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3.5 million S’poreans from all walks of life to start their own 4th telco

3.5 million S’poreans from all walks of life to start their own 4th telco


They will own, subscribe and provide services for themselves, by themselves.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who no longer want to be held hostage by all three telcos Singtel, M1 and StarHub, have come together to form their own telco, which will potentially be Singapore’s fourth operator.

This after all three telcos have been offering sweeter mobile data deals as of late, which goes to show they have been ripping customers off for years by overpricing their services.

One Singaporean, Tan Dua Lui, said all 3.5 million Singaporeans are going to band together to start their own telco and leave the previous telcos for dead: “Singaporeans will each contribute S$300 each, which is less than what we pay for our mobile data bill in a year, and pool together some S$1 billion in liquid cash to start our own telco.”

“This telco will then be owned by all Singaporeans, who will then still pay for a subscription to maintain the operations and hire people to work. Any excess funds will then be redistributed back to the people as no one person will stand to profit.”

“This will be an innovations-driven telco, and not one that is profit-driven by exploiting people.”

“This means we will no longer have to pay a fat cat CEO and management board millions of dollars in salary a year for no reason.”

“Singaporeans will get to own our own means of production and put an end to this rent-seeking capitalist pig mentality.”







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