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Reform Party wants to repatriate Indonesians due to haze

Reform Party wants to repatriate Indonesians due to haze

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Singaporeans give them slow clap.


The Reform Party, once fronted by a firebrand, J.B. Jeyaretnam, but now no longer, has issued a statement over Facebook threatening sanctions against Indonesia.

They said that if they were the government (but thankfully not because they aren’t), they will “repatriate” Indonesians and “pull out any investment in their forestry development”, whatever that means right.

Singaporeans from all walks of life and socio-economic class give RP a slow clap upon hearing this harebrained bullshit announcement.

One Singaporean, Yang Hai Zi, said: “Why not Reform Party ban Singaporeans from going to Batam? Or maybe Reform Party can stop Singaporeans from providing child support too?”

“Or stop importing Indo mee? Or stop importing their maids?”

However, many Singaporeans also feel that the Reform Party is myopic.

One Singaporean, Zho Zeng Hu, said: “Why RP want to rebuff Indonesia’s mosquito fogging assistance? Don’t they know Singapore has got many dengue cases the last week? Is RP trying to kill all of us?”