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Lack of Lee Kuan Yew Day public holiday a stain on his legacy

Lack of Lee Kuan Yew Day public holiday a stain on his legacy

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March 23 must be a public holiday, Singaporeans urge government.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know how to sanctify those who are worthy, are up in arms.

This after the PAP did not declare March 23 as Lee Kuan Yew Day and an annual public holiday.

One Singaporean, Kee Jiak Hong, said she felt scandalised that the PAP government is only paying lip service to maintain Lee Kuan Yew’s memory: “This past week, all I’ve seen are numerous superficial events and tributes that do not go any deeper in consecrating Lee Kuan Yew’s name, image and memory.”

“Is this how shallow our love for our leader is?”

Other Singaporeans who heard this said they believe the government is obliged to declare March 23 every year as a public holiday, or else, Lee Kuan Yew will just be a figure and not a thing that will always be present.

Mei Ban Fah, another local, said: “Only then, can Singaporeans spend a full day reflecting on the thoughts, words and deeds of Lee Kuan Yew.”

“If March 23 is not a public holiday, Singaporeans will be too caught up with their everyday life to do anything meaningful to remember LKY by.”

“Therefore, the government must also reimburse the salaries of Singaporeans on this day of no work if the PAP is serious about maintaining Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.”

“Or, extend the public holiday to two days to match Chinese New Year.”

1 million Majulahs and this will be a reality.

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August 7 declared Lee Kuan Yew Day, a new annual public holiday

August 7 declared Lee Kuan Yew Day, a new annual public holiday

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Children and adults are encouraged to dress up as Lee Kuan Yew that day.


In a bid to remind Singaporeans that Lee Kuan Yew is still the leader and always will be, Aug. 7 has been declared Lee Kuan Yew Day in honour of our founding father.

This new public holiday will start in 2015 as part of SG50 celebrations and will be an annual public holiday added to the calender of public holidays.

A government spokesperson, Fang Chang Jia, said: “This SG50 Aug. 7 to 10 long weekend will be called Lee Kuan Yew Weekend to celebrate Singapore’s jubilee year.”

“As part of festivities, the Botanic Gardens, Gardens By The Bay and various other places will host several performances from Aug. 7 to 9 dedicated to Lee Kuan Yew. Children and adults are encouraged to dress up like Lee Kuan Yew in honour of him.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life said they are ecstatic to hear that there will be an extra day of public holiday during National Day period, all thanks to Lee Kuan Yew founding a country like Singapore when he could have settled on being a Malaysian back in the 1960s.

Kee Jiak Hong, a local, said: “Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to book a short trip to Bangkok on that National Day long weekend.”

Zeh Puay Kee, another Singaporean, said: “Long weekend shiok. Can go overseas and enjoy cheap food and entertainment.”

“Thank you, Lee Kuan Yew.”


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