired 21 years of age.

Boh Tao Nao, another young child, said: “I hope Singaporean adults are ashamed of themselves. They cannot even take care of themselves to the extent that the government has to step in and tell them what to do and what to not believe.”

“How stupid can adult Singaporeans get?”

“To actually be taken in by anything on the Internet or to vote in such a government?”

“Actually, both.”







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