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S’poreans react to Lim Swee Say saying he’s grateful he’s not M’sian now

S’poreans react to Lim Swee Say saying he’s grateful he’s not M’sian now

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


PAP East Coast GRC candidate Lim Swee Say said in Mandarin during his rally on Thursday night, Sept. 3, 2015, that he is grateful Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965, or else we would still be Malaysian.

He also said before this statement that he is grateful that his father had taken a boat from China to Singapore, or else, he might be a Chinese citizen.

On both occasions, he said “Heng ah…”

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “His father should have stayed in China.”
Hui Jia Xiang, 44-year-old hydroponics farmer


sian-half-uncle “I don’t see how Lim Swee Say is a Singaporean benefits me as a Singaporean.”
Ben Di Ren, 62-year-old rag-and-bone man


happy-bird-girl “I wish I could also say ‘Heng ah’, but I realise PAP is still going to form the next government.”
Mei Qian Tu, 17-year-old barista










Malaysians to blame for motorcycle accidents in Singapore

Malaysians to blame for motorcycle accidents in Singapore

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The Straits Times forum page writer says so.

Beware. Dangerous curves ahead.

Recently, the Traffic Police in Singapore published statistics showing that motorcycle accidents here make riders the most vulnerable road users.

Since then, a lot of people have written letters to the media expressing their ideas to help prevent people from dying in high speed.

Some have expressed providing riders more training, which is a typical Singaporean idea of getting better at anything, but as we all know, is basically rubbish.

Others have expressed the desire to fix speed-limiting devices to motorcycles, which is another typical Singaporean idea of putting limits on things.

Eventually, a Straits Times forum page writer has his letter published in the broadsheet claiming that Malaysians are in fact to blame for the majority of motorcycle accidents.

His evidence? Gathered from none other than infallible and unimpeachable anecdotal evidence.

Lee Chiu San, the letter writer, claims that one major factor that distorts the motorcycle accident statistics in Singapore is that a huge proportion of riders are foreigners.

He also claims that every single morning, at least 10,000 or perhaps more, cross the border.

Chiu San further insinuates:

“Their licences were obtained under foreign jurisdictions that set different criteria on skills. Their motorcycles are registered, and inspected periodically, if at all, under foreign standards of roadworthiness.”

Pardoning the parlance of the writer’s diplomacy, in plain English, this paragraph translates directly to:

“Malaysian motorcyclists are hell-riders and their motorcycles are crap.”

Additionally, Chiu San says, the Traffic Police are not helping in informing public perception of the problem as they have very diplomatically not provided breakdowns of fatalities according to the citizenship of riders.

But, as Chiu San claims, anecdotal evidence suggests that a high proportion of those dead are foreigners

His recommendation then?

More enforcement please, and not adding more regulations.

This means he does not want more laws enacted because laws already exist that prohibit irresponsible behaviour.

We just need the Traffic Police to act on it.

However, and very unfortunately, this is also just another display of a typical Singaporean mentality of getting things done.