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PM Lee insinuates Tin Pei Ling will be fielded in SMC because she is so awesome

PM Lee insinuates Tin Pei Ling will be fielded in SMC because she is so awesome

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He praised her, so that means he wants her to stand on her own two feet.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong threw his weight behind Tin Pei Ling, MP for Marine Parade, by praising her on his Facebook page on Aug. 24, 2014, for no apparent reason.

This praise out of nowhere, however, has solidified the belief of many professional political observers, who concluded that Tin Pei Ling will be taken out of the Marine Parade GRC and fielded in an SMC on her own in the next general election.

Lim Koh Pee, a coffee shop regular, said: “This move by PM Lee is a political masterstroke. He is singling her out for praise because this marks the end of her GRC joy ride and she will no longer be a liability to the other Ministers.”

“PM Lee is actually insinuating she will be canvassing for votes by herself in the next General Election so that she doesn’t bring the whole GRC down. She will be fielded in MacPherson SMC, which will be carved out.”

Other political observers added that the accompanying newspaper coverage is even more masterly as it is meant to convey how well-liked Tin Pei Ling is, as a Malay woman in a tudung is photographed being in close proximity to her.

Fan Dui Tang, a Singaporean, said: “You see this photo? If a macik in tudung allows you to hug her, it means you are SMC material.”

Other political observers noted that PM Lee conspicuously did not publicly endorse Seah Kian Peng, the other MP for Marine Parade.

Hong Kan Leow, a local, said: “This is the end of his political career.”