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NParks director deserves PR Award for crafting civil reply to Larry Quah

NParks director deserves PR Award for crafting civil reply to Larry Quah

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However, we present you the reply before it was edited.

Ok, check out the very civil viral reply by NParks to the troll bait ST forum letter by one Larry Quah Chai Koon (OMG 1,800 FB shares for such a short letter?):


Now, put on this reading glasses and you can see this PR letter before it was edited:

WE ARE sorry to hear of Mr Larry Quah Chai Koon’s unfortunate accident, but honestly, I really don’t know why we should be apologising as it is clearly not really our fault that a man got hurt when he tripped over himself. (“Dangerous obstacles along MacRitchie trail”; Forum Online, last Saturday).

So from now on, should we also start apologising for every single person who intentionally or unintentionally fell into Bedok Reservoir?

Regardless, rest assured, we regularly carry out trail maintenance work to remove large rocks and fallen tree branches. And doing this task from time to time is already a goddamn hassle because large rocks and tree branches wind up all over the place as nature is never static.

That’s what Nature does!

So you see, Larry, it is not feasible to remove all the rocks and cut all branches and roots of trees along a trail in a nature reserve.

Look at it from another perspective: How would you like it if your house pests, such as ants and lizards, moved around the furniture in your house every night when you go to sleep?

And you wake up the next morning to find all your stuff rearranged? You wouldn’t like that, would you?

And imagine if we did remove all the barriers from nature: If we did, then nature wouldn’t be nature! It will be the same as the void deck or Gardens By The Bay!

Which we have ample amounts of!

Nevertheless, we remind everyone to take extra care when exercising at nature trails. Nature can be a bitch. It winds you up sometimes. Like that guy in 127 hours who had to cut off his own arm after getting it trapped under a boulder in the middle of nowhere.

Moreover, what is really inconvenient is when you fall over, hurt yourself, and call for help, and paramedics have to locate your position in the middle of MacRitchie and rush to your aid, while the rocks, roots and tree branches get in the way of their stretcher.

Lastly, I should really win a PR Award for crafting this short and sweet letter.

And in the back of my mind, I’m already thinking how many Facebook shares this letter will receive considering how the original letter went viral in less than 5 hours and clocked 19,000 shares. That’s like Edison Chen’s nude pics virality, right?

But you know what’s really bothering me a bit though? It is how I think people will perceive the role of PR practitioners like me: Writing civil replies to stupid letters and not bat an eyelid.

And seriously, screw you Straits Times for even publishing original stupid letters like Larry’s.

Wong Tuan Wah

Director (Conservation)

National Parks Board

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