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S’poreans react to PM Lee calling opposition a mouse in Parliament

S’poreans react to PM Lee calling opposition a mouse in Parliament

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sept. 1 that the opposition in parliament has put in a disappointing performance even though they were voted in to be a tiger in a chamber, but ended up being a “mouse in the House”.

PM Lee, the party’s secretary-general, said it was “very easy” to make fierce and rousing speeches at election rallies, where candidates can promise to do things if elected but none of those issues are raised when they come to Parliament.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “If the opposition is a mouse, then East Coast GRC MP Raymond Lim was a dead mouse the last four years.”
Ya Pah, 45-year-old speech therapist


sian-half-uncle “Having a few mice in parliament really helps break up the monotony of a room full of swines.”
Zhu Ba Jie, 62-year-old butcher


happy-bird-girl “PAP MPs didn’t give rousing election speeches, which explain why they aren’t even mice. They are potatoes.”
Mah Ling Su, 17-year-old fast food service staff










S’poreans say: ‘We’ll still remember Lee Kuan Yew 50 years from now but not Lee Hsien Loong’

S’poreans say: ‘We’ll still remember Lee Kuan Yew 50 years from now but not Lee Hsien Loong’

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Singaporeans from all walks of life, who took out a tissue and dabbed away at the tears from their eyes as they watched the National Day Rally 2015 on Aug. 23, 2015, said they will always remember Lee Kuan Yew even 50 years down the road.

However, they said they will have trouble remembering Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

This after the achievements of Lee Kuan Yew were trotted out again at the NDR and audiences were left flabbergasted at how a man could have achieved so much while his son barely scraped the surface.

One Singaporean, Mei Chu Xi, said: “I will always remember Lee Kuan Yew and his achievements even at SG100. If you asked me who Lee Hsien Loong is then, I will not be able to give you an answer because I will really don’t remember.”

Other Singaporeans said there is a silver lining even if Singaporeans said they will not be able to remember PM Lee Hsien Loong in the future.

Wang Bu Leow, another local, said: “At least Singaporeans will say they remember Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for not doing much for Singapore.”

“That is considered quite good already.”






S’poreans react to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally 2015

S’poreans react to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally 2015

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong used the National Day Rally 2015 on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015, to harp on the results his team has delivered for Singaporeans the last 10 years.

These results include making healthcare less expensive, strengthening social safety nets and having more education opportunities.

The rally also featured a performance by Kit Chan, who sang Home.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “This might as well have been National Lee Kuan Yew Rally given the number of times he got mentioned.”
Li Zhong Li, 46-year-old kueh maker


sian-half-uncle “I was actually looking forward to the section where PM Lee explains the things PAP did not achieve for Singaporeans.”
Mei Chen Jiu, 66-year-old ex-businessman


happy-bird-girl “It’s always funny to watch PAP get 60 percent of votes despite having such a big platform to canvass for support.”
Qu Tou Piao, 17-year-old charity worker










S’poreans agree with PM Lee Hsien Loong that The Straits Times is fair, credible

S’poreans agree with PM Lee Hsien Loong that The Straits Times is fair, credible

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ST’s 170th anniversary made possible by not unfairly biting the hand that feeds them.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who still read The Straits Times as there are not other alternative English broadsheets around so they lan lan, agree with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s speech given at the ArtScience Museum.

This after PM Lee said at the celebration of the newspaper’s 170th anniversary on July 15, 2015, that ST must maintain its hallmark of credible, balanced and objective reporting.

One Singaporean, Tak Sin Boon, said there is no doubt that ST is fair and objective: “The Straits Times is always very balanced. They will only sing praises of the government and PAP and smear the opposition.”

“This is fair because ST should know better than to unfairly bite the hand that feeds them.”

Other Singaporeans said they are confident ST will continue to be objective in their reporting by providing Singaporeans with the full picture.

Another local, Kwa Poh Zhua, said: “ST will continue to probe stories that make Singapore and the government look good and establish all the facts in those instances are correct.”

“If they break away from this tradition and start doing investigative journalism and make the PAP and government look bad via exposés, then it will be very incredible as they have not done it before.”

“Then this is not very good as Lee Hsien Loong said ST is a ‘credible’ newspaper, not ‘incredible’ one.”

At press time, other Singaporeans said longevity is just a sign you have not been wiped out yet.






S’poreans can’t wait to hear PM Lee Hsien Loong say sorry at GE2015 lunch time rally

S’poreans can’t wait to hear PM Lee Hsien Loong say sorry at GE2015 lunch time rally

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Singaporeans will be upset if the prime minister doesn’t apologise again.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are part of the politically-active citizenry, have come out to say that they cannot wait for General Election 2015 to kick off.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong revealed in parliament on July 13, 2015, that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC), comprised of civil servants, was secretly formed two months ago, signalling that the GE will be starting very soon as gerrymandering is being carried out.

One Singaporean, Gao Zhen Zhi, said PM Lee’s reluctance to admit publicly that the EDRC had already been formed is understandable, as no one would want to highlight the fact that he would be apologising publicly very soon: “If I was PM Lee I would also not want to draw attention to it as election starting again means he will probably need to apologise for mistakes made the last four years.”

“So I am looking forward to this GE2015 as it is a good time to see PM Lee say sorry again during his lunchtime rally at Boat Quay next to UOB Plaza.”

“If he doesn’t apologise, Singaporeans would feel like something is amiss, as this must be a staple every election from GE2011 onward.”

Other Singaporeans said witnessing PAP politicians admit to the electorate that they had not done as well as expected and then pleading with voters to be given another chance at political office will always be a sight to behold.

Another local, Qu Tou Piao, said: “I enjoy seeing rallies where the PAP leaders address a crowd of a few hundred people. It is so demoralisng for them as they have always believed they are high and mighty and given some strong mandate to rule.”

“What’s more, I feel empowered seeing political leaders grovel for votes.”

“It’s all very cathartic.”

At press time, other voters are betting that other cabinet ministers would also be apologising publicly during the upcoming rallies.






Aljunied residents: ‘PM Lee must personally run in Aljunied GRC if PAP is serious about winning it back’

Aljunied residents: ‘PM Lee must personally run in Aljunied GRC if PAP is serious about winning it back’

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Anything less than PM Lee is just lip service.


Aljunied residents from all walks of life have thrown down the gauntlet ahead of the upcoming General Election expected to be held in September or October 2015.

They are challenging Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to leave his Ang Mo Kio GRC stronghold and form a GRC team to contest in Aljunied GRC to show that the incumbent party is sincere in winning back the only opposition-held group seats in Singapore.

One resident, Fan Dui Dang, who stays in the opposition ward, said: “Personally putting skin in the game would allow the prime minister to show with conviction that the PAP is sincere, keen and game to take back Aljunied GRC from the Workers’ Party, no matter what it takes.”

“Or else, any team PAP forms that does not have PM Lee’s presence will be understood to be a suicide squad to merely make up the numbers.”

However, other Aljunied residents said PM Lee himself contesting in the GRC against the WP will look gimmicky.

Another resident, Gao Zhen Zhi, said: “Therefore, PM Lee himself must contest the GRC with four other Cabinet ministers. That’s when they will look serious. Or else, it is an affront to politics and the spirit of servitude.”

“And I will feel they are not sincere enough and it is just lip service.”






S’poreans give PM Lee Hsien Loong a feel of what it’s like speaking at Workers’ Party size rally

S’poreans give PM Lee Hsien Loong a feel of what it’s like speaking at Workers’ Party size rally

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Part of SG50 celebrations.



Singaporeans from highly religious walks of life decided to do something nice for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Some 50,000 of them gathered at the Singapore Sports Hub on July 5, 2015, for the Jubilee Day of Prayer event to mark SG50 and pray for the country.

And at the same time, they allowed PM Lee to give a short speech in front of them.

According to those who were present to witness the occasion, they said they just wanted to let PM Lee experience for the first time what it is like speaking to a crowd comparable to those traditionally found at Workers’ Party rallies during election time.

Workers’ Party rallies usually draw between 100,000 to 110,0000 participants who show up voluntarily to an open field, rain or shine.

One Singaporean, Gao Zeng Zi, said every politician, especially one who runs a country, should experience what it is like to be speaking to a large crowd: “It has come to our attention that PM Lee never had a chance to address a crowd this big before. All the past PAP election rallies were poorly attended, probably 1,000 people or less.”

“We just hope to make SG50 a bit more special and memorable for him.”

“How big is the crowd during GE2015, will still be up to his party though.”









PM Lee first S’porean to unlock cash value of blog posts, successfully monetise Internet content

PM Lee first S’porean to unlock cash value of blog posts, successfully monetise Internet content

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He has succeeded where many Internet content providers have failed.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, particularly those with blogs or manage some online website but do not make much money from their Internet endeavours, are clapping their hands loudly as they shake their heads in amazement at the same time.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong successfully unlocked the cash value of blog posts written about him by CPF blogger Roy Ngerng, that could potentially net him a figure anywhere between S$100,000 and S$250,000 or more.

Yong Dian Nao, a Singaporean online content producer, said: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think Internet content can be monetised or even be valuable, but yet, the prime minister has shown that it is not only entirely possible to make money online, it is possible to make a lot of money online from blog posts.”

“This flies in the face of the notion that badly written, incoherent and largely unintelligible Internet content is junk and valueless. Whoever said that must be eating his words now.”

Other Internet scribes said even though PM Lee’s approach of monetisation is unorthodox, it showed that there is a future for poorly-written web content as they can make big money and provide employment for related industries like law, the judiciary and national media outlets.

Shang Fa Ting, another website content maker, said: “A lot of companies and smart people have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to monetise all the web traffic and eyeballs but to no avail.”

“And here comes along PM Lee, who is not even a digital native, to figure out the road map for giving misguided and folly-ridden writing a premium.”

“I hope PM Lee’s approach to unlocking cash value in blog posts will go viral, for the lack of a better term, and it will be industry practice sooner than later, and this will allow others who write online to allow the monetisation of their content by other people.”















PM believing 19-year-old can pull off plot to kill him signals his security officers need to address his emotional insecurities

PM believing 19-year-old can pull off plot to kill him signals his security officers need to address his emotional insecurities

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More affirmation and signs of affection needed from SOs.


Reiterating how Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong needs to sit his security officers down one by one to have heart-to-heart chats with them, relationship counsellors said the recent revelation by the PM that he seriously believes a plot by a 19-year-old to kill him can actually be pulled off shows more can be done by those close to and tasked with protecting his mortal health to address his emotional insecurities.

“For the prime minister to come out openly to inform the public about his private concerns and rationalising that he believes a 19-year-old is capable of carrying out a plot to take his life,” Tan Gan Qing, a relationship counsellor said, “shows he is insecure and emotionally unfulfilled, besides letting his imagination run wild, and is looking to re-examine his relationship with his security officers because he doesn’t ‘feel’ them.”

“There is no doubt his team of security officers are the best in this country. Therefore, what he is saying is not that the team protecting him round the clock 24/7 can’t really take one for him and he is feeling a tad sad about that.”

Tan continued: “If we are really making the effort to listen to what he is trying to tell us, PM Lee is not fearing for his life. This is a man who is speaking from a place where he feels emotionally empty and he is not connecting on a psychic level with his staff.”

To mend this bond that has been broken, relationship counsellors said the prime minister should initiate casual dinners with his security personnel one-on-one to get to know them better after office hours and connect with them on more than one level.

And to feel that things have not taken an awkward turn, both parties should not treat each other like professionals round the clock, as this creates an extraordinarily cordial environment that serves as an inhibition to spontaneous gestures and small talk, besides prohibiting genuine displays of affection.

“A simple gesture such as asking about one’s family or if they are thinking of taking up baking or Zumba can really break the ice and make one person more comfortable in the other’s presence,” Tan explained.

“There’s no need to always chat about cerebral issues. Shoot the breeze and talk about nothing in particular.”

At press time, the prime minister is seen speaking to his security officers about his plan to take up computer coding again and launching more open source programmes once he is retired from politics, but sources familiar with the situation report that there is hardly any eye contact between him and his staffers as they find it hard to carry on a conversation about this obscurantist topic that is a bit hard to talk about.


Sometimes the prime minister is the one left speechless:

PM Lee finally realises how packed trains are in S’pore










Govt confirms CPF money is your money if you think it is, not your money if you think it isn’t

Govt confirms CPF money is your money if you think it is, not your money if you think it isn’t

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It is what you think it is.

The Singapore government has confirmed once and for all that money in your Central Provident Fund account belongs to whoever Singaporeans think it belongs to.

This after Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said in May 2014 that “Money in CPF account is your money”:


On the other hand, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on March 4, 2015, almost a year later, that CPF money can also be thought of as not your money.


Ad by Wikiproperty.co

Ad by Wikiproperty.co (Singapore)

One government spokesperson, Kong Chee Kim, has since come out to clarify this confusion about who exactly does your CPF money belong to: “Your CPF money can, in fact, be anything you imagine it to be.”

“If you think your CPF money belongs to you, then it belongs to you.”

“If you think the CPF money doesn’t belong to you, then it doesn’t belong to you but to someone else, as a collective pool of funds for everyone’s use or locked up as part of the state’s coffers that drives the economy as it is used to finance spending.”

“Actually, to tell you the truth, this is something almost all Singaporeans don’t realise: Ask not if the CPF money belongs to you or doesn’t belong to you. Ask whether you, as a Singaporean, belong to the CPF?”


Your CPF is like The Dress. Everybody sees it differently:

CPF blogger Roy Ngerng says dress is black & blue after PM Lee said it’s white & gold

More than 50,000 Facebook Likes sent to PM Lee Hsien Loong helped save his life

More than 50,000 Facebook Likes sent to PM Lee Hsien Loong helped save his life

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Anything less than 50,000 would have been critical.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s life was saved on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015, after the 63-year-old leader received more than 50,000 Facebook Likes that were sent to him by concerned FB users who heard that he was undergoing surgery for prostate cancer.


Upon news breaking the day before on Sunday evening in the mainstream media that PM Lee would be due for surgery the next day, Facebook users organised themselves immediately by getting ready to hit the “Like” button any moment the prime minister uploads a statement or picture of himself on his Facebook page regarding his impending procedure in the hospital.

Ad by Wikiproperty.co

Ad by Wikiproperty.co (Singapore)

One Facebook user, Ai Pao Er, said he is just doing his bit to send Likes to PM Lee to help him overcome difficulties because he believes in effecting change through social media: “Facebook Likes have been used previously to overthrow governments in Middle East by giving power back to the people, alleviate flooded conditions overseas that were hit by typhoons, help boost the health of ailing Third World children and eradicating poverty in general.”

“Hence, I will not sit idly when I know I have the power to bring change to other people’s lives, like my prime minister’s, by giving him Facebook Likes.”

The Prime Minister’s Office responded with a statement following PM Lee’s successful surgery, saying he is grateful that Singaporeans are putting social media to positive use.

The PMO said the PM was grateful for the electronic affirmation and he pulled through as a result of all the precious Facebook Likes that were sent streaming his way, as any less than that amount received would have been critical: “Every precious Like can make a difference. If it weren’t for the more than 50,000 Facebook Likes, our dear prime minister — god forbid — might just have to rely on the power of medical science and surgery to pull through.”


PM Lee Hsien Loong in the news:

New Korean citizen PM Lee Hsien Loong to move 6-member GRC from AMK to Seoul in classic gerrymandering move

PM Lee contemplates dropping lawsuit to leave CPF blogger with $70,000 administrative headache

Some PAP backbenchers still secretly harbouring fantasies about being picked as next PM

Some PAP backbenchers still secretly harbouring fantasies about being picked as next PM

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They want to do that Oscars ceremony thing where they can act surprised at winning.


As speculation continues to proliferate in the media about who will be the next chief of Singapore, several PAP backbenchers have admitted it has always been a fantasy of theirs to be the prime minister even though they are hardly qualified.

One of the MPs who gave his name as Lam but didn’t want to reveal his full name, said: “Every time I hear PM Lee talk about succession plans and how the next prime minister might already be in parliament now, I secretly fantasise that he is talking about me and will be unveiling me as his protege to everyone’s surprise and chagrin when the time comes.”

“Like ‘Hey, I was here all along and you guys snubbed me because you thought I’d have amounted to nothing’.”

Another backbencher MP, who gave his name as Tong but didn’t want to reveal his full name, said he fantasises about how he would pick up a call one day from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who would inform him he is the top choice: “I know it is down to Heng Swee Keat and Chan Chun Sing. But one can hope against all hope it could be me.”

“That is one of my fantasies.”

“I imagine it like what you see during the Oscar ceremony where they are announcing the Best Actor and everyone is being cool and composed before the winner’s name is read and when you don’t get chosen you still have to keep a straight face.”

However, Singaporeans by-and-large said it is not hard to foretell who will be the next prime minister.

One local, Tng Lang, said: “By default, if you’re Chinese and you’re a man, you stand a better chance already.”

“You’d see the PM and the public talking about whether Heng Swee Keat or Chan Chun Sing would be the next prime minister, and everyone’s playing off these little rivalries.”

“At times like this, you do feel kind of bad for Tan Chun-Jin.”


Singapore’s first non-Chinese prime minister if there ever was one:

S’poreans declare they are ready for non-Chinese prime minister






S’poreans declare they are ready for non-Chinese prime minister

S’poreans declare they are ready for non-Chinese prime minister

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Tharman Shamugaratnam catapults to the top of the pile.


After his wide-ranging and wisdom-filled interview got published in The Straits Times on April 19, 2013, deputy prime minister Tharman Shamugaratnam has been winning accolades from all quarters in Singapore the last 16 hours.

This is due to some of the never-heard-before ideas put forward by him, which include abolishing the academic caste system caused by the education system, building a more socialist government, allowing more opposition in parliament and encouraging social media to be a check on government policy.

This has led to talk among Singaporeans that Singapore is ready for a non-Chinese prime minister, a topic that was broached five years ago.

One Singaporean patriot, Zhuo Zhong Li, said: “He is the most progressive and forward-thinking member of the PAP. Give this man a beer, man. He is outshining Lee Hsien Loong.”

And it is not just about catapulting in front of the current prime minister.

Another Singaporean, Tok Ter Kua, said: “Tharman is the only statesman left in the ruling party.”

“He makes the rest of the party look like chopped liver.”

Prime Minister apologises, but nothing has changed

Prime Minister apologises, but nothing has changed

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He issues a long overdue apology for mistakes in the past 5 years, but his fundamental political beliefs have not shifted.

By Fang Shihan

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, in a prelude to PM Lee’s apology, gave a dire warning. He said that Singapore, like the rest of the world, was “one shock away from another recession.” The world has not recovered from the recession he said, but because the government has done a good job, the median worker has seen incomes rise by 10% over the past 10 years, after accounting for inflation.

And with the figurative red carpet rolled out, PM Lee stepped forward, staff in hand, crown placed nicely, and… said sorry.

The economy was doing great, he said, growing at 14.5% last year because the PAP made good decisions when the opportunities arose. But this came at the expense of the people.

“[Overcrowding and limited public transport capacity] are real problems, we will tackle them. but I hope you will understand that when these problems vex you or disturb you or upset your lives, please bear with us. We are trying our best on your behalf. And if we didn’t get it quite right. I’m sorry, but we will try to do better the next time.”

And it gets better.

“We made a mistake when we let Mas Selamat run away. We made a mistake when Orchard road got flooded. And there are other mistakes which we have made from time to time and I’m sure will occasionally happen again. I hope not too often. But when it happens, we should acknowledge it. We should apologise, take responsibility, put things right. If we have to discipline somebody, we will do that. And we must learn from our lessons and never make the same mistake again.”

Eh? You got discipline Wong Kan Seng meh? If I recall correctly, he turned the situation around and accused Singaporeans of being complacent about security. But never mind, onward with the next apology:

“There are two examples where things didn’t turn out like we hoped. HDB flats: we had a sharp recession just 3 years ago. We had a surplus of flats. We didn’t expect that in the middle of 2009, after this sharp downturn, things would pick up suddenly, strongly, the wind would catch us, and suddenly the demand would press flat prices up. If we could have predicted this I think we would have ramped up our building plan earlier, built more flats earlier and we would have saved many singaporeans some angst.

Similarly with our public transport, we enjoyed high growth, higher than we expected. But with high growth, we had more population increase than we expected because we had more foreign workers come in and we had to accept them because we wanted them to fill the jobs to support the investments, the projects that were coming in. As a result we have more congestion.

We’re sorry we didn’t get it exactly right. But I hope you will understand and bear with us. Because we are trying our best to fix the problems. We’re building 22,000 flats this year. Opening one new MRT line or extension line every year for the next 7 years. Investing in our people and in our future.”

And so he begs for forgiveness, pleads for the people’s mandate so he can run the government properly and dangles some awfully yummy looking carrots in front.

One MRT line every year? Seriously? To quote Irene Ang: “Singapore got so much space to dig ar?”

I understand though, and I appreciate the apology after three long years. Better late then never. Shows the humble side of the man who’s the son of the most powerful man on the island.

But if you think that’s any indication of a sharp U-turn in policy, you’re going to be disappointed.

Even if PM Lee proclaims proudly, about the free and fair electoral system, where anyone and everyone could contest and even switch parties if they wanted to, he’s still very much the old-school guy who believes in a one-party dominant system. Having an opposition gets in the way. Period.

“[The opposition] will help the PAP to make a mess, so they will take over from the PAP. It’s quite understandable. They’re entitled to do that. we’ve asked them to admit it. Some do, like the Reform Party. Others like the Worker’s Party hem and haw but they stop short of saying that. They want to get your vote speaking softly. But is it good to have government and opposition fighting each other all the time in parliament?”

“When the Worker’s party says First World Parliament, so we ask them where’s your first world? They say ‘don’t have but its First World’. Because when you ask for the real samples, you see the sample, you know you don’t want to buy this merchandise. This is bad merchandise.”

To PM Lee, the electoral system is nothing more than a controlled theatre for the kids to watch once every five years. It’s all a performance and the best actors get to continue performing (but not participating) in parliament for the next half a decade.

To PM Lee, only the PAP are fit to govern. And boy does he work hard to make sure he hand picks the right people for the party.

“You’ve seen some of them, you’ve heard some of them. In fact several of them were here this afternoon, speaking to you. Getting practice talking to Singaporeans. I believe that they are good, and they will get better. By 2020, they must be ready to lead Singapore when my generation retires.”

PM, you’re assuming they’ll last until 2020 issit? There’s still one more election in between and we can vote them out you know? Again, we have free and fair elections, anyone can contest, but PM is able to predict that one whole generation of PAP politicians will be able to lead (even as they’re still practicing their speeches during the elections).

But if that’s not enough, PM had to pull the generation card.

“Your approach to the GE will be different from the older generation. From your parents. Because for your parents this is the 7th or 10th GE and they will vote based on gut instinct and loyalty. And long experience on what they have known, works in Singapore. And they know what can happen if you have a bad government in Singapore.”

Sir, I believe 43.4% of the voting population were in walkover wards in 2006 and if you look hard enough, there will be people your age who’re voting for the first time in 2011. And if they had grown up during Singapore’s boomtime, they really wouldn’t know what could happen with a bad government could they?

And he ends it off with the final gong.

“After this GE, we will have the mandate to take Singapore forward for the next 5 years.”

Assumptions sir, assumptions. So yes he apologised, yes I feel shiok, but don’t be mistaken. Nothing about him has changed one bit.

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