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Pranksters calling activist friends posing as K Shanmugam

Pranksters calling activist friends posing as K Shanmugam

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Hundreds across Singapore got punk’d last night.

Marina Bay Sands Pangaea

Marina Bay Sands Pangaea

This just in: Pranksters from all over Singapore were busy calling up their activist friends on late Friday night posing as Law Minister K Shanmugam.

This occurred after K Shanmugam had made an unprecedented late night personal call on Thursday to someone not particularly famous in Singapore to talk about some stuff, which sent ripples across an already sleep-deprived socio-political world.

One prankster, Jin Zi Seow, latching onto this opportunity that was too good to be missed, said: “My friend like to everyday do the human rights thing, fight for freedom, post Facebook status. So I called him and introduce myself as K Shanmugam. Wah lau he scared sia…”

The ruse employed by the pranksters is a familiar one, something that telemarketers are familiar with.

Use a private number to make the call at an inappropriate time. And introduce yourself.

Some pranksters then proceeded to take the prank to its logical conclusion.

Jin Kiam Pah, another prankster who called up to 20 of his activist friends while posing as the law minister, said: “I even managed to coax a few of my activist friends to go to their HDB flat rooftop and wait. I said I will be picking them up from a helicopter to go to MBS Pangaea.”