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Survey: Elected MPs in S’pore happiest in the world

Survey: Elected MPs in S’pore happiest in the world

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Well-paid and job security among top reasons.


A new survey on wellness and employment has found that elected members of parliament in Singapore are among the happiest in the world.

This after the survey found that MPs here are happy due to several factors, namely having a job that pays well, short hours and a strong sense of job security.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are having the exact opposite type of jobs, said they are envious.

One Singaporean, Chi Chu, said: “Having a job that pays well is something that all Singaporeans should have and not just confined to a small group of individuals.”

“I hope MPs in Singapore can look into this disparity with how they live and how the rest of the country lives.”

However, the survey also found that out of the present 89 elected MPs, six of them are not as happy or as satisfied.

This is so as the other 83 form the super majority as they come from one political party in Singapore.

Another local, Jin Koh Lian, said: “The six MPs not from the majority have to fight tooth and nail to keep their jobs and deserve the remuneration they receive.”

“The rest have it relatively easy in comparison.”

“If the other 83 MPs fought just as hard, they would deserve a pay raise.”







MPs extremely touched by their own speech in Parliament

MPs extremely touched by their own speech in Parliament

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They were impressed by themselves, many thought to and about themselves.


Numerous Members of Parliament from some walks of life, because they mainly come from the PAP who take up such a large chunk of Parliament, are feeling very moved and touched.

This after they each gave a speech in Parliament for the Budget debate and were moved to tears by the force of their own rhetoric, crispness of their diction, insight into the plight of the suffering and overwhelming fevour of their own conviction to right all wrongs in Singapore society.

One PAP MP was thought to have thought to himself: “I spoke with a conviction I never felt since I got elected during GE2015 last September 2015.”

“I was extremely touched by the sound of my voice and the position I espouse. I believe Singaporeans from all walks of life will hear my speech and weep as I have wept, as I was really, really moved.”

Other MPs were reported to have thought to themselves that they too did extremely well and have moved even themselves to do soul-searching in the aftermath of their words having been spoken.

Another MP from the ruling party, was believed to have thought: “This speech will convince all my naysayers that I have so much substance and belief.”

“I nailed it completely. The electorate made the right decision giving me this strong mandate. This will make me a superstar MP praised by the Internet and social media people.”

“I have so much belief and so much to give. It’s amazing.”

At press time, Singaporeans from all walks of life were not aware parliament was in session.






Lee Kuan Yew ensures all MPs in attendance for full-house Parliament, a first in a long time

Lee Kuan Yew ensures all MPs in attendance for full-house Parliament, a first in a long time

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Parliament has long been plagued by absenteeism.


Having long been plagued by widespread absenteeism as attendance dwindled or was marred by complete no-shows, all Members of Parliament from the incumbent and opposition parties were brought together to sit in the chambers for the first time in a long time on March 26, 2015.

This after a special parliamentary sitting was assembled in honour of Lee Kuan Yew, whose conspicuous absence was the reason the other MPs were there in attendance together to pay tribute to Singapore’s first prime minister.

Lee’s passing on March 23 surprised both government and critics as there has been an outpouring of national grief on an unprecedented scale.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who saw the footage of a full-house parliament, said they were deeply impressed by Lee Kuan Yew’s ability to rally all the MPs together, if not by his presence, then by his absence.

One Singaporean, Pong Tang, who is also a regular taxpayer, said: “Attendance in Parliament has long been marred by widespread absenteeism, but I never had a doubt it would take Lee Kuan Yew himself to bring everybody together.”

“We might have thought he failed to ensure everybody attended parliament when he was alive. But he proved us all wrong again.”

“He still managed to do it in death.”


Here’s what Lee Kuan Yew is capable:

Government underestimated how much S’poreans love Lee Kuan Yew

S’poreans queue 12 hours to pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew: ‘We’ve trained hard queuing for Hello Kitty’

SMRT train along East West Line observed 20 minutes of silence on March 23, 2015

99% of S’poreans found out about LKY’s passing while checking their phone in bed, dreading work on Monday

To prevent absenteeism, MPs clock in with their mugshots

To prevent absenteeism, MPs clock in with their mugshots

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Public-at-large applaud move by National Institute of Proper Parliamentary Logistics Evaluation.

As a result of rampant absenteeism, MPs from now on will be required to log in with their mugshots to prove that they have attended parliament sessions.

MPs will be required to check in by peering into a face recognition device, similar to the one installed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) at a Serangoon Garden Market.

Mugshot used to clock attendance and spy on hawkers

Mugshot used to clock attendance and spy on hawkers

The NEA’s device was recently installed to spy on hawkers to prevent the illegal subletting of stalls and ensure that subsidised stallholders operate their stalls personally.

Under the guise of clocking attendance, hawkers are required to check in daily with their countenance.

The National Institute of Proper Parliamentary Logistics Evaluation (NIPPLE), has issued a statement explaining that this measure to make MPs take attendance as well is due to certain MPs who have been absent for a majority of parliament sessions without rhyme or reason.

However, no names were cited and no hints provided

But Singaporeans being kaypoh, can easily tell who the guilty are.

One Singaporean, Pon Tang Kia, said: “You just check the Hansard record, you know already. No need to talk so much one.”

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