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Hep C outbreak: Reserve blame culture for Workers’ Party, opponents of ruling PAP govt

Hep C outbreak: Reserve blame culture for Workers’ Party, opponents of ruling PAP govt

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Learning culture only applies to the establishment, everyone else not included.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe some people can never be wrong, are nodding their heads and clapping their hands in agreement.

This after Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said in Parliament that revealing the names and punishments received by staff from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in the wake of the Hepatitis C outbreak last year would lead to a blame culture.

Instead, a learning culture needs to be fostered and all Singaporeans need to know is that four MOH officers holding Director-level or equivalent roles and 12 SGH leaders including senior management were punished.

One Singaporean, Shou Cheng Fah, said, he agrees with this sentiment fully: “The blame culture must only be reserved for the opposition political parties, especially the Workers’ Party and other opponents of the PAP.”

“The ruling establishment does not need to be punished because this will get in the way of learning.”

Other locals said this initiative would deter opposition parties and PAP opponents from doing better as they will then never learn.

Another local, Zhen Zhou Dao, said: “I think it is good that the Workers’ Party has not been held responsible for this Hepatitis C outbreak.”

“Because if the PAP were to start a blame culture proper, I am sure they can trace this Hep C outbreak back to AHPETC issue and lead to some probe by the mainstream media regarding someone from the opposition having an affair.”

No one is ever wrong in Singapore.

Posted by We Are Kanina on Tuesday, April 5, 2016