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Lim Swee Say to release self-help book for S’poreans

Lim Swee Say to release self-help book for S’poreans

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But first, Singaporeans must learn to help themselves before the minister can help them.

By David Tan

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Lim Swee Say, Singapore’s Labour Chief, who is a minister without portfoilo, will be releasing a new self-help book, a first of its kind in Singapore.

The book aims to better help Singaporeans cope with the realities of life in 21st century Singapore, once Singaporeans help themselves first.

It will be titled “Lim Swee Says” and will contain helpful bite-sized vignettes distilled from the minister’s own personal life and his many years in office.

This announcement was made today where the minister delighted reporters with choice nuggets of wisdom from his upcoming book.

Lim said: “Instead of thinking about whether you can spend your savings in the CPF at the age of 55,” he said to an enraptured audience, “I think we should think about how we can help our Singaporeans defer the use of the CPF — this will mean that they will have more for retirement.”

While the new book will boast pages of original sage advice, some of Lim’s older material will be featured as well.

These include musings such as:

“If you’re the best today, strive to be better. If you’re better today, strive to be ‘betterer’ and if you’re ‘betterer’ today, strive to be ‘betterest’ so that over time, Singapore’s service standards can just keep getting better, ‘betterer’ and ‘betterest’”

Already, public anticipation is high ahead of the book’s imminent release.

CAPT (NS) Oh Wee Yers, a self-professed expert in self-help literature, said: “I think the book is a good reminder of the government’s commitment to enabling Singaporeans to help themselves instead of providing direct help like a welfare state.”

He later added: “It is clear that not having a ministerial portfolio for all these years must have left Lim with plenty of time to achieve such a state of enlightenment. If only more Singaporeans could be like Lim, maybe there would be fewer complaints about the CPF.”