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NTU lecturer providing free worked-out Maths solutions

NTU lecturer providing free worked-out Maths solutions

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Can we help crowdsource answers to Maths problems on his free study website?

Lee Chu Keong, the man.

Ladies and gentlemen, contrary to all that doom and gloom and sad sack stories you hear about day in and day out, we’re giving you something to have your faith restored in humanity.

Here goes: NTU lecturer, Lee Chu Keong, out of his own free will and kind heart, has started a free website to help students, particularly those coming from disadvantaged circumstances, with Maths problems.

Called OpenlySolved, the site is updated every week with Maths solutions from one question to an entire topic.

However, due to Lee’s workload, he is unable to provide complete set of solutions just yet, even though he has four students to give him a hand.

OpenlySolved was started in January this year, but this has been something that has been brewing for more than six years, where Lee first uploaded his maths solutions onto his personal website.

The 46-year-old permanent resident is doing what he’s doing as he got a chance to study in Singapore and is hoping to give back to society.

And he thinks paying for tuition is overrated.

You can find Lee’s Facebook profile here and OpenlySolved Facebook page here.

Drop him a message if you can give him a boost! This project sounds like it could make do with some crowdsourcing!

Always remember, the intelligence of a crowd is superior to any single individual!

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