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Zika virus outbreak crucial for learn culture in S’pore

Zika virus outbreak crucial for learn culture in S’pore

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Many valuable learning points as issue goes out of hand.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who no longer participate in a blame culture, have come out to take notes and imbibe the lessons on offer from the Zika virus outbreak in Singapore.

One Singaporean, Wen Zi Yao, said: “Singaporeans are looking forward to many valuable lessons from this Zika outbreak.”

“We need to learn that Zika virus can affect Singaporeans even if the Cabinet Ministers are paid high salaries.”

“And the spread is hard to curtail because the population density is very high at 5.5 million people.”

Other locals said no one needs to be held accountable for the Zika virus appearance here because that is a concept for countries with a blame culture.

Dui Bu Qi, another local, said: “No one in the government need to apologise or feel sorry at all.”

“This is because the pain and regret of those who got Zika virus is punishment enough.”

“Saying ‘sorry’ is part of the blame culture and must be done away with.”

“If anything, it is Singaporeans from all walks of life who need to apologise for being a liability.”







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