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Colourful MRT lines show that public transport is gay

Colourful MRT lines show that public transport is gay

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MRT lines must, therefore, be in 50 shades of grey.


Dear New Nation,

I applaud the authorities’ move in discouraging the kissing scene between two male actors in Les Mis√©rables Singapore show.

However, I would like to urge the authorities to go further by re-examining the design of the MRT map.

As Singapore expands its public transport system, we will require more colours to differentiate one line from another, turning our map into a veritable rainbow.

As it is now well-established in Singapore, rainbow designs have been the LGBT movement’s insidious and hidden method of converting all Singaporean to homosexuality and can certainly be blamed for Singapore’s falling birth rates.

I, therefore, implore the authorities to seriously consider changing our system maps.

There is no concern about not being able to identify one line from another, as Singaporeans have already discovered 50 shades of grey they can use to indicate different lines.

50 shades of gray is also an appropriate colour scheme to use because of the book. I have not read it but I have heard that it details the sex life of a heterosexual male and female, and should be a shining beacon of what Singaporeans must aim to have.

I suggest we carry out the change in phases so as not to affect the public’s daily routines too much, starting with NEL, because it is the purple line.

Yours sincerely,
Anonymous letter writer







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