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S’poreans petitioning PM Lee to ban Stomp

S’poreans petitioning PM Lee to ban Stomp

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If PM Lee is serious about tackling trolling, he should act like a man.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with diminishing levels of tolerance are doing up a petition calling on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to personally pull the plug and ban Singapore Press Holdings’ Stomp website.

This after PM Lee pledged to single-handedly tackle the problem of trolling online during the Zaobao Forum two days ago, as he felt it is making everyone useless and stupid.

Stomp, a nincompoop website that thrives on voyeurism, recently found itself in deep trouble with Singaporeans as it trolled an NSF, blaming him for drinking plain water on the MRT.

This did not go down well as the NSF already spends two years of his life protecting the country and Stomp is insinuating he is supposed to die of thirst instead of quenching it.

One Singaporean son, Koh Hen Gan, said: “PM Lee must show his leadership skills and do the right thing by banning Stomp.”

“Stomp is a menace to society and based on the fact its editors are anonymous and hiding behind a blanket of anonymity, are doing nothing but perpetuate stupidity and inanity.”

“If the prime minister sits idly by allowing Stomp to continue trolling, he is guilty of complicity due to his inaction.”





Publicity whore Steven Lim fakes his own death on FB?

Publicity whore Steven Lim fakes his own death on FB?

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I don’t even…

Publicity whore and all-round nincompoop, Steven Lim, is suspected of setting up a fake Facebook page that went ‘live’ on Oct. 22 announcing his death.

A badly photoshopped news article has been put up on the Facebook page, R.I.P Steven Lim.

The somewhat good news is that more than 2,000 people have liked the page.

The better news is that Singaporeans are calling his bluff and putting up counter-evidence.

Therefore, the best news is that online literacy is higher than expected. People don’t believe everything they read, but there is nothing to stop them from hoping that it can be true.

But the worst news of all is that this attempt by Steven Lim to get publicity is in fact working because we all got suckered to see it.

Nonetheless, plenty of Singaporeans are disappointed that he did not really die. _|_

Teenagers jubilant at planned increase in buses

Teenagers jubilant at planned increase in buses

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Thank you for more spaces to make out in, they say.

The Government of Singapore is unleashing up to 800 public buses over the next five years to deal with the increasing population and demand for public transportation.

This news was part of the Budget 2012 unveiled last week and already students are rejoicing over the prospect of having more spaces to make out in.

Kenny, a 16-year-old secondary two student, said making out on air conditioned buses beats the experience of doing so at void decks or lift landings.

“Some times quite hot, afternoon”, he said as he ate his girlfriend’s face.

A straw poll with 500 students revealed that SBS number 10 is one of the most popular make out venues on wheels.

The bus starts its journey at the Kent Ridge terminal in the National University of Singapore and completes its two-hour route at Tampines interchange.

“It’s a great service because it tends to get quite empty around 3 p.m. and I get to second base at least,” said Lisa P., who has a 15-year-old girlfriend.

The 14-year-old added: “On at least two occasions I managed up to third base.”

However, some teenagers expressed concerns that the impending fare increase when new buses are added to the fleet will limit the number of times they ride the buses and their partners.

“I guess it’s about picking strategically the longer rides during the emptier parts of the day,” said one student who declined to be named but is proud to mention that he is dating a lingerie blogshop model from the western part of Singapore.

Another concern that students pointed out is the prevalance of voyeurs known as “Stompers”, who take photos of couples getting intimate and putting them online.

One student, who only wants to be known as The Serpentine, said: “And you thought students making out are desperate. These Stompers who take photos and think they are vigilantes are even more desperate. Nincompoops, I tell you.”

And at least one other student pointed out that make out plans are at times disrupted by bus enthusiasts who take long bus rides alone or in groups as a hobby.

Kenny said: “These bus enthusiasts like to ride on buses and take photos of the inside of buses and act damn high, like aroused like that.

“Damn disgusting man,” he said as he continued to eat his girlfriend’s face.