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S’porean ladies shocked to see sexually attractive guy at protest

S’porean ladies shocked to see sexually attractive guy at protest

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His presence at May Day protest a clear indication times are hard.

Photo stolen from The Online Citizen Facebook

Photo stolen from The Online Citizen Facebook

Some Singaporean women New Nation interviewed said they were stunned to see one sexually attractive guy attend the May Day protest at Hong Lim Park.

One woman, said the good-lookingness of at least one protestor is an indication how bad things are.

The lady, Sue Pearl Felicia, said: “Good-looking people usually have it easier in life, be it finding employment or making friends, getting laid. So, if a good looking guy attends a protest, it means there must really be hardship going around.”

But all is not lost.

The presence of the sexually attractive guy has spawned good will among Singaporeans, to the extent some are offering personal help.

Another woman, Jess Trawling, said while flicking her hair and giggling: “I’ve never thought good looking people had problems.”

“But if the sexually attractive guy needs help, he can call me maybe at 9-9953-6413.”


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Tourists excited to see S’poreans protesting

Tourists excited to see S’poreans protesting

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Tour groups highlight Hong Lim May Day Protest as a place of interest to visit.


The upcoming May Day Protest at Hong Lim Park is not only drawing the attention of local authorities — it is widely anticipated by tourists who will be in Singapore on May 1.

This is due to the rarity of public protests here.

And many tourists will be flocking to where the action is as they are already exchanging tips on online travel forums, excitedly mentioning Hong Lim Park as a major place of interest to visit.

A European tourist, Fromme Elleswear, said: “Seeing Singaporeans protesting in public is as rare as witnessing a camel mating with a salmon.”

“It never happens.”

The Hong Lim Park protest is also catching the imagination of tourists from authoritarian landscapes.

Huwantu Id-Sheed, an Arabian man, said: “It would be my pleasure to provide Singaporeans some tips at Hong Lim Park on how to carry a banner and pump their fist in the air while chanting slogans with gusto.”

However, Singaporeans interviewed by New Nation said they are not too keen of the idea that tourists will be at the protest to take their photos.

Boh Tao Nao, a local, said: “First they take our jobs, then they take our public transportation. And then they take our women. After that they also take our flats and our schools.”

“You mean now foreigners want to come and take our photos? I better store my photos in a safe place where they cannot find it.”

May Day protest could attract 1 million people

May Day protest could attract 1 million people

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Hong Lim Park might turn into a giant sinkhole.


The May Day protest on May 1 that is going to take place in a week’s time might just break all known and previously held records in Singapore.

An estimated one million people are expected to turn up in full force carrying banners and sweating buckets, largely due to the immensely unpopular series of happenings and the perceived injustice that has prevailed the past few days.

Firstly, a somewhat unknown cartoonist named Leslie Chew got arrested for possible sedition for drawing a series of Demon-cratic Singapore comic that reflects politics and life.

This has angered some segments of Singaporeans who see this a clamp down on expression that is not even that funny.

Next, Nizam Ismail, a former director of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) stepped down from the organisation after he alleged that he was hinted to tone down his critical views by some members of the ruling government.

It is a known fact that he had openly participated in the Population White Paper protest and a Workers’ Party forum, and he will be at the May Day protest as well as a speaker.

Lastly, foreigners have been warned to stay away from Hong Lim Park on May Day by the protest organisers, which is seen as a playing up of a non-issue by authorities.

All these events are compounded by the seething anger already boiling over among Singaporeans for years, to play out into an epic event of biblical proportions.

However, with so many people congregated at one location, there is a fear that a sinkhole might formed.

Sinkholes have been making appearances all over the island the past few months because Singapore might actually be sinking.

And online sources will estimate that the sinkhole was due to two million people showing up for the protest.