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Singa the Courtesy Lion is not a lion, is a middle-aged womanising man

Singa the Courtesy Lion is not a lion, is a middle-aged womanising man


Shock waves from this revelation emanating across Singapore.


Singa the Courtesy Lion, a renowned mascot in Singapore, has been revealed to be not a lion.

He is, in fact, a middle-aged womanising man.

This revelation is sending shock waves across Singapore after it was revealed a few days ago that Hello Kitty is actually a little girl, and so is her rumoured long-time boyfriend, Dear Daniel, who was also revealed to be a little girl.

An acquaintance of Singa the Courtesy Lion, Sng Char Bor, said: “There is a reason why he is frequently seen without having any pants on: It is because he can get it on with women asap.”

“And he always has that smile on his face and his courtesy is understood by women to be chivalry. But he is actually just a pervert.”

Women who have dated Singa have also began coming out to recount their experience.

Seh Pei Pei, a woman who used to go out with Singa, said: “One of his favorite’s lines is, ‘You trust me, right?’, ‘You think I’m nice, right?’, and ‘You know I’m naturally blonde, right?'”

“He gets away with a lot of his antics because women are afraid of coming out as he is famous and seen to be in close ties with the establishment.”


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