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Former MP Lim Hwee Hua posts up fake news on Facebook page

Former MP Lim Hwee Hua posts up fake news on Facebook page

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And no one notices… 58 comments later…

Trolling done by Joey Tan

Some time back, we posted an article¬†from fake news site, The Onion, on our Facebook page titled “Obama Openly Asks Nation Why On Earth He Would Want To Serve For Another Term”. After getting some circulation, the article finally reached recently retired Aljunied MP, Lim Hwee Hua.

And she posted it up on her Facebook page.

To give her the benefit of doubt, she may have known that it was a spoof and posted it up to test the reactions of netizens.

Or not.

But what’s funny is the angry debate that ensued. 58 comments and some trolling later, still, no one’s noticed the spoof.

Nicely done Obama fans.

Nicely done Jaro Gee. Man who seems to know alot about American politics but is clueless about The Onion.

So this guy hates fake views, fakers, and liars. BUT DOESN’T KNOW IT’S FAKE NEWS??? Oh good god…..

Let’s see what happens when we make things a little more obvious. I’m the first dude, borrowing Shihan’s account.

Ok, failed. Let’s try again…

Let’s make things more obvious by lifting a fake quote directly from the article.


Finally, a hint of enlightenment.

And at the 59th comment, finally, light dawns on the trolls.