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More S’poreans joining S’pore Police Force after The Messiah arrest

More S’poreans joining S’pore Police Force after The Messiah arrest

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They want to be part of a force that gets credit for high profile arrests.

Photo stolen from SMRT Ltd (Feedback) Facebook

Photo stolen from SMRT Ltd (Feedback) Facebook

Singaporeans from all walks of life want to join the Singapore Police Force.

This after the Singapore Police Force nabbed a guy who they think is The Messiah hacker and are basking in the glory of a job well done.

One Singaporean boy, Qu Zhuo Lao, 12, said he is heartened to hear the news that the police are swift in their arrest: “When Mas Selamat escaped, it was the Malaysian police who caught him. Now The Messiah in KL also the Malaysian police catch.”

“Be Singapore police quite shiok, everything also Malaysians do and in Singapore sort paper work.”





Singapore has world’s most enthusiastic police force

Singapore has world’s most enthusiastic police force

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Sure, its citizens love the police for keeping the country safe. But some of their actions come across as… bizarre.

Photo: DAVE CONNER / Creative Commons

SINGAPORE — The Singapore Police Force (SPF),  responsible for making Singapore a low-crime country (to the extent that it has to remind citizens that crime still happens in the little island), must be rubbing their hands in glee.

Lately, they’ve received press coverage on the scale of a publicists’s wet dream.

First, this Times of India report said that Google has ranked Singapore number one in the world per capita in terms of demanding that the Internet giant release certain information on individuals deemed criminal.

The question is: If Singapore is so crime-free, how come there are so many requests?

But nevermind. Google has said that they will comply as long as the authorities are following the rule of law in demanding information. Sounds reasonable? Wait till you hear this: Because Singapore has such a buffet spread of highly subjective and interpretive laws that restrict freedom of speech, any word perceived as mildly seditious could result in a hefty jail term and fine.

Which makes me wonder: How many of these people the police were checking up on really “criminals”. Or were they activists, politicans, and NGO workers?

Fortunately for most Singaporeans, their bark is often worse than their bite. But not if you’re a parking offender.

It’s stupid to skip an appointment in court just because you don’t want to pay your parking fines, sure. But, according to this report, the SPF decided to send out “30 police officers, several sniffer dogs, five police cars and four red Special Operations Command riot vehicles” to hunt the guy down.

Either the policemen must be really bored, or they know more than they’re letting on. Suicide bomber, maybe?

That’s not all.

In 2009, when a bunch of graffiti artists decided to spray some art on Singapore’s few LEGAL graffiti walls for the Palestinian cause, the authorities forbade them. Plain-clothed policemen even stationed themselves near the walls to ensure the rascals obey the government.

And two years before that, this local blogger documented that police took down information and videotaped a protest happening right in the heart of Orchard Road — involving Ultraman figurines.

Ludicrous as it sounds, Singapore is no China. But as much as I like a safe city, I sure am not appreciative of them policemen (and women) poking up the asses of upright citizens.

Go figure.

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Dead man identified as founding Reform Party member

Dead man identified as founding Reform Party member

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Once sued by Lee Kuan Yew for defamation, Quek Teow Chuan was said to have paid damages of either $200,000 or $400,000. His body was unclaimed.

By Belmont Lay

A 76-year-old man who passed away on April 8 at a Jamiyah welfare home without any kin to claim his body has been identified as a former General Election candidate and a founding member of the Reform Party who at one time also belonged to the party’s Central Executive Committee.

His portrait was featured on the front page of The Straits Times Home section on May 30 in a news story about the elderly dying alone. He was not identified as a politician by the paper.

The Singapore Police Force has also released an appeal for information on him and his next-of-kin.

Quek Teow Chuan contested in the 1984 General Election in Nee Soon under the Singapore United Front against People’s Action Party’s Koh Lip Lin, a former Dean of Science at the National University of Singapore from 1981 to 1985 .

Quek received 25.8% or 6,401 of the valid votes in what was to be his one and only electoral contest.

After his electoral defeat, Quek was sued by then-prime minister Lee Kuan Yew for defamation for giving a speech at the SUF rally in Jalan Lengkok in Sembawang on Dec 19, 1984 implying that the prime minister was corrupt.

It is unclear what the exact damages awarded to Lee were but it has been reported to be either $200,000 or $400,000.

At that time, Quek denied he had said anything that implied that Lee was corrupt and rejected an offer of settlement for damages.

Quek was reportedly to have suggested the shortening of National Service commitments and the scraping of the MRT system during his campaign.


The Straits Times article about people who died alone. Quek Teow Chuan was not identified by the paper as a founding RP member.