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S’poreans react to Rui En taking full bow at Star Awards 2016

S’poreans react to Rui En taking full bow at Star Awards 2016

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Three thoughts you must have had.


Method actress Rui En received her All-Time Favourite Artiste Award at the Star Awards 2016 and took the opportunity to execute a full bow, which made her torso perpendicular to her legs.

The 35-year-old was all over the news the past week for knocking down a parked motorcycle at Clementi with her black BMW.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “Her bow was at a precise right angle. Trust me, I measured. Therefore I conclude that she is really innocent.”
Dui Bu Qi, 43-year-old professional apologist


sian-half-uncle “If her acting is as convincing as her bowing, she could have won more acting awards.”
Ai Yan Xi, 69-year-old calefare


happy-bird-girl “I’m glad I watched her five-second full bow instead of boring myself with a 95-minute 2-2 draw.”
Kan Zu Qiu, 17-year-old Leicester City fan










Jeanette Aw fans seeking help to cure acute schadenfreude

Jeanette Aw fans seeking help to cure acute schadenfreude

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They need help now.


Jeanette Aw’s fans from all walks of life, who believe in method acting and responsible driving, are reportedly suffering from schadenfreude.

This after one fellow method actress was asked by the police to assist in investigations following an alleged drink-driving case.

One fan, Wo Shi Shui, who also rides a yellow bike, said: “Actually, if you give me $2,000 to settle, I confirm double chop take.”

“With $2,000, I can spend it all calling Jeanette’s hotline.”

“Oh wait, she already won the All Time Favourite Artiste Award last year. So I guess I will also call police. Then I will tell her: ‘Hi, Ni Shi Shu? I’m Wo Shi Shui.”

Another fan, Seow Ha Ha, said in between uncontrollable giggles: “You know what’s the funniest thing? She was so convincing acting as a cop wor. Really method acting sia she.”

“Maybe she’s also method acting with this drink-driving case.”

“Maybe she acting as Christopher Lee.”

Regarding the actress’ impending All Time Favourite Artiste Award presentation, which is presented to method actors who accumulated 10 Most Popular Artistes awards, a Mediacorp spokesman, Xin Chuan Mei said: “It’s very simple, not like our new logo. Just semula lor.”







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