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Khaw Boon Wan & Henry Thia merged

Khaw Boon Wan & Henry Thia merged

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This will bring about greater economies of scale.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who watch mergers happen before their eyes with amazement, are cheering loudly in approval.

This after Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and Acting Minister Henry Thia merged.

This occurred after eight junior colleges announced they were merging to achieve greater economies of scale.

One Singaporean, Er Bian Yee, said: “Allowing the Transport Minister and Acting Minister to merge will bring about greater economies of scale as well.”

“Instead of two ministers, now there is just one who can do the jobs.”

“Save money.”

Other locals said anything that can be merged in Singapore must be merged, or else, there will be waste because waste is bad.

Another local, Jiang Seow Hua, said: “There is not much difference between the public transport system and a joke sometimes.”

“That’s why they also merged.”







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